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I have put together a special report that I am offering for a limited time for free with no obligations (not even your contact details!).
First, I snagged a few generic images online and then put together the PSD seen above in Photoshop. Next save your image as a .jpg (and try to save it in the smallest image size that still looks good for fast load times). Our team at USDA Mortgage Group are experts in helping people find the right USDA mortgage home loan and quickly getting you into the home you deserve. Call the image you created in the first step as the background and then use CSS to position your contact form elements (blue text).
You can see above that the php contact form calls 123456789.php so we need to set up that page for the emails to get forwarded correctly. Given this common pain point, I’m excited to announce the release of WordStream’s brand new free landing page tool, the AdWords Landing Page Grader.
Before we get started, here’s a little bit more about me: I’m the director of product management at WordStream. Our goal in creating the AdWords Landing Page Grader to join our lineup of marketing graders was to offer a free landing page optimization tool to help marketers assess how their PPC landing pages are performing when analyzed against industry-established best practices.
It’s fast, easy, and free – Your landing page report offers the kind of insight you’d get from a professional PPC audit, but without the time or expense required to hire a consultant. It’s designed to help you increase your AdWords conversion rate, Quality Score, and ROI – The landing page tool focuses on PPC-specific best practices.
You can’t get this insight anywhere else – We created the first free AdWords analysis tool, and this is the first free landing page analysis tool. We believe this new tool will help remove some of the mystery about what it takes to achieve the best possible bang for each buck spent on PPC. Unlike other website graders, our new landing page tool takes a PPC-centric approach to assessing how well a landing page is performing.
You’ll also seen individual conversion rates and performance scores for each of your top five landing pages (by spend). The conversion rate section shows you your landing page conversion rate over the past several months compared to our benchmarks for your industry. The content relevance section checks to make sure that your top keywords appear in the content on your page. Finally, drawing on WordStream’s industry expertise and wealth of data, we’re able to compare performance against recommended benchmarks and best practices to provide an overall assessment of landing page health, and make suggestions that may help increase over performance. We’re optimistic that the end result will give businesses better insight into what happens to their potential customers after the click. We’ve already identified a number of features for future versions of the Landing Page Grader, which will help SMB’s gain even deeper insights into their PPC landing page performance.
Like the idea but didn't pick up any of my keywords - Test (used in campaign titles) is not a keyword. Don't know where the landing pages came from either- all 4 were my home page whereas AdWord clicks land at specific lower level pages. I'm on the product team here at WordStream and am disappointed to hear the grader didn't seem to work for you. I will have to study this to realize its full potential, but it would help if you can advice.You know your product best. Your AdWords landing page is your key chance to convince the customer to convert – to buy your product, fill out a form or download a resource. The most important quality of an optimized landing page is relevance: Just as your ad text should be relevant to your keyword, your landing page should be relevant to your Google ad. Creating specific landing pages that speak directly to the user's search query will have a positive impact on your AdWords account and, most importantly, drive more conversions.
So what exactly goes into a successful AdWords landing page, and where on earth do you start? You can’t build landing pages in AdWords: Landing pages are what bring the PPC process full circle – you can’t have great AdWords ads without solid landing pages, plain and simple. Landing pages usually require outside help: Creating landing pages generally requires a developer to edit and manage the pages, a graphic designer to design the pages, and a hosting environment.
AdWords landing pages have specific requirements: A successful landing page has many different elements to consider – your landing pages need to be relevant to your keyword and ads in order to earn good Quality Score. WordStream’s Landing Pages & Leads tool lets you create gorgeous custom landing pages with our easy-to-use page wizard, while collecting and organizing data about your leads so you know exactly who is visiting your pages and what offers they take advantage of. The Landing Page Builder has an intuitive point-and-click interface that helps walk you through the process of creating a good-looking, conversion-optimized landing page that will rake in the leads. Focus on a powerful headline: Your headline is the most important aspect of your copy – in fact, it’s the only part some visitors will even read! Implement bullet lists, bold text, and other visual elements: This helps readers understand what parts of your copy are the most important and makes the copy easier to digest. Form Fields: Choose your form fields – you can include standard fields like name, phone number, email, job titles, etc, along with custom fields like text fields, dropdown menus, or checkboxes.
Call to Action Button: Forgetting to customize the call-to-action button is a common misstep for those new to landing page design.

