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I can crop video in premiere but it will save the video at the same resolution, but all pixelized and looking wonky.
When you place your video on the timeline, it will be much larger than the Monitor, and you will only see a portion of it.
Note that, depending on what format of video your original footage is in, you may need to work with the interlacing maybe reverse the field dominance. DV Info Net also encourages you to support local businesses and buy from an authorized dealer in your neighborhood.

I ask because someone gave me some footage from the weekend where the composition was way too wide and large and I'd like to save the video, composed better, an SD quality.
I know that's how they convert 35mm film to fit TV, but when it comes to video, can Premiere do it? How would I save 1080i video pan and scanned to 720 (p) or regular SD (640) which will still look decent on Youtube.
You should be able to use Crop and Scale to get just what you need and still have many pixels to spare.

When placed in the timeline it comes in at 100% (too big for the screen) so I just scale it to what I need.

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