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1970s, the Government of Tanzania has been investing in cassava development in various ways. Africa Root Crop Research Network (SARRNET, 1994) technical, financial and material support is provided.
1930 to 1960Monitor and establish economic thresholds or major cassava diseases (CMD and CBSD). 1972 to 1980Initiating exchange of improved materials and networking with other research institutions.
Since early 2000s, the United Republic of Tanzania signed and therefore committed itself to implement the eight MDGs.  Implementation of these Millennium Development Goals has been made at different levels by formulating and adopting initiatives and strategies aimed at reducing poverty and to improve living standards.
Thus, this report makes analysis of challenges that Tanzania face in implementing the adopted initiatives against causes for [the] challenges and suggesting alternative solutions to be taken in reducing or eradicating poverty in Tanzania. The Tanzania Gross Domestic Product (GDP) experienced a slight increase between 1998 and 2008.
The government of Tanzania has undergone different policies including the NSGRP, popularly known as MKUKUTA was approved by the Cabinet in February 2005 for implementation in five years.
The MKUKUTA is informed by Vision 2025 and committed to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Tanzania has diverse climatic zones and large size of arable land potential for crops cultivation, livestock and forestry products and sufficient water bodies for irrigation.
The Kilimo Kwanza initiative is a green revolution strategy that was launched in August 2009. Basing on contribution to the economy, agriculture is one of the leading sectors in Tanzanian economy.
The Kilimo Kwanza was designed to be implemented on the basis of ten pillars namely; (i) political will to push agricultural transformation, (ii) enhanced financing for agriculture, (iii) institutional reorganisation and management of agriculture, (iv) paradigm shift to strategic agricultural production, (v) land availability for agriculture, (vi) incentives to stimulate investments in agriculture, (vii) industrialisation for agricultural transformation, (viii) science, technology and human resources to support agricultural transformation, (ix) infrastructure development to support agricultural transformation, and (x) mobilisation of Tanzanians to support and participate in implementing Kilimo Kwanza.
Low level of technology, excessive reliance on rain-fed agriculture, insufficient agricultural extension services, low labour productivity, deficient transportation and marketing infrastructure and facilities are the major constraints impeding rapid growth of the sector. Farmers engaging in Kilimo Kwanza initiative face the problem of financial capital; this is due to hierarchical loan processing among financial institutions. Lack of entrepreneurial skills to turn non-farm activities into viable sources of livelihoods and foreign exchange.

Giving priority in the allocation of farm implements and other inputs to the major food crop production regions i.e. Tanzania is endowed with abundant natural resources but lacks mechanisms for utilizing them effectively for micro and macro development. The GAFSP Private Sector Window is also funding the Global Warehouse Finance Program (GWFP) to the Cooperative Rural Development Bank (CRDB), Tanzania’s largest agribusiness lending institution (GWFP CRDB).
Screen for host slant resistance to CMD avid CBSD.Studies on causal agents of CMD and CBSD.
Exchange of germplasm was facilitated mainly by the East and Southern Africa Root Crops Research Network (ESARRN). Full participation of farmers in selection of varieties provided feedback to researcher on criteria used in selecting a good variety. Studies on cassava leaf harvesting.Leaf harvesting by detopping is more detrimental to the root yield as opposed to plucking.
Declining fallow periods constituted a constraint to expansion in cassava production because of cassava's long growth cycle. In high market pressure area where superior practices were adopted, root yield increased significantly '40 percent).Futures studies to embark on verification and testing of recommended practices on-farm incorporate the existing practices. These initiatives include the adoption of the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (NSGRP) popularly known as “Mpango wa Kukuza Uchumi na Kupunguza Umasikini Tanzania (‘MKUKUTA’)”, this is mainly for Mainland Tanzania and Poverty Reduction Strategy for Zanzibar popularly known as “Mpango wa Kupunguza Umaskini Zanzibar (‘MKUZA’.
