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We’ve done quite a few comparisons in the past year, to let you know of all the options available for a given type of software.
Sony Vegas Pro is, along with Adobe, one of the biggest names around and usually include in video editing software reviews—and comparisons of course.
Corel VideoStudio 2015 is closing the gap quickly and might soon be the name you say when asked what is the best video editing software? Do you disagree with our assessment, tell us about it in the comments and don’t forget to come back for more comparisons on Rocky Bytes. Windows Movie Maker la cong c? bien t?p video mi?n phi ma MicroSoft danh cho ngu?i dung Windows. Windows Movie Maker la m?t trong nh?ng ph?n m?m h? tr? ngu?i s? d?ng may tinh ch?y du?c cac t?p tin video tren ? c?ng c?a may tinh, chuong trinh cung cho phep ngu?i s? d?ng ch?nh s?a video, th?c hi?n thao tac xay d?ng video t? cac hinh ?nh, xay d?ng hi?u ?ng cho cac hinh ?nh chuy?n d?i m?t cach don gi?n, d? dang, nhanh chong, Windows Movie Maker ho?t d?ng du?c tren may tinh ch?y h? di?u hanh windows, no du?c phat hanh va thi?t k? b?i hang microsoft.
Da s? ngu?i dung d?u quen b?ng di r?ng trong Win XP da co s?n m?t chuong trinh bien t?p video, audio kha m?nh la Movie Maker. Co l? t? tru?c d?n nay chung ta da qua chu tam d?n cac ph?n m?m bien t?p video hang ngay qu?ng cao tren m?ng ma quen m?t di Windows Movie Maker (WMM), m?t chuong trinh s?n co trong h? di?u hanh Windows XP. Chu y: Khi Import file video, b?n b? d?u check ? m?c Create clips for video file n?m phia du?i h?p tho?i Import (day la tinh nang t? d?ng chia do?n video thanh nhi?u ph?n).
T? khung Collection b?n dung chu?t keo b? phim xu?ng d?t xu?ng khe Video c?a b?ng Timeline n?m phia du?i giao di?n chinh c?a chuong trinh (hinh 1b). Nh?n phim Ctrl+P, h?p tho?i thong bao hi?n ra, b?n ch?n My Computer d? luu tac ph?m vao may tinh ho?c ch?n Recordable CD d? ghi tr?c ti?p len dia CD.
T? khung Collections b?m chu?t ch?n nh?ng d?an clip thich h?p, co th? b?m d? xem tru?c ? khung ben ph?i.
D?t ten cho do?n phim s?n ph?m b?ng cach t?i khung Movie Tasks ? phia tren, ben trai b?m vao Make titles or credit. B?m ch?n v? tri d?t tieu d? thich h?p, h?p Enter Text for Title xu?t hi?n, go nh?ng thong tin c?n thi?t vao khung nay. Kh?i d?ng chuong trinh Download Movie Maker va cai d?t sau do b?ng cach b?m nut Start\Programs\Windows Movie Maker. Da s? cac ph?n m?m du?c cung c?p tren da du?c th?m d?nh Windows Movie Maker cung da du?c ki?m tra tren cac cong c? quet virus n?i ti?ng hang d?u, ph?n m?m nay khong co virus vi v?y b?n hoan toan yen tam Download Windows Movie Maker d? s? d?ng. CyberLink PowerDirector cung c?p cho ngu?i dung cac cong c? d? t?o va ch?nh s?a Video phim, cung cac hi?u ?ng k? x?o d?c s?c.
AV Video Morpher cung c?p nhi?u tinh nang x? ly am thanh va video nhu: xem phim, nghe nh?c ch?t lu?ng cao, ch?p ?nh t? phim d?c bi?t la cac cong c? ch?nh s?a l?ng ti?ng cho phim. QR Photo DVD Slideshow la m?t chuong trinh chuy?n ?nh k? thu?t s? sang phim DVD m?ng m?, bi?u di?n ?nh du?i d?ng trinh di?n Slideshow d?p m?t v?i nhi?u hi?u ?ng chuy?n ti?p.
