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If there is anything that you could do to improve the amount of business that you get, then video is IT. UpClose Media will create a uniquely styled, high impact video production that gives your business, products, services and website, distinct unmistakable branding. If you are ready to increase your revenue in Duluth, Atlanta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Lawrenceville or other areas of Georgia or the Southeastern United States, let us show how video production can enhance your bottom line and brand your business. Zeleman offers the entire range of through-the-line marketing services, delivering real efficiencies and savings for our clients. Zeleman is an Ethiopian, integrated full service, communications, advertising and production agency. Founded in 2005 by CEO and Chief Creative Director Zelalem Woldemariam, Zeleman currently employs over 65 experienced communications professionals.
Zeleman, has grown significantly into a fully fleshed Marketing Agency providing an enviable range of Through The Line Marketing services (Creative Development & Production, Below The Line Activations, Research etc). Zeleman continues to break new grounds with their young and vibrant team that have a burning quest to deliver outstanding work continuously.
Based on UNICEF’s experience with Zeleman, it is my pleasure to provide an unreserved recommendation on the benefit of working with this company in similar communication and media work. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.

Radio commercials are an extremely effective tool for companies looking to expand their reach. Grasping this opportunity, informercial companies and infomercial producers saw the chance to help companies, especially new companies with new fangled gadgets, to market their goods or services via infomercial production.
Sotheby’s Posts First-Quarter Loss Amid TumultThe loss comes while risks and reorganization taken by the company’s new executive are being watched closely. Your website will get more traffic, rise higher in Google rankings, and convert more clients with just 30 seconds of video on your home page. The average person between the ages of 25 -45 watches 14.2 hours of TV per week and 3 hrs of web video.
The people who view a video product or service demonstration for a specific item, purchased the service or product 68% of the time.
Most people will not read every page they land on in your website, but they will watch a video that tells them about the page. For businesses such as lawyers that work on a per client basis, video can better per-qualify your clients as they have had a chance to know more about your unique style through video. The campaign was a success as evidenced by the Impact Assessment study we conducted at the end. Another BiG Production is proud to offer effective radio production services to clients nationwide. Infomercial production, direct response production, and Drtv production are responsible for the infomercials that are common during the early morning hours of almost every cable network.

What better way to get noticed for a new product than through infomercial production, which allows for the creation of half hour long or hour long programs to advertise a new product or service? Combine your website video with a moderate television ad campaign and you could increase your business by as much as 35%. During my tenure as Marketing & Innovation Director in Ethiopia for Meta Abo Brewery SC I was privileged to work Zeleman developing the “Meta For The Lion” Campaign which brought a new dimension to FMCGs and more especially in the Ethiopian Beverage Industry.
With production, copywriting and targeting experience, we can create powerful radio ads that will help your business grow.From start to finish, Another BiG Production can build compelling radio ads and assist you in getting them on the air at terrestial radio stations as well as the rapidly growing market of internet radio. Infomercial production companies realized that it is impossible to provide quality and entertaining television programming twenty four hours per day, seven days per week.
Although informercials are often the butt of jokes, it would be interesting to find one person who did not see the latest Richard Simmons Sweating with Seniors video and not want to call the 800 number on their screems immediately to order it. Hotels Become More Hospitable to Energy-Saving SystemsAttitudes among American hoteliers are shifting, as more states and municipalities have adopted rigorous building codes for energy use. Therefore, such television downtimes are the perfect chance for companies to buy relatively inexpensive air time to market their latest coffee maker, hair dryer, exercise contraption, diet program, or male enhancement product to those people who, for whatever reason, would rather watch an infomercial than sleep. Is Mixed as Energy Prices SinkShares of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts rose 24 percent after the company agreed to be taken private.

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