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The Print Ad titled How to see through advertising was done by Ester advertising agency in Sweden.
I saw Microsoft ads online today as part of their hundred-million-dollar advertising campaign for Bing.
Why is it that some ambient advertising seems harmless (or even downright entertaining) and some feels destructive and commercialized beyond words?
Today happens to be the opening of that nightmarish movie, Captivity which had its gruesome signage recalled. Becky said, “The intent of my post was to get people thinking about how ambient campaigns affect not only prospects but also current customers. She calls attention to all kinds of wacky guerilla marketing endeavors with balanced pro and con views.

Like most of these media and marketing issues, it all depends on the values, preferences, and saturation threshold of the individual family. What about in-flight movies where kids are literally strapped in their seats and exposed to whatever’s up on the screen? We're changing the channel of media and marketing influence toward a healthier worldview for kids!
McDonald’s is propelling consumers to connect with the brand on Instagram and take pictures of their favorite meals via a new mobile advertising campaign. She highlights one about beachcombing, when giant shells are used to promo a seafood restaurant. Have your tweens, teens, or wee ones noticed (mentioned?) any signage, pop-ups, or randomly ‘captive’ ad exposure?

The company is running the campaign through a variety of mobile-optimized sites including Us Magazine, Spin and Billboard. The fast food giant is also encouraging consumers who do not have Instagram to download the mobile app.
Last year, the fast food giant cemented its place in mobile advertising with a campaign that not only educated consumers about the current Monopoly promotion that was going on, but also let them enter on the spot (see story).

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