Panolapse h? tr? ngu?i dung t?o hi?u ?ng chuy?n d?ng cho trinh di?n ?nh c?a ngu?i dung t?o c?m giac thu v? m?i l?n xem ?nh. Easy Video Maker cung c?p cho b?n nhi?u cong c? khac nhau d? ch?nh s?a video, am nh?c, b? sung nhi?u hi?u ?ng sinh d?ng va c? ch?c nang t?o cac tac ph?m 2D va 3D. Praisenter la ?ng d?ng giup b?n t?o nh?ng slide v?i cac m?u am thanh, van b?n trong kinh thanh ho?c co th? la m?t do?n video nao do. Ph?n m?m la s?n ph?m tri tu? c?a nha phat hanh, vi s? phat tri?n c?a tri tru? b?n nen s? d?ng nh?ng phien b?n ph?n m?m h?p phap, lien k?t nay cung c?p cho b?n phien b?n Windows Movie Maker chu?n c?a nha phat hanh.
Icecream Slideshow Maker Icecream Slideshow Maker cho phep ngu?i dung t?o nh?ng Slideshow ?nh chuyen nghi?p v?i d? net HD, Full HD theo nhi?u hi?u ?ng khac nhau. TH? THU?T LIEN QUAN Hu?ng d?n lam phim b?ng Windows Movie MakerWindows Live Movie Maker giup cho c? nh?ng ngu?i dung khong chuyen cung co th? bien t?p video va ?nh c?a h? thanh nh?ng do?n phim va slide shows ch?t lu?ng. The Windows Essentials software suite is packed full of endlessly useful pieces of software, from Email clients to cloud storage and ergonomic photo galleries.
The gold medal of the suite however belongs to the Windows Movie Maker, an incredibly versatile and deceptively easy-to use piece of freeware video editing software that pushes the boundaries as far as what free software is capable of. The features available in Windows Movie Maker are rather subtle but there are more than enough to warrant its inclusion as a serious contender.
The main boon that Windows Movie Maker has over its competitors is that its completely free to download for Windows users. Adding audio is also incredibly easy thanks to included stock music integration and easy audio importing options that will allow your films to have a soundtrack without having to bother with an external audio program. Microsoft is one of the world's largest and most valuable companies and is almost solely responsible for bringing computers into almost every home on the planet. On the other hand, spending the time and doing the right things will result in better rankings and more visibility for your business. Authors and publishers – writers and bloggers – often have a symbiotic relationship that allows them to build authority and increase traffic for both. Actually, they are all part of the same “monster” and they’ve been around a while, lurking under the bed waiting to come out of their dark corners. In Part 1, we set the table, presented you with our menu of software cuisines and recommended some tasty pairings of hardware configurations. There are, by my count, at least 43 different currently-supported software utensils for the slicing apart and sticking together of video.

For most casual users, the video software that came with your computer is adequate (Apple’s iMovie). Folks who cut on it tell me they love Lightworks’ straightforward, but fully customizable layout.
Lightworks FREE can churn out 720p MPEG-4, basically for YouTube and other Web-based portals. Step into the domain of Blender and you join an expanding open source universe of visual effects artisans. You build your Blender workspace to your own ergonomic liking on a full-screen application window, subdividing it into hierarchies of frames that Blender terms “screens.” These can be split, joined or swapped.
Video editing is a standard timeline paradigm, but—owing to Blender’s modeler worldview—the terminologies are different than what you may have heard in video. Supported versions of Blender will run on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and FreeBSD (which is basically Unix). If, on the other hand, time is your enemy, you might need to pony-up (pone, pronounced like the young horse, is Latin for money) for a better-engineered video NLE. Next, in Part 3 of our series, we'll show you what you can get (and what you'll be missing) with video editing software titles priced around the $100 mark. Last time I tried Lightworks, it had draconian DRM with tons of obnoxious online-only requirements.
In terms of power it’s right at the top and if it can be done to or with a video, you can be sure Sony Vegas can handle it.
Adobe has the record of accomplishment and industry support and if you bundle it with the company’s other tools you have the most complete suite in the world. V?i giao di?n h?t s?c than thi?n d? dung, ngu?i dung co th? nhanh chong t? t?o cho minh cac video trinh di?n d?c s?c. M?t s? th? thu?t du?i day, m?c du co tinh th? cong, nhung chung du?c th?c hi?n kha don gi?n va d? dang v?i WMM. D? thao tac v?i cac do?n phim va music b?n b?n ph?i dua chung vao c?a s? Collections b?ng cach b?m t? h?p phim Ctrl+I, ch?n cac t?p tin c?n thao tac sau do b?m Import.
