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It is the first thing to do because there is no big profit in selling raincoats in the dessert area.
Keep your videos short and interactive and must be efficient to drive the people towards it. We conducted an informal survey with our native advertising clients at MGID and found that 100% of our advertisers say that "publisher's quality" is the most important component for effective native advertising. Another study by Hexagram conducted about the state of native advertising among publishers, advertisers, brands & agencies, found that 84% of publishers thought that native advertising adds value for consumers. So, how to get the ripe fruit of native advertising, which is not always "low hanging?" In our experience with thousands of successful campaigns for publishers worldwide we recommend the top seven hardest working strategies for publishers that will yield effective native advertising. Before you make a decision about a business partnership, you should clearly define what ads would be best suited for your site, including the format of advertising, its placement on your website, audience breakdown, editorial strategy, etc. It's crucial to search for a partner who can tailor individualized solutions and define a monetization model that will align revenue generation with your site's core editorial vision.
High-profit advertising can attract a new audience by being bizarre or provocative, but in the future it will cause ad blindness and high revenues cannot be sustained.
The smarter the placement for the native advertising units, the better the results of the campaign. These days there's quite a controversy about whether or not native advertising is designed to trick visitors into clicking on ads. This ethical approach should serve as a groundwater for any native advertising partnership. Since there are a lot of spots where native ads can be placed , why not leverage native content from different vendors?
Some publishers make the mistake of rejecting native ad vendors that can't promise the fixed, long-term CPM for publishers' campaigns right away.
According to Spada & Hexagram research 29% of publishers currently acquire audience through paid distribution or native advertising services. It shows us that very often publishers who use native monetization solutions are at the same time the main consumers of native advertising traffic. Publishers start to rattle past the position of evaluating their success via click-through rates, and tend to diversify evaluation process by including such criteria as engagement, benefit for the end-user, interaction time, shares and the impact of sharing. Publishers have always sought the best ways to monetize their traffic and with the introduction of native advertising many have tried to reach success utilizing this new phenomenon. Being a part of content marketing, native advertising proved to be a very useful and reasonable tool for all participants of online advertising ecosystem, and for publishers in particular. This guest article was written by Maria Shinkevich, CMO for global native advertising platform MGID.
People are completely fell in love with video content which was already revealed by various survey reports and research studies.

So, go with this proverb, just observe the successful videos in your niche and list out the things you have learned from the failure and successful videos and note them. In October 2012 Lexus presented an advertising campaign that combined perfectly 2 advertising formats to allow users to interact with the brand.
This advertising campaign was especially created for Fanta’s Spanish audience by McCann Madrid. Furniture comes alive thanks to the fact that IKEA went beyond creating an interactive catalog that allows users to have a complete experience with regard to the products they like. One of Google Chrome’s experiments involves using smartphones as game controllers to engage in a game between a PC and a smartphone. Results of the same research state that 62% of publishers are currently offering native advertising opportunities for advertisers. Otherwise, it can't be called "native" nor "efficient." The best candidate is the one that can get a deep understanding of client's business and provide monetization solutions that might be unique to only one particular publisher.
The golden eCPM can last only for a limited period and usually only during the initial successful stages of the campaign.
If advertising is relevant for publisher's visitors then the publisher will see stable and long-term earnings. It is shortsighted to expect high revenues from placements that no one can see or that are not geared for interaction.
While there are a lot of misconceptions about native advertising and mistruths as well, it's plain to see that in order to be accepted both by your website visitors in particular and the online advertising community as a whole, publishers have to clearly label native recommendations as advertisements and only partner with vendors that do so. Labeling can be done in several ways - via caption with a clear statement, via frames & bullets, or by marking each piece of content with the source and the inclusion of the vendor's logo into the native ad unit.
An ad that with its look and feel itself suggests that a person would be encouraged to use a product or service creates proper expectations so the visitor interacts with it intentionally (knowingly). Using different native ad vendors simultaneously is good because it will increase content diversity and engagement. It's crucial to understand that for each website native advertising will show different results as each website has different structure, levels of traffic and layout and design.
Give a vendor some time to adjust to your business model and, as a result, you will enjoy high eCPM that will surpass your expectations. Of those that do not, a full 85% say that they would do so if they could find a way to make a margin, suggesting that audience development for publishers through native advertising is in its infancy and has plenty of room for growth.
By utilizing tools that track these criteria, publishers can optimize and improve their campaigns and partnerships until they start to bring the maximum value to everyone involved in the native advertising loop. The video viewing has greatly increased comparing to previous year reports and still it is on. Nowadays users are able to interact with advertising campaigns thanks to new technologies, such as the second screen (smartphones and tablets). Lexus used Sports Illustrated magazine and CinePrint™ technology, which allows real interaction between magazines and tablets by overlapping a page of the magazine that contains Lexus advertisement over tablet’s screen, to give life to the printed advertisement in an incredible way.

Users just have to download the IKEA Catalog app and have a physical IKEA Catalog to interact with both advertising media. The game is online and to be able to play it users just have to install the Chrome browser in their smartphones. It's better to choose a vendor who guarantees timely payouts and will be able to provide native content that will work best and look organic for your website.
For instance, content recommendations widgets work best when placed under the editorial content. The whole chain of content marketing must remain ethical from start to finish so that the consumer's trust remains intact.
In this way, you not only benefit your visitors but also can compare several vendors in real time to select the best options for you.
If you buy native advertising to monetize this traffic, it's important to discuss and set up clear metrics with the vendor and have your scale-up plan ready before the start of the campaign. This is the main reason why the marketers and advertisers are focusing more on video formats, tools, and video content. Marketers believe that some of the most creative advertising campaigns that combine different advertising media (television, traditional media, newspapers, magazines, advertising panels, exterior signage, etc.) with mobile advertising formats will become the future of advertising.
Thanks to the Shazam app (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone), users were able to tag the audio from the broadcasted TV commercial to access additional content.
Users must press the Like button and choose the type of drink they prefer on Pepsi’s mobile fan page on Facebook. IKEA’s app (Android, iOS) uses augmented reality and image recognition, so when users point their smartphones’ camera to a product they like, they are able to see it in 3 dimensions, see photo galleries or videos and get a better understanding of it. Users can move the ball using their Chrome search history as settings, throw a ball to turn it into a dartboard, etc. On the other hand, other formats of native advertising will require a more thorough and individualized approach to placement. When comes to the startups and new beginners in the video advertising, it completely depends upon the video marketing strategies they have created for their campaigns and other promotions. The app received 300,000,000 media impressions and became last year’s number one downloaded promotional app for a brand. Here are some best video marketing strategies for startups and the beginners in video marketing. To try it out you just need to install the Shazam app into your smartphone… and you’re good to go! Pepsi Like Machine replaced the typical frontal by a touchscreen that allowed users to interact with the brand.

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