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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly.
Scroll down below for the full list of Amazon affiliate websites we are offering for sale, new websites will be added on a regular basis so check back often.
Several configured plugins are installed on this website to help secure the site against potential hackers and intruders for extra protection and peace of mind.
I Also include with this website 1 year of free hosting on one of my HostGator reseller accounts (Value $86) this eliminates the need for website transfers and confusion.
After your website is complete you will be sent all the website login details so you can immediately have access to your new site without delay.
A custom search system setup to add additional search functions than the standard wordpress search that increases visitors experience on the site. All the necessary important & legal pages setup,privacy policy,disclaimer,contact us,about us,terms of use Amazon affiliate disclaimer set up on the bottom of the site and in the disclaimer page to comply with Amazons terms. Each website also comes with a setup Facebook page, with graphics setup to help increase your social presence. After you purchase a site, you will be redirected to a Thank You page explaining the information I will need from you to prepare the site for final delivery. I want to know if it is possible for you to create a membership site with Clickbank or Clicksure product like dog trainning membership or any high converting niche membership site that you know , with one domain name, hosting. The key here is that people LOVE to spend money on Amazon, things that they WANT, and do not necessarily need. People that are broke and don’t have money to burn are not shopping on Amazon, and they are certainly not spending 200 bucks on a mouse. I checked out some gaming mouse review niche sites, and SOMEONE made a nice commission off my $400 sale. Because all you have to do is nudge people that are already going to spend money over to Amazon through your associate’s link and anything they buy within a 24 hour period gets credited to your account and you make money. You have a few options on where to put your link if you want to make money with Amazon’s Associate program. Jaymazon niche sites are created with the site visitor And Google in mind and in that order. My sites have 100% unique American made content which is copyscape passed before it ever gets to your website.
Those are the top 5 reasons why buying a Jaymazon site is the best option for you if you are considering trying to make money with Amazon’s associate program.
Jaymazon sites have 4-8 content pages (depending on your package), and of course all your legal pages too (about, disclosure, privacy policy, site map, contact) making the site a total of +5 pages to whatever package you get. You will get a legit copy of the Proreview WordPress theme (This theme costs $39 for one site, but you pay nothing extra for it. You will also get the owner’s manual and documentation for the theme as well if you want to go nuts on your site and use all the crazy features of that theme.

You will get a unique graphical site header and the source files if you ever want to modify it.
You will get the domain name included, you don’t have to pick a domain, buy a domain, install wordpress, or anything at all.
Your affiliate link to amazon will be on all of the content pages on your site, allowing you to send people to Amazon to buy things, where you MAKE YOUR MONEY on anything they buy (even if it has nothing to do with the products on your site)! If you have tried other review style sites from other sellers and had bad results, you should give Jaymazon sites a try. We sell ready made websites designed to make you money, this is your chance to run your own online website business with minimal financial risk. Ecommerce WebsitesStart your own online shop or expand your current business to an online market place. Watch the video to learn more about our ready made websites for sale and find out how we can help you start an internet business today. Cooler Websites are dedicated to setting up profitable internet businesses for our clients in specific niche markets. If there is an area of interest or subject you are passionate about (whether it be cooking, football or fish keeping) then we can show you how to earn a realistic income online using a proven business model. With all our websites we provide continuous website training and technical support to give you the peace of mind and reassurance every website owner should have. With my healthy eating blog I can earn a decent income online posting healthy recipe ideas and earn revenue through Google Adsense advertising.
I always wanted to run my own online business and am impressed with the Amazon store setup by Cooler Websites.
Notices: We make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent these affiliate websites and their potential for producing income for business owners who apply them properly. We're not around at the moment, please drop us an email and a member of our web team will come back to you asap. Memorable domain with keyword included – Will give you first positions in search engines, providing with full traffic on complete autopilot. No Inventory Needed – All items listed in this website store are supplied by Amazon so you won’t need to worry about maintaining a large inventory.
These examples of affiliate websites are live sites which were built with CashMirrors and are presently making money with affiliate programs. If your browser settings do not allow cookies, you may not be able to access certain areas of this website.
If you are not already signed up to our email notifications then sign up now,you will get first access to all new offers before anyone else. Amazon is probably the highest converting e-commerce site in the world, and it’s the #1 place everyone goes when they want to buy something cool and get it to their house in 3 days.
It is simple to understand, and simple to do, however, of course there is a problem (surprise)!
You pay nothing for your niche site, and if you manage to get it ranked and make some money..

Garbage sites can be dressed up in bows and made to look beautiful, but they are still garbage sites. If you think those sites will get many returning visitors or a bounce rate of less than 80%.. No copied content, no spun content, all content written by someone who has  been speaking English their entire life.
If you want to start selling products online then our fully loaded ecommerce website package will have you up and running in no time.Turnkey WebsitesOur turnkey website packages are ready for immediate use, just choose your own domain name and branding then we do the rest. You can pick your own niche and we will build it for you or choose a ready made website from our websites for sale category. Once my website was up and running I followed the advice given to me by Cooler Websites and started to see results! Just by posting new articles on a daily basis we have built up over 16,000 active subscribers and the support from Cooler Websites has been second to none. Examples of income earned and other results are not necessarily average or typical nor intended as representations of your potential earnings. You can add content if you like, or let it run for years on autopilot earning you a nice passive income. If you are interested in building a website that is similar to any of these, sign up here to get started, or contact us with this form for specific requests. This is a cheap way to do it, domains are only 10 bucks, and there are auto content generating plugins out there for $7-$97 bucks.
The best part about these sites is that most of the people that sell them sell the exact same site over and over and over.
Each individual’s results depend on his or her background, dedication, desire, motivation and particular applications. Everything is set up and work perfectly!  The Product will be automatically updated to the inventory. But I still spent over $200 on it and then I bought some accessories too, just because I felt like it and I LOVE Amazon. Significant financial risk is possible with any business venture or opportunity if you don’t do your own due diligence and get suitable professional advice. You can be the proud owner of a carbon copy site with duplicate content, how is that for a long and profitable lifespan of your site?

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