B?n click chu?t ph?i len du?ng mau xam th? 2, ch?n Mute d? vo hi?u hoa ph?n nh?c cu c?a do?n phim (hinh 1). Luc nay tren khung Timeline ch? xu?t hi?n m?t du?ng mau xam, do chinh la ph?n nh?c c?a do?n phim.
B?n x? b? phim d?n v? tri d?u tien mu?n chia, sau do b?m nut Pause r?i b?m t? h?p phim Ctrl+L. Bay gi? b?n xu?t b?n t?ng do?n phim do b?ng cach keo do?n phim th? nh?t xu?ng khe Video r?i b?m t? h?p phim Ctrl+P d? xu?t b?n. T?i khung ben trai tren cung la Movie Tasks b?m vao dong ch? Import video, ch? d?n v? tri file video co s?n ma chung ta mu?n tac d?ng. T?i khung ben trai tren Movie Maker  cung la Movie Tasks b?m vao dong ch? Import video, ch? d?n v? tri file video co s?n ma chung ta mu?n tac d?ng. Khi ch?n di?u nay thi h?p Choose the Title Animation xu?t hi?n v?i r?t nhi?u hi?u ?ng du?c li?t ke ? ben du?i. Ph?n m?m cung tich h?p nhi?u hi?u ?ng, cho phep chen nh?c n?n d? t?o video theo cac ch? d? khac nhau.
Ph?n m?m cung giup t?o ph? d? phim b?ng cac thi?t l?p font ch?, kich thu?c, mau ch?,… B?n s? co du?c nh?ng tac ph?m d?c dao v?i chuong trinh lam phim nay.
Video nay du?c xay d?ng di?n t? chuy?n d?ng c?a chu?i cac hinh ?nh tinh du?c g?n k?t v?i nhau. Day la chuong trinh t?o ?nh 3D t? nh?ng b?c ?nh thong thu?ng v?i ch?c nang phong to thu nh? cac di?m ?nh v?i d? phan gi?i cao, d?ng th?i trich xu?t cac b?c ?nh da du?c t?o hi?u ?ng. Ngu?i dung co th? th?c hi?n c?t, chia, n?i, h?p nh?t, thay d?i kich thu?c, di?u ch?nh mau s?c c?a phim, them m?t n? video, them cac hi?u ?ng chuy?n d?ng hay tranh v? cho video. D? ton tr?ng lu?t b?n quy?n b?n khong nen Download Windows Movie Maker da b? khoa vi di?u do la vi ph?m phap lu?t.
The Windows Movie Maker offers a wide range of tools, which you can use to edit your movies and publish them online via YouTube or Facebook.
The ease with which your movies can be shared on your Windows Skydrive or through Facebook and Youtube (with just the click of a button) is vital to the softwares appeal to the casual market and it’s also possible to burn your movies straight to DVD without having to use any external burning software. However cost isn’t the only reason to choose the software over its more esteemed competitors. Of the other freeware programs only Lightworks is really comparable but unlike Windows Movie Maker (which was always intended to be a hobbyists tool), Lightworks is used generally in a far more professional capacity thanks to its non-linear system and ability to support 2K and 4K resolutions. Founded in 1975 by Paul Allen and Bill Gates, the company first made waves in the 80's and 90's with its flagship MS-DOS operating system. Panda's main aim is to remove content that's thin, low-quality or spammy from rankings so that the user gets the highest quality results.
Some of the quirky outliers may have tricks that fit your purpose, but I will concentrate on the more widely used tools. If you lean toward 3D animation, you’ll probably want more than a basic edit hardware config: at least a quad-core processor, a full gigabyte of graphics memory and at least 6GB of system RAM.

That and the ease of use are its main selling points but the software lacks a bit in terms of finesse and options. Clean interface, no clutter, a plethora of training videos, fantastic support and community and kickass editing options. Ti?p t?c b?m nut Play, x? b? phim d?n v? tri th? 2 mu?n chia, b?m nut Pause r?i b?m t? h?p phim Ctrl+L. Ti?p t?c keo thanh cu?n xu?ng phia du?i ch?n Change the text font and color d? d?nh d?ng ki?u ch? va mau n?n tuy theo y c?a b?n.