Thank You Page: The thank you page is where users are taken after clicking your call to action button.
Once you’re done, you can save the new landing page as a draft, preview it, or publish it right away. Get detailed tracking information for deep insight and understanding into which keywords and which landing pages are driving the best results. Check your landing page conversion rates to measure the performance of your AdWords landing page.
Track and manage leads with conversion tracking so you can measure performance and success markers.
The AdWords Landing Page Performance Grader is packed with valuable info that will help boost your conversion rates and make sure your landing pages are set for optimal performance. Our software and services help businesses and agencies take the guesswork out of pay-per-click advertising so you get more from your marketing budget.
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Consulenza Google AdWords - Consulenza e formazione a distanza su Google AdWords e Pay-per-click. We’re in the process of becoming a Google AdWords Certified Partner and look forward to continuing our work with Google and our clients to leverage SEM as a highly effective marketing tool. The way we access and consume information is changing rapidly, and online video is on the rise. This image demonstrates the principle of using the rule of thirds when positioning a subject.
Here are some tips to share with your interview subject in advance to help make sure you get the best content. Place your form- mine is simple and just asks for Name, Email & Phone and has a submit button (red text). This is a very little island at the really bottom of Texas and it has a actually fun ambiance.
There’s so much at stake on the landing page – that’s where your visitor either converts or doesn’t.
This tool, now in beta, is the newest addition to the family of free tools WordStream offers small businesses to help them assess and improve PPC performance. While I’ve only been with WordStream for 6 months, I’ve been in a product role for more than 7 years and spent about half of that time working in the PPC space.
This is the simplest way to find out how your landing pages are performing and how you can improve them.
It checks to make sure your page, form, settings, and more are optimized for conversions, and our benchmarks help you determine how your landing pages compare to your competitors’. Rather than looking at a single webpage in isolation, we’re taking a novel approach by connecting AdWords search performance and the websites those search campaigns point to.
From there, it can assess your account history over the last 90 days and identify which landing pages you have spent the most money driving traffic to.
This will let you know if your conversion rate is going up or down as well as how you’re doing compared to similar advertisers in your vertical. This signal of relevance to both users and Google can have a big impact on both your conversion rates and Quality Score.
Our goal at WordStream is to help advertisers squeeze the greatest possible return out of their PPC investments, and we recognize that optimizing PPC campaigns is only half of the story. You need high-quality landing pages to optimize conversion rates, and highly relevant pages will also lower your conversion costs. Truthfully, creating AdWords landing pages can be a tough task – there’s a lot to take into consideration.
You also need to have conversion tracking properly set up to track what is and is not working. Luckily, WordStream makes it easy to create beautiful, highly-optimized landing pages without hiring an entire IT team. Create your targeted keyword ads with relevant, lead-delivering landing pages in one seamless environment. We will make sure you include those snazzy call-to-action buttons, thank you pages, solid form fields, and more, so that you never miss a beat. The tool also provides a live preview in the sidebar so you can see the changes you’re making as they occur. Along with the headline, it’s one of the most important elements of your AdWords landing page. Deviating from the common button text like “Go” or “Submit,” and opting for your own custom text that specifically relates to your offer (such as “Get Your Ebook Now” or “Download Templates”) can greatly improve conversions. The design wizard cuts down on time, letting you craft lead-driving landing pages without hiring a team of outside help. Better landing pages mean more form completes, more measurable data, and better Quality Scores.

WordStream Advisor helps you build great AdWords ads, organize and discover new keywords, and design lead-obtaining effective landing pages all in one place.
A tale proposito ho svolto lezioni su Google AdWords in sede e assegnato compiti allo staff.
How do you effectively use these popular search engine ads to drive revenue or click-throughs to your site without burning a hole in your pocket? Because a launch campaign is more specific, it’s less costly than a general campaign. The Color Run, according to its website, is the most crazy, colorful and happiest 5k on the planet. Bhava matched the participating Bhavans’ entry fees and donated them to the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society. The most common use cases for video interviews include customer case study or partner interviews, executive profiles, product demos and live demos from the trade show floor. Whether you’re already using video in your organization or are ready to start, here are some helpful tips and tricks to create online video content that counts. For example, don’t place a person with a dark-blue sweater against a dark-colored wall. This position is a good focal point for your subject and it’s a good angle for the camera.
Make declarative statements and don’t turn intonate upwards at the end of sentences that aren’t questions. There’s an annual bike rally that draws a lot more bikers than any other bike rally in the state.
And today, I’d like to tell you a little bit about how this landing page optimization tool can help you, and invite you to try it out while it’s in beta, so your early feedback can improve the tool. I’ve been overseeing the evolution of WordStream’s Landing Pages and Leads tool, and saw an opportunity to build a free tool to help highlight some of the landing page best practices we’re working to make easy for small businesses.
Our AdWords Performance Grader has analyzed over $3 billion in total PPC spend, and we know a ton about what goes into a successful AdWords account. It then crawls those landing pages looking for marketing best practices and content relevant to the user’s AdWords campaigns. A supercharged PPC campaign won’t convince an advertiser about the power of PPC if it points to a poorly constructed landing page. Please try out the landing page optimization tool today and let me know, in the comments below or in an email, what you think and how we can make it better. Landing pages with relevant ad text also get higher Quality Scores, and better ad rankings as a result!
The landing page creator tool also lets you paste in a conversion code so that you can easily track form completes. Conversion tracking is absolutely essential for AdWords landing page testing and discovering what’s working and what isn’t on your pages.
Nel popolare i contenuti delle landing page ho cercato di ragionare anche in termini di evoluzioni future, spianando la strada allo sviluppo della parte pubblica del sito, quella che sara poi deputata a promuoversi tramite tecniche SEO.
However, with some research and mindful setting of your price parameters, you can get the outcomes you’re seeking within your budgetary requirements. SEM campaigns that support a launch are proven to be an effective and yet cost-effective way to drive brand awareness and click-through conversions. If you don’t have a wireless microphone, be sure to do one or more test runs to adjust for optimal sound with the equipment you have. Generally speaking, it’s boring to perfectly center your subject, so you want them a bit to the left or the right of center.
There is virtually generally anything heading on at The Strand, a street that runs via the center of downtown Galveston, and tons of stores for you to browse by means of.
A poor landing page experience affects your Quality Scores as well as your ROI, but it’s tricky to actually figure out what the problem with your page is in AdWords alone. I’ve been working with engineering for the past 2 months to arrive at the first version of our new Landing Page Grader, and as we collect feedback from our user community, we’ll continue to evolve the tool to help businesses derive deep insights about their PPC and landing pages.
Here’s a cool infographic from We Capture, a UK-based digital media firm, depicting some web video statistics. The perspective of all the shop proprietors and residents is definitely nice and laid back again. On leading of all this is the speedy accessibility to the seashore and various beaches to pick out from.
If your budget allows you to rent a lighting kit, then position the light stand(s) on the side(s) of the camera to illuminate the front of your subject’s face. If you have an extra hand at the video shoot, you can also use a reflector to bounce light from a window on to your subject’s face. Googling how to use lighting equipment that works within your constraints can help you understand how to get the best result while recording in your interview environment.

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