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Have you noticed an increase in advert placement on YouTube with a lot of businesses increasing their YouTube advertising cost? Now With over 2 billion users, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world behind of Google and has over 1 million users every month. As a YouTube advertising user, you pay per view with an average cost per view ranging from $10-$30 (per thousand) with the option to have your ad in four standard ad formats. In this instance your video ad will appear when a person searches a particular category on YouTube. This is when your YouTube advertisement shows up on YouTube partner videos that are 10 mins or more in length.
This is the most priced possession of YouTube Advertisement, it is some worth similar to Yahoo's!
In-display ads are quite the new introduction into the Youtube Advertiement placement and can run across YouTube and Google Display Network. The good thing about YouTube advert placement is that YouTube will not charge you If your targeted audience skip it before 30 seconds (or the end) you don't pay a cent, not a penny will be charged. YouTube allows you to target your ads by selecting options such as personal demographics, location, language and subject matter. Television advertising is very expensive to reach a significant percentage of the target audience, but YouTube video marketing is extremely cost-effective. With a limited budget you will want to know where every cent of your dollar is going and how it’s being spent. YouTube advertising allows you to prove whether consumers were exposed to a specific advert or whether they were totally engaged. We’re ready to dig into this and, as we go, we’ll show you one of our client’s (public speaking expert Andy Harrington) campaigns, where our 4P formula more than halved his cost per lead! These actionable tips can be implemented by you today for great results, so let’s get started. When advertising your business, you’ll need to make some decisions about where to advertise: Facebook, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn and so on… Each platform will provide different opportunities to the way you advertise. Now, when advertising with YouTube, you’ll be using the AdWords platform, which means you’ll be able to tap into the power of Google Display advertising.
Because we were building a remarketing list from all the people that viewed this video as an ad, we were able to follow up with everyone that had viewed the video but decided not to opt-in. Using these text and display ads gives us access to the whole of the Google Display Network (estimated to cover 92% of internet users and 65% of comScore’s top 200 websites!). We saw great results by re-engaging with Andy Harrington’s website traffic that didn’t convert first time around.
Go even further than this and retarget YouTube traffic on Facebook and other platforms (and vice versa!).
Andy Harrington gets a considerable amount of non-paid, organic views on his YouTube videos and we wanted to get back in front of all those who had watched his videos, but had not yet opted in. We then built video remarketing lists based on those who viewed Andy Harrington’s YouTube videos. Based on this segmentation, we started showing content related video ads to the segmented remarketing lists. We re-engaged with those who had already viewed his video but not converted and encouraged them once more to opt-in. The cost per opt-in will vary but last month we generated 342 opt-ins for ?1.25 ($1.90) per opt-in on average!
Test different Lead magnets and remarket new offers to those who didn’t opt-in the first time round. We achieved great success by changing Andy Harrington’s lead magnet from a video series to a masterclass. Not only could simply changing the lead magnet and landing page improve conversion rates, but it allows you to go one step further and send traffic that didn’t convert from one offer to the other offer, giving you “another bite of the cherry” so to speak.