File nay s? du?c dua vao khung Collections ? gi?a va s? du?c tach thanh nhi?u do?n clip nh?, m?i do?n ch? kho?ng vai ch?c giay ho?c nhi?u hon la m?t vai phut trinh chi?u. B?m chu?t ch?n hi?u ?ng nao thi hi?u qu? s? du?c trinh bay th? cho chung ta ? khung ben ph?i. B?n cung co th? s? d?ng nhi?u ch? d? xem ?nh d? th?y tru?c du?c ?nh va co s? di?u ch?nh thich h?p. Videos can also of course be exported in a variety of file formats to be played on portable devices of all shapes and sizes. Photos can also be imported and turned into beautiful slideshows and the usual video editing tools (speeding up, splitting and trimming) are all streamlined to make the process of editing your movies as quick and painless as possible.
Whilst in depth video editing software programs such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier might offer more options they are also far more complicated.
For such simple everyday video editing tasks there really is no program more qualified for the job. It wasn't until the mid nineties though that Microsoft changed the personal computer landscape forever with Windows 95.
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As an old audio guy, I especially like that Lightworks’ clip-based audio editor goes down to quarter frame time resolution, which is perfect for re-syncing dialog. True to its open source precepts, the Blender Foundation nurtures open movie and game projects every few years.
It’s good for simple cuts and edits but if you need to really dig in and heavily modify a video, there are better options.
In fact, the latest version X7 has no significant drawback to speak of that puts it on a lower rung to Adobe’s powerhouse. Windows Movie Maker is good for beginners and for small projects and Sony Vegas is perfect but only if you can put up with it, as it can be quite frustrating to use. Du?i day, chung toi xin gi?i thi?u m?t s? ph?n m?m ghep nh?c vao video mi?n phi d? cac b?n tham kh?o Ph?n m?m ghep nh?c vao video cho AndroidS? d?ng ph?n m?m phu h?p s? giup vi?c ch?nh s?a video tren di?n tho?i Android tr? nen d? dang, nhanh chong va dem l?i thanh ph?m theo dung y thich c?a ngu?i dung.
This was an operating system that anybody could use, there was no coding knowledge required. Sometimes, all you need is one powerful graph, chart or image to instantly convey the big picture.
One huge plus: Lightworks’ can render in the background—and even import and export as well—while you continue to edit.
If you fall in love with the interface (it’s hard not to), you may want to buy into the big leagues. And the time you invest in learning its interface can pay off when you someday want to produce that Great Desktop Animated Feature Film that’s been kicking around in the back of your brain. From personal experience I can tell you one of its flaws is how bad it compresses video, leading to some extremely large output files. You have two options, subscription to the creative cloud or purchasing the Essentials versions and neither is cheap. The only thing to mention is that it’s not free but has a $45 price point, well below the Adobe pricing standard. And in a task as difficult as video editing, you want as few frustrations as possible and you want the tools to help you instead of hindering you. Vi?c b? sung them cong ngh? m?i hi?n d?i giup ProShow Gold phien b?n m?i thich ?ng cung nhu th?o man nhu c?u ngu?i dung. Du?i day la m?t s? ph?n m?m giup b?n th?c hi?n vi?c ch?nh s?a d? dang T? lam phim HD v?i AVS Video Editor (AVE)V?i s? giup s?c c?a AVS Video Editor (AVE), b?n s? lam tang them s?c s?ng cho nh?ng ?nh s? minh dang co m?t cach nhanh chong va chuyen nghi?p.
With Windows Movie Maker however, the main bulk of the software can be fathomed and digested in mere minutes, with everything laid out in a helpful and consistent manner. The companies dominance in the personal computer market has continued throughout the 21st century with the brand also moving into the home gaming console marker (with the Xbox) and the mobile phone market (with their line of bespoke Windows phones). Now in 2013 the company is using its latest iteration of Windows (Windows 8) to bridge the gap between the worlds of smart phones, laptops, home computers and tablets.

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