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When you think of affiliate marketing, do you think of a 22 year old guy sitting around his house with his mother in the background nagging him to clean his room? But if you don't feel like playing it staight, feel free to do business with this guy at faux company ClickAMax because if you do over $300,000 a month, he'll give you a free $100 gift certificate to Hooters. Voluum is the latest tracking software to hit the market and it’s quickly becoming a popular option.
Adding an offer is probably the most confusing part because you need to add the click variable to your affiliate link and a lot of publishers seem to mess that up. When you add your affiliate link (URL) make sure you append ?s1= to the end of it so you can add the click ID. You can also select PeerFly as the Affiliate network for that offer to help keep your offers organized. You can choose whatever Redirect mode you want, but for most traffic sources a simple 302 is fine. With this campaign I’m going to be direct linking because I did not add any landing pages. With PeerFly we can setup a Global Postback so that you only need to actually add the postback to your account once and it’ll work on any offer you add to Voluum.
You want to replace the word REPLACE with %subid1% and the word OPTIONAL with %commission%. Thanks for the awesome article, I have signed up and let’s see how can I use it further.
The NOOBIE plan is free on Voluum so you can at least use that to get started (up to 100,000 clicks a month). It wouldha been awesome if you’d do a tutorial for Clickbank with Voluum too, you know!!
Thank you Luke for you post, just i want ask you , How can i set up Voluum With My Domain ? Great post Luke and I will try Volunn but a have a question: Can I use Volunn with Bing also? Thanks Luke, atlast I figured out how to track a Mobile CPA campaign using Voluum, and wrote a tutorial too.
I have previously used cpvlabs and just signed up to voluum to provide better tracking for my mobile campaigns, do you know if this is possible i can’t work out how to structure it in Voluum?
LinkedIn is a great choice if you’re interested in using social media to build your business. When you send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn, LinkedIn auto-populates a little message with the invite. LinkedIn will constantly show you previews of profiles that you might want to connect with, but don’t take all of these suggestions to heart. LinkedIn allows you to share status updates or write and load full user-created posts to the site. A lot of people that are just getting into PPV ask me what PPV network they should use or what’s the difference between the different networks. They do accept them in special cases, but usually only from English-speaking countries such as US, CA, AU, and UK. I’m from Israel and got accepted, but I heard this claim before so I guess this is probably the case most of the times. Yes, but that one has been tested by quite a few affiliates (including myself) who have installed the software and seen the pops to spy on the competition. Trafficvance is a contextual advertising system that connects advertisers to motivated users. They always approved my campaigns the same day within the coming hours, and if any one was disapproved they give the reasons so that u can update it and send it for approval.

Even if you are automatically approving new affiliates, it’s in your best interest to audit your network on a regular basis. For example if you become aware that your affiliates are spamming their affiliate links (sending unsolicited advertising that contains your links), as such you should warn that person to stop in writing; or even just remove that person from your program (make their affiliate link void) and remove their access to your system.
Your company domain can get blacklisted for content as well as for the root domain used in the link being deemed a spam site.
It’s extremely important to stay in contact with your affiliates, even more so with the high performers. Managing a successful affiliate program is not always easy and not something you should try to fully automate.
I have had hundreds of my PeerFly publishers ask how to setup their campaigns within Voluum so I thought I would write up a quick tutorial to explain how easy it is. Using a 3rd party tracking software gives you many options that normal network tracking like we have at PeerFly simply does not offer. So, copy and paste your trkur affiliate link and then simply type ?s1= to the end of the URL.
When you click it you will notice that {clickid} has been automatically appended to the end of your trkur link. That way you do not need to update your payouts when your Affiliate Manager gives you a pay bump because your campaigns is performing so well!
For example, with 50onRed you can pass the bid into your link and then use that to calculate your ROI on Voluum. If you are having trouble getting your ad approved you could try a meta refresh or double meta refresh. If you have any questions about how to setup your campaign please feel free to comment below or contact me. If yes, can you send me the list of various tokens to be used with Voluum viz-a-viz Traffic Vance.
LinkedIn is designed for business and for networking, so if you want to talk business or connect with someone, you won’t be shut out or hidden like on more friendship-based social sites like Facebook. When applying for a job, you wouldn’t submit a resume with important information missing, so don’t leave your LinkedIn profile only partially complete. This message is nice, but totally impersonal and does nothing to increase the likelihood of someone connecting with you. The most powerful networks on LinkedIn are carefully curated and connecting with just anyone doesn’t allow you to build this kind of network. Consider sharing articles related to your business for your status updates, or, if you have time, regularly write a blog post that will go on LinkedIn as well as your own personal site.
I decided to put together a handy comparison chart here so you can see which one is the best for your particular situation. Really depends on the referral, I had a super strong referral from a network CEO, guess that helped.
I heard so much recommendations about Media Traffic and it seems that things are not as rosy any more.
When you create an account with Trafficvance, you create a free account and provide a URL for your offer or landing page. This can harm your ability to advertise your program and make it difficult for your other members to succeed for years to come. In fact you probably want to make a point to get in touch when you are NOT selling anything, lest they believe you only contact them when you want something from them. Every segment of marketing has its sleaziness and while this representation may seem over the top, we've seen plenty of these guys wandering the exhibit halls at all kinds of conferences over the years. I created a redirect.html, is that what I’ll add as the lander and not my squeeze page?

Any thing you suspect I screwed up if conversion data isn’t coming through correctly?
LinkedIn is easy to use, but there are some tricks to ensure you’re getting the most out of the networking site. LinkedIn offers a handy percentage bar for your profile that lets you know how close you are to having a complete profile. Only connect with people if you know them or you can find a mutual connection to do an introduction. People will see that you’re active and engaged and blog posts will make you seem like thought leader in your industry. If your profile has your job title from two companies ago, the people that reach out to you won’t be the right ones because they will have old information. By taking the time to contact them, you are showing that you are interested in the partnership and value your association with them. If you keep your affiliates happy, they will likely be more productive, which means more money for them as well as for you! We've also seen plenty of legitimate companies following the rules and playing it straight. Except for the fact real affiliate marketers go to the Playboy Club and the Hugh Hefner Suite instead. You can also see a quick breakdown of how well your campaigns are performing by traffic source. Read on to learn how to use LinkedIn to seamlessly build your network, business, and connections. Having a complete profile not only makes this progress meter go away (yay!) but it makes sure you look as professional as possible when your name comes up in a search or you request a connection.
Keep your profile up to date and add new accomplishments as they happen to ensure the most beneficial connections.
Your site will be delivered directly to consumers as a full-page ****pop-under*** ad targeted by those specific keywords or domains. Essentially, you can analyze and optimize your campaigns much easier when using a 3rd party tracking software like Voluum.
If someone sees that you haven’t filled out your profile, they may think you’re not active and reconsider reaching out to connect or to tell you about a new opportunity.
Just write a quick note about why you want to connect and perhaps what you can offer your new connection.
It may be nice to connect with your hairdresser, but if you don’t work in that industry (or have any intention to) it can be confusing to have so many connections not relevant to your work.
Ecco parte del messaggio:Thank you for your interest in Google Affiliate Network, formerly DoubleClick Performics. Your application has been reviewed and may have been declined for one or more of the following reasons:1. We were unable to access and review your site or determine your business model based on the URL or profile information provided.2.
The profile information provided is inconsistent or doesn’t match registered domain information. Il problema A? che DoubleClick A? riservato ad un’utenza esclusivamente americana, almeno per ora. Rispondi a Mick Scrivi un commento Contenuti correlatigoogle affiliate networkgoogle-adsenseguadagnare internetguadagnare-sitoreferral Independent Publisher empowered by WordPress Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito.

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