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When space is limited, advertisements, fliers and post cards are a great way to distribute information. To request advertising design service please click the "Print Media Design Request" link below and fill out the form. Kicked it off with a chatty little profile that reflects a lot of the ways John talked about himself in his email. Katie wants to eventually make the move from a marketing generalist to an agency-side planner or strategist. Changed up the employment section to do two things - (1) let her talk about her role in more conversational, relevant ways - not just in lists of job titles and (2) set up her job description as accomplishments - not here's what I was asked to do, but here's how I delivered. Sometimes the most difficult part of the process is knowing where to start and how to add value.
Today's worksheet for AEs getting started in the interactive space details each of the major steps in the development process and easy ways to over-deliver and add real value at every step of the way. As traditional agencies stretch farther and farther into the interactive space, long-time print, branding and broadcast AEs are being inundated with demands to basically speak a new language. Selected resumes will be re-written (by a fabulous strategist) and re-designed (by an award-winning creative director) free of cost.
Be quiet: When the new boss first makes an offer, nod as if you are considering it and keep quiet.
When planning a wedding reception, always ask the caterer to include a doggie-bag for the bride and groom. But, as those of you who are following the series may have noticed, I do have seemingly endless advice for young ad folks.
And one to grow on: Read this fantastic post called 'What I Wish My New Employee Knew' by Todd Defren over at PR-squared. This site may not display properly, even on the newest version of IE.Do yourself a favor - download, install and use another browser such as Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox. With the creative use of typefaces, white space and visual images, these tools can really get the word out! We are familiar with all industries – newspaper, magazine, bulk mail, on-line and others. Thank you for allowing Sinclair Design Studio to design your professional ad, flier or post card!
That replaced a list called 'summary' that basically covered business skills that we would consider tablestakes - stuff like teamwork, education, etc.

Unless it's Harvard or the New School, I think most people want to know - what have you done lately? When you're applying for a specialist role that doesn't require them, it sends a conflicted message - is this really what she wants to do? Agency types with fewer than three years experience who knew their resumes weren't working as hard as they should be, but just didn't know how to fix them.
And, once I dug out the printer, three emerged as great examples of the challenges most submitters were struggling with. The ideal reaction that a manager will have when meeting you is - wow, she's exactly what I expected from her resume.
Candidates applying to large corporations that leverage key word scanning software should think as much about the relevant key words and the ease of import as some of the advice we're sharing here.
Download yesterday's worksheet on the key components of a Web site with smart questions to ask even your toughest clients. They're at once floundering for the right answers -- heck, even the right question -- with clients and trying to deliver on the been-there-done-that demands of designers and programmers back at the agency.
Some readers in my local market read something into the illustrative case (now deleted) that simply was not there. Demonstrate that you understand the business - the entire business, not just your department - and your boss's painpoints.
One extra note on this profile - In the region John lives in, being bilingual is an important differentiator for candidates. Armano's written a few good posts on the horrors of interviewing someone for an interactive role and finding out they never interact. So, I'm choosing this post to share a few savvy resume design tips from Adverboyfriend (Lance Dooley, Creative Director, SBC Advertising). If you have the luxury of knowing a designer that will help you, make sure they know that this is still a business communication tool. Traditional resumes are just Word docs that are all prosaic, all the same point size, and all of the content ends up having the same presence. A candidate I was interested in, but not sold on, made it her mission to stay in front of me (and be my first choice) from the day I met her until I had approval to hire. The first logical step was to re-organize her packed two-page resume to focus on the best stuff. Not only was the list long (why is a person who's had eight jobs applying for this entry level gig?) but the roles were all over the place (not bad, but confusing for someone who wants to categorize you and figure out where you fit in).

If you must list skills, they're facilitation, synthesis, making cookies for the brainstorming meeting, even. So, when the criticism starts flying, remember that it's not about them - it's about a piece of paper.(Thick skins, people! I don't say that to insult them - once any of us thinks we know what someone really meant, right or wrong, it's hard to shake it. And, the bosses (also like me) wanting to feel confident in their staff, hoping for always-improving performance. Take actions that show you're a responsive steward of the business, the brand and your boss's sanity. And, perfectly positioned to go into a traditional agency or client-side gig and take the place by storm.
So, in this section, we brought together some of his online and offline passions - things that keep him fresh in his role at the agency. The same resume that would get you in the door to be a Barista at Starbucks is sometimes used for your dream job at Crispin. The unspoken caveat is: you'll be thought of like someone wandering about campus instead of like the ladder climber you might really be. There's no customization to the audience - to the creative people you're really talking to.
And, in the fast-paced world of agency life, you can't assume that you're going to be taken under a wing by chance.
If you are starting a conversation with a person in a creative environment (account service or creative) make sure your resume is not antithetical to their culture or state of mind.Be different.
The take away from the data below is this: by not correctly gaging what we're worth and not negotiating salaries, women are more likely than men to depress their salaries over a lifetime. How about just leaving the shredded jeans and stretched-out sweaters at home and dressing like you have a job. So, when we see the national statistics about women making an average of 76% of what men in the same jobs earn, there is a certain amount of behavioral culpability we have to take in changing that equation.

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