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Yoga is a system of physical and mental practices that originated in India more than three thousand years ago.
Superstar magicians Burt Wonderstone (Steve Carell) and Anton Marvelton (Steve Buscemi) have ruled the Las Vegas strip for years, raking in millions with illusions as big as Burt’s growing ego.
In the much anticipated remake of the 1981 cult-hit horror film, five twenty-something friends become holed up in a remote cabin.
Four sexy college girls plan to fund their spring break getaway by burglarizing a fast food shack. In "The East", Sarah Moss (Brit Marling) is a brilliant operative for an elite private intelligence firm whose top objective is to ruthlessly protect the interests of their A-list corporate clientele.

Yoga's stated purpose is to help each one of us achieve our highest potential and to experience enduring health and happiness. Any unauthorized use of these names, or variations of these names, is a violation of state, federal and international trademark laws. With yoga, it is said that we can extend our healthy, productive years far beyond the accepted norm and, at the same time, improve the quality of our lives. Whatever it is, yoga is a popular form of exercise and advertising for it appears everywhere these days.
Yoga and the Bendable Straw You have probably seen this bendable straw around emphasizing how bendable you get from doing yoga.

Yoga and the Foldable Sidewalk SignAnother used outside sidewalk advertising to show the flexibility you can have with yoga. Yoga and the Wall Clock Once you're in the studios, the marketing for yoga does not stop.
Yoga and the Rubber Band And finally, a series of print ads for a yoga studio inspiring you to think of yoga as making you as flexible as a rubber band.

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