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Does Ogilvy & Mather have the best online presence of any advertising agency in the world? The list also includes media planning and buying agencies like Mindshare, along with public relations shops like Edelman. The first 100 agencies were drawn from other lists of top shops and the personal knowledge of Pivotstack staff, although the site includes a callout inviting agencies to contact Pivotstack to be added.
The social media numbers for each agency are currently entered manually, but Pivotstack also hopes to automate the update process in coming months. AdFreak is a daily blog of the best and worst of creativity in advertising, media, marketing and design. The reason for Dentsu’s dominance is twofold: The Company has a diverse client portfolio and enjoys solid buying power in all major mass media formats.
In addition, Dentsu maintains the top share in all mass media formats in Japan, but in television, which carries the largest volume of advertising, the Company’s share far outdistances that of the competition. Note: Principal media includes terevision, newspapers, magazines, radio, movies, outdoor media and the Internet. Note 1: HDY refers to the total non-consolidated net sales of Hakuhodo, Daiko Advertising and Yomiuri Advertising. Note 2: The scope of statistics used for compiling net sales may differ from that used in compiling Advertising Expenditures in Japan.
Marketforce takes out Agency of the Year and dominates creative awards at the 2016 Campaign Brief Awards. I received an email yesterday morning from a well-meaning researcher at the Business Journal,  asking us to update our agency profile and revenue numbers for possible inclusion in the ranking of Twin Cities Top 25 Public Relations Agencies.
Such a list would take a lot of the guesswork out for integrated shops, like ours, that blend traditional and non-traditional marketing approaches. The scale and business structure of the Dentsu Group changed considerably with the acquisition of the Aegis Group (currently, a€?Aegis Mediaa€?). The new Dentsu Group, with the integration of Aegis Media, is a global communications group providing services in more than 110 countries and political regions through more than 300 offices.

Despite a more diversified regional business structure for the Group now that the acquisition of the Aegis Group is complete, Japan remains the largest market. Given the diversification of its business portfolio and the significance of Japan to its top line, Dentsu broadly separated Group operations into domestic and overseas segments. 10Billings of WPP, PUB, OMC, Aegis Group, IPG and HAV are based on RECMA Overall Billings 2011. Dentsu is also the headquarters of the Dentsu Group, with a global presence spanning 110 countries across five continents. New Zealand agency Colenso BBDO, part of BBDO Worldwide, has been named the smartest creative agency in the world in a new ranking by the UK-based marketing intelligence service Warc.
These rankings are based on Warc 100 ranking, launched earlier in July 2014, which has analysed hundreds of marketing campaigns conducted in different markets across the world to define agencies’ performance in effectiveness and strategy competitions. They assigned  points based on the awards won (for example, Gold, Silver or Bronze), then weighted those points based on the competition’s rigour and prestige in the creative industry. Follow us as we celebrate (and skewer) the latest, greatest, quirkiest and freakiest commercials, promos, trailers, posters, billboards, logos and package designs around. Dentsu handles the advertising campaigns of many blue- chip companies, and major global clients have chosen the Company to act as a partner in the Japanese market.
Furthermore, Dentsu is always ahead of the domestic market with strategic preparations in high-growth media categories, such as the Internet. Please comment freely on any topic, but comments that are seen to be more abusive than witty will not be posted. What do you think of agency rankings, and do you have other suggestions for how they can be improved? Please find below a summary of the Group's new business structure by region, its management structure and solid position within the industry. Representing 56% of gross profit1, the Japanese market is positioned as the business platform at the Group's core. Executive officers have been assigned oversight authority for domestic operations and overseas operations, respectively, creating a global team to lead the Group forward in its overall business pursuits.

Media billings of Dentsu are based on its non-consolidated media net sales (net sales from television, newspapers, magazines, radio, interactive media and OOH media) in CY2011. According to Advertising Age (April 29, 2013 edition), Dentsu is the world’s largest advertising company, based on non-consolidated gross profit in 2012, and as an agency group, the Dentsu Group is ranked fifth globally. The ranking methodology was developed together with with Professor Douglas West, Professor of Marketing at King’s College London. The first historically pure-play digital shop on the list is Razorfish, clocking in at sixth.
Fact is, the rise of the Internet has fundamentally changed the agency landscape, and the once thin line between what’s PR and advertising has been blurred. The remaining 44% comes from outside Japan, with Europea€“Middle Easta€“Africa (EMEA2) accounting for 18%, the Americas3 14%, and Asia Pacific (APAC4) 12%. Also, seeking to realize growth under the new global structure, Dentsu established Dentsu Aegis Network Ltd.
From a geographical perspective, the Dentsu Group holds formidable market share in the Asia-Pacific region and also in Western Europe, while in North America, the largest ad market in the world, there is still plenty of growth potential. Dentsu Network and Aegis Media will continue to operate as separate entities, but they will be governed by Dentsu Aegis Network's management team and the Board of Directors. In addition, we have more than 11,000 clients on a global basis and serve more than 70 of the top 100 global advertisers. Our overseas business has grown significantly, accounting for 44% of gross profit, from 18% prior to the acquisition of the Aegis Group, with 23% of gross profit coming from the digital domain.
With diverse specialization, the more than 37,000 employees7 of the Group will continue to hone their intelligence and creativity and will work together across national boundaries and areas of business, with an emphasis on sharing and integrating services, developing and offering innovative services, and creating opportunities for joint solutions to the problems facing client companies.

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