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The advantages of centralisation is a Legal Services Commission case study taken from edition 15 of The Times 100.
This case study covers Legal Services Commission business practices in the Services industry. The opinions expressed by authors contributing to this journal do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the U.S.
Kathy Poe at The Fletcher School had her students create an infographic as part of a larger research project.
Except for the basic physics equation (f=ma), I have read or heard the above statements numerous times over the last year. Let me start by suggesting the basic law of physics as a basic premise for your consideration and implementation. A recent Harvard Business Review blog by Joan Magretta entitled a€?Jim Collins, Meet Michael Portera€? focused my musings on this topic. Then I read another HBR blog, by Nilofer Merchant, that asks, a€?Who cares about the baby?a€? Merchant writes about the phenomenon in an organization with a strong team culture where the focus on the a€?handoffsa€?a€”that is, where teams each get their piece of the work done and then pass it to the next teama€”leaves no team taking responsibility for the organizationa€™s ultimate success. On a seemingly unrelated note, a new study from MIT Sloan Management Review and IBM finds corporate culture to be key to the use of analytics (data and analysis) in decision making. As you look at the Baldrige framework, consider what force your enterprise is exerting in your marketplace. Department of Health and Human Services, the Public Health Service, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the authors' affiliated institutions. Oracle's talent management modules cover all phases of the talent lifecycle – planning, recruiting, performance, learning, career development, succession planning, compensation, talent reviews and measuring and reporting.
When students create infographics, they are using information, visual, and technology literacies.

In this column, I hope to show you that the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence can serve as an integrator that makes sense of these apparently independent or even conflicting statements. I would assert that the force your organization exerts in the marketplace is not merely the sum but, rather, the product of your strategy (mass) times your culture (acceleration). What particularly struck me about Magrettaa€™s post is its contrast with a history of comments and other writings on the primal importance of strategy or, conversely, how culture trumps strategy every time.
I have interpreted this finding to conjecture that a corporate culture with analytics and, I would add, a good strategy could multiply the benefits of a high-performing culture and a clear strategy to become a potent force in the marketplace. Are your culture and strategy data-driven and integrated to achieve that multiplicative effect? This page includes links to help you develop formative or summative assessments that have students creating infographics to showcase their mastery of knowledge.If you find a link that is not working, please let me know the title and I will fix it!
And students can use the Google Research tool to locate CC-licensed images to use in the infographic. To accomplish your strategy, your culture must be aligned with the strategy; if it is, this alignment greatly accelerates the accomplishment of the strategy.
Merchant argues that a healthy culture generates something much bigger than the sum of individual contributions and that such a culture involves leverage that accelerates innovation and growth.
Portera€™s first test of a good strategy is choosing a distinctive value proposition, and his second test is to tailor your activities to that proposition so that you build a competitive advantage.
This is where that old law of physics comes to mind for me: Force (in the marketplace, or success) is the product of mass (your strategy) times acceleration (your integrated culture). The analogy would be providing babysitting as one step in preparing a child for a good college, which involves all of onea€™s upbringing and education.
These are popular Baldrige terms and rely not only on strategy, but also on culture, starting with the vision set and the behaviors demonstrated by senior leaders.

This really is a description of your culture and your a€?hedgehog,a€? your core competencies, and what you do to ensure success. I would also assert that the multiplier that causes the effective force in the marketplace is measurement and analysisa€”the use of the right data as a driver of decisions. Merchant concludes by pointing out that most problems arise in the cracks between divisions or silos in businessa€”in other words, in the a€?white space.a€? This term and this point struck a chord with me because for years I have been saying that the greatest challenge of being a successful organization today is not managing the seven categories of the Baldrige Criteria (which include Strategic Planning, Workforce Focus, and Leadership) but, rather, managing the white space where the linkages among these categories occur.
The whole Baldrige Scoring System and many of the Criteria questions focus on the linkagesa€”alignment and integration. Enter Jim Collins, who talks about getting the right people on the bus and the hedgehog concept that builds on doing what you are best at (your competitive advantage) and passionate about. This is a description of your competitive environment, including your strategic advantages and challenges, and changes that could affect your competitive environment. As Merchant points out regarding a€?white space,a€? a strategy that conflicts with how people behave or make decisions will fail. We say that your first Baldrige assessment can be as simple as answering only the questions in the Organizational Profile. Tell us about your culture and your strategy and how they relate to your mission and core competencies. At the base of the sandwich-like Baldrige Criteria framework, the multiplier (data and analysis) is the other piece of bread that holds the management system together.

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