We’ve tested hundreds of different ads for our clients and we have a lot of information on how to create the perfect video ad. 2 techniques that have worked really well for Andy have been the use of techniques such as a pattern interrupt & dynamic keyword insertion to better grab the attention of your viewers and drive down the cost per lead. For example, we introduced into Andy Harrington’s in-stream ads to grab the viewer’s attention and to stop them from clicking the SKIP AD button.
Viewers do not expect you to tell them to “STOP!” at the beginning of a video, so it grabs their attention immediately. The key is to use the pattern interrupt within the first 5 seconds — before the SKIP AD button appears. DKI is commonly associated with Google AdWords text ads and other ad networks which allow you to customize your ad to a searcher’s search query. When we compared the new DKI videos for the previous in-stream ads, conversions from impressions increased on average by a whopping 85.68%! Small tweaks and improvements to each of these 4P’s & you’ll find your whole campaigns will improve dramatically.
Tom Breeze is founder of video advertising agency, Viewability, building thousands of video ad campaigns for clients from many industries across the world, testing and tracking all of the results.
Make sure you download Tom?s 75 min presentation speaking to over 600 business owners in London giving a video ads masterclass. With a billion people tuning in each month, YouTube’s audience is almost as big as Facebook’s.
That’s because the market for video advertising is younger than that of the trusty display ad, which was invented more than 20 years ago. Where the Times leaves off, a new class of fast-growing, Millennial-loving media startups is picking up. Compare that to TV ratings: NBC’s Nightly News with Brian Williams garners more than 8 million viewers on a given night. Now, just in time for to woo advertisers at the annual Cannes Lions advertiser schmooze-fest, Vice is deepening its relationship with YouTube. YouTube is packaging this high quality content as part of a Google Preferred advertising platform. Alongside Vice, YouTube will also promote Epic Rap Battles of History, a channel run by Disney-owned Maker Studios.
Well I have and to be totally honest am not surprised, but what am surprised about is the fact that have rarely seen YouTube advert placements for small businesses. Often YouTube is over looked by people when thinking of advertising on social media, but if the numbers are anything to go by, YouTube should not be shunned especially for small businesses with a small budget. This display is similar to ads on Google search, except viewers can see a snapshot of the video. The key to getting your ad to appear the most is to use relevant keywords when setting up the ad, or the most searched key words on YouTube.
When combined with targeting tools, YouTube is a great marketing platform for small businesses. Today’s advanced analytics enable marketers to understand exactly who is watching their advert and when.
Have been able to perform researches using the built up internet marketing tool; seo web analyst as a case study and will be using the web marketing tool (platform).
That extra exposure really helps because people often need to see you more than once to feel confident to opt-in. By doing this you benefit from access to additional statistics, remarketing, and CTA features. This is a great way to convert prospective customers who love you, but didn’t opt in for your first lead magnet.
With Andy, we actually promote video trainings, 2 different masterclasses and his book launch.

The viewer’s interest will be peaked for a few seconds and now you’ve got your moment to turn viewer attention into viewer action! Download the whole thing instantly by simply clicking this link and registering your details. Advertisers were slow to adopt video advertising at first, but in recent years, it has been one of the fastest-growing categories. The most prominent competitors, Vice and BuzzFeed, have amassed large audiences, large advertisers, and ballooning valuations to match. Following a major advertising campaign based on three YouTube stars earlier this year, YouTube will promote Vice News with TV ads during the World Cup, cinema ads, and billboards in New York, Chicago and Cannes.
The only problem with an Internet star like Phan is that she hasn’t quite broken through to the mainstream. Using Google you can be able to find the most searched keywords and set these up when putting up the ad. Your ad can also show up in between ad breaks, allowing the user to choose which of the suggested ads to watch. This ad will usually take place in the form of a large banner ad with mixed media options like trailers and video clips. This way you’ll ensure that everyone within your audience easily understands your brand or call to action. Then build a remarketing list of your YouTube video viewers and then show them some video ads. Is your pursuit perfect for your viewers and if not, how can you improve the customer journey? TV still pulls in $74 billion in ad spending per year, so it’s easy for advertisers to port their 30-second spots onto the Web. It has become the fastest-growing news-focused channel on YouTube, with viewers streaming 312 million minutes worth of news so far this year. That requires premium content that’s higher quality than the cat videos YouTube is known for.
That’s why YouTube has sunk a large chunk of cash into promoting its stars offline, buying old fashioned ads on subway cars and billboards to promote Phan, as well as Bethany Mota, a fashion and beauty personality, and Rosanna Pansino, a chef. Time spent per viewer has increased over the years, helped by professional longer-form content. Clicking the ad will deliver a user to the YouTube watch or channel page to view the video rather than playing the video within the ad unit itself.
The last thing you want is to waste precious ad dollars on people with no interest in what you are promoting, especially when you are a small business with limited funds. And lastly, how can you improve your promotions so your ads turn more viewers into customers? YouTube’s first go-round at raising the quality of user-generated content on its platform had mixed results: The company in 2010 offered $100 million worth of “partner grants” to 100 different video makers. Vice content ranges from seven minute to full-length feature films, and both Vice and Vice News boast engagement time is the 99th percentile of YouTube, a Vice spokesperson says. Demand for video advertising is so strong the New York Times can’t make enough videos to fill the inventory. When Vice launched Vice News in February, CEO Shane Smith told Fortune, “None of Generation Y is watching TV or watching the news. Producers had to pay back YouTube for its investment before they could profit from ads on their videos, for example.

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