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It is one thing for men and women to go green in their homes, but what if every business enterprise became a green business?
There are simple tips that could allow business organizations to become earth-friendly, which would be invaluable.
Surely business travel could be reduced, given how the internet now ties businesses globally. A simple way for the workplace to go green and save a lot of paper is to start using email. Approximately 270 watts of energy are used by the desktop computer and monitor, while a laptop computer doesn’t consume more than 50 watts.
Despite what’s often inferred from their name, screensavers utilize more energy than normal. 10 Hidden Advantages of Web and Video Conferencing in Creating a Contented Workforce You are using an outdated browser. INSTEAD OF CONFERENCING WITH CUSTOMERS… … get interactive with your customers,by inviting them into your office and making them the stars of your presentation. Video conferencing has become an extremely robust communication tool in the present day business world.
Video conferencing can make a great impact on your business and it is a very wise investment Click To Tweet, but after you have made that wise decision to purchase a video conferencing system, you can easily get mixed up by the myriad of options out there. Any type of conference requires a certain procedure and way to transfer data between its participants.
During a video conference, the server collects streams from each member, decodes and reduces their resolution, generates a new picture of the required quality for each member, encodes the stream and sends it.
Such architecture has an extremely low scalability and the price is extremely high and unjustified. This is a procedure used to design software video conferencing systems, such as the implemented by Skype.  The video conferencing server does not recompress but it creates copies of the incoming streams and sends them to other participants. This approach is advantageous in the fact that it is not resource-demanding, thus an ordinary pc can hold multiple conferences simultaneously.
This type of system can barely hold more than 3 participants and impairs video quality for all members when one member’s endpoint is unable to process the original video quality it gets from other members of the conference. This type of infrastructure incorporates all advantages of mixing approach and has no shortcomings of multiplex-based systems. The idea is that an endpoint compresses its video stream in layers, where each layer comes with an increased video resolution and quality. Out of all the three infrastructures, we recommend SVC-based video conferencing, since it requires minimum expenses for implementation, scaling and maintenance. For these reasons, gateway service is an outright must have feature for any video conferencing system and ensures that a business is always ahead of technology.
Slide show works with presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint, thus allowing members to display presentations, images, and diagrams across any video conferencing endpoint. File transfer lets members upload files directly to a video conference without having to leave the meeting as long as not having to deal with emails, ftp or having to move.

Desktop sharing allows users to display their desktop screen to all participants in the video conferencing session. Interviews can be recorded to the company’s executives who can then look through them and judge the professional and personal qualities of a potential employee.
Recording is a brilliant feature for companies seeking to seize a competitive edge and keep their employees and business ecosystem engaged.
These are just a few important features that you should look for in a video conferencing system. With all of the waste in the workforce, an awful amount of money and energy may be saved with simply a little initiative. Office equipment generally, but specifically the office printer, are items which provide opportunities for change. Holding business conferences in far locations costs a lot in money and energy, a considerable amount of which might be saved. The savings in paper resulting from bills being paid over the Internet would be considerable.
A big energy saver for laptop computers is when they have not been in use for 15 minutes, they switch to sleep mode. The biggest saving of energy and money a business enterprise could generate, though, would come from shutting down every  desktop computer or laptop computer whenever they were not in use. Businesses are expanding and continuously opening markets and thus needing a tool to sustain high-level communication. Each option has features with their own advantages and disadvantages, but some features are outright must-haves for any business.
These stages need immense computational power, delays server processing and might reduce video quality. Each endpoint receives several streams in full quality but is incapable of displaying them in original resolutions. It also has its disadvantages, in that the endpoint has to decode multiple streams simultaneously and the video server needs more outgoing channel bandwidth to send all created copies of streams. This is a major problem since not every office has the most up to date hardware and software and can even have conflicting operating systems.
Features such as text chat, slide show, file transfer, desktop sharing and recording make video conferencing more interactive and more efficient. This feature is very powerful and is great for showing work in progress from the members desktop.
They have been around for a long time and some of the largest, most valuable companies in the world use Vidyo for HD video conferencing including innovative leaders in banking, education, government, healthcare, and high tech.
Business travel is oftentimes done in large automobiles and jet aircraft, which has a great effect on the atmosphere and the planet’s energy resources. Carrying out more activities with electronics instead of paper will be helpful for the planet. If all business organizations were to do this, adequate energy would be saved to power the city of Chicago for a year.

Why wait?INSTEAD OF A WALK-THROUGH… … make it an exploration.Split a linear presentation into three branches and have your audience vote on the direction they want to go in.
Such servers are known as MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) in traditional hardware video conferencing systems. The endpoint then has to reduce the resolution, reducing both video quality and bandwidth requirements for members. This is made possible through the development of data compression & signal processing technologies. This can create disruptions in video conferencing as computers are unable to communicate due to incompatibility.
They guarantee Reliable performance and global scalability, powered by supremely capable infrastructure components. A huge way for the office to conserve a considerable amount of energy is to stop using stand-alone computers and monitors, and use laptops instead. Several offices can be linked into one meeting efficiently through video conferencing, thus saving time and money. The MCU’s responsibility is transcoding, switching and processing data streams during a video conference. Vidyo conferencing is easy to manage and easy to use, which means better interactions and smoother workflow across your organization. Trees are used to clean up the environment by taking in carbon dioxide, and converting it into oxygen, which would absolutely help the atmosphere.
One of the advantages of the internet is that many office jobs can now be done from home, which means a decrease in travel by car and lower office expenses. To read more about how video conferencing can help supercharge your business, read our previous post: How video conferencing can help your business. A video conferencing server is the heart of the video conferencing framework that allocates resources for video conferencing endpoints. A gateway service bridges the gaps of hardware and software, thus enabling businesses to have video conferences with multiple endpoints with varying networks, video & audio formats.
Why not extend this basic conferencing principle to your webinars and presentations, too?INSTEAD OF DEFAULTING TO EMAIL… … introduce web and video conferencing as a norm. The ability to have video conferences anywhere with any other business no matter the other business’ computers, networks or software makes gateway service an incredibly powerful feature that can save your business time and money.
Ideas, innovative thinking, and active participation.Web conferencing creates harmony in your enterprise. Right there, during the webinar.INSTEAD OF PRESET TIME SLOTS… … switch on the webcams and let the ideas and chatter flow all day!Your people will quickly get used to being able to talk to global colleagues without needing to dial – and may never want to switch off.

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