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Television advertisement or TV commercial is called commercial or TV ad in US, advert in UK and TVC by industry insiders.
This entry was posted in Advertising Basics in 100 Words and tagged television advertising, TV ad, TV advertising, TVC by admin. There should be more information on the ads which comes on these channels + the information should not be available. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. A true form of mobile advertising, radio is ancient yet unique, growing and pervasive medium. This entry was posted in Advertising Basics in 100 Words, Advertising Glossary, Radio Advertising and tagged radio ad, Radio Advertising by admin. On the marketing front it is easier & cheaper to sell product or services with loss marketing budget. Corporate Analysis means reviewing the key aspects of a company to determine its strengths and weaknesses. There is not a single organization in this whole world which does not experience corporate politics. It has been defined as series of advertisement having the same theme & published within specific-period.
Testing advertising effectiveness means measuring or evaluation the success with which the advertising campaign has been carried out. A Blog on amazing stuff: Amazing pictures, amazing world, amazing people, funny and cool stuff, etc.
Advertising want to attract attention and be remembered by audience, the most important thing is creativity. We draw our inspiration from the most important study of storytelling ever done, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell.
The Hero’s Journey is a model story format—honed by the knowledge contained in myriad cultures and history—which follows remarkably consistent rules that reflect profound human needs. Humans are psychologically hardwired to respond to meta-narratives that have been informed by human culture and history: the long journey home, marrying outside your tribe, the quest…It’s a search for meaning that defines what we are and want to be. Through digital and social media, using maturing social-listening and search techniques, we can uncover and understand meta-conversations across cultures in a way that was not possible even five years ago.
Once marketers understand which aspect of the brand consumers really identify and engage with, the next step is to plan and shape the conversation between brand and audience over time. In the Social Media Week session, we shared some of our latest thinking on the social multiplier effect (Kirk Cheyfitz will be publishing more on this topic soon)—which is the process of using digital to leverage a brand’s fans so they make the brand story genuinely contagious, delivering exponential return for the brand and lowering media spend dramatically.

This is not to say that we should dismiss years of established traditional advertising knowledge and practice.
But brand work like this, despite London’s prominent place in the global advertising industry, is the exception rather than the rule. So think how valuable, for both brand and consumers, a rich and satisfying brand story can be, and how powerful its impact can be as it is spread across the media ecosystem by brand advocates who share with their far-flung social networks using the latest developments in social and mobile. This entry was posted in ADVERTISING IS DEAD and tagged brand storytelling, cinderella, fight club, jon king, kirk cheyfitz, london, social media week, storytelling.
Pretty much the structure of any given SFX Hollywood blockbuster aimed at angry white man children. Naturally, a perfect fit for the social media generation, advertisers and people afflicted with narcissism. The universality of the Hero’s Journey is proven on a daily basis by Hollywood blockbusters selling like crazy around the world. It is about relaying a specific social, political or sales pitch in a limited amount of time, broadly ranging in between few seconds to several minutes. The question for the Website should not be asked as people could have an email-id but not a website. Radio is able to penetrate our daily lives still of-limits to other media like television, internet, print or outdoor.
The ads below are considered a model of creative advertising, but they are very profound meaning, not so easy to understand it, can you know Why?
During the ‘Storytelling for Brands’ session at our London office last week, part of Social Media Week London, we shared Story’s brand-centred approach to narrative content. Campbell’s insights have influenced and guided the approach, which he called the hero’s journey and which is used in all forms of narrative, including classic films from Cinderella to Fight Club. It explains the narrative structure found in the great myths, timeless fairy tales and modern action films. At their most successful, these stories powerfully narrate the relationship between the brands and their audience(s).
Tapping into these conversations reveals the current mind-sets of different audience segments and reveals their deeper unsatisfied emotional needs, providing a rich seam of consumer insight that brands can use to learn the best way to position and promote their stories to create value for themselves as well as their consumers. This content plan’s sole purpose is to bring the brand’s story to life across every touchpoint between consumer and brand, in the real and digital worlds. Add to this Forrester Research’s recent studies of how social fans share brand stories through their networks, and you’ll see the beginnings of the compound multiplier effect. Traditional advertising still has a role to play, as has been proven by one or two stunningly effective long-term brand campaigns—Sainsbury’s ‘Try Something New Today’ being a perfect case in point. It is noteworthy precisely because it is rare and because it depends heavily on constant support by large amounts of paid media.

Such contagious brand stories spread on their own as a matter of routine, gaining currency by tapping into ongoing conversations and multiplying across social networks at extremely low cost.
Combine all three and you have the perfect entity who can activate your energy drink campaign well into 2015.
Radio is with its audience when one wakes up in the morning, goes to jog, commutes to and from jobs, at workstations and goes to bed. For the reasons, the ad may originate in the public relations department rather than the advertising department corporate advertising sometimes tell the public about the company’s position on some issue.
It covers all aspects of the company which includes profit margins, finances, organizational structure and growth opportunities. The objective of corporate finance is to figure out how a company’s value can be maximized by taking decisions about investment, financing and dividends. The subject aims to develop a conceptual framework of finance function and to acquaint the participants with the tools, techniques and process of financial management in the realm of financial decision making. The upcoming Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 would certainly boost the development of China’s Internet advertising. The most powerful brand stories, like the most engaging fairy tales, speak to fulfilling deep, unmet emotional desires. But greater trust and greater reach are totally dependent on how interesting, credible, useful and, most of all, contagious the content is as well as where it’s shared and promoted. A few years ago, Sainsbury’s deployed a simple but rich ‘big idea’ to impressive effect across its brand ecosystem, extending it across everything from integrated comms to internal staff engagement.
US Online Advertising According to iResearch, China's online advertising market in 2006 is 3.8% of overall advertising industry.
The campaign makes an eloquent case for the age-old marketing practice of delving deep into a brand to uncover an idea so broad and powerful that people, consumers and staff, can’t help but listen and act.
Commercial radio stations earn revenue by playing radio spots ranging from few seconds to minutes. Of course marketers are picking its remains now that they’ve just finished mugging 15 year old music videos and buried the bodies of Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze. The format is evolving with time; stations now stream their program on internet and reach wider audience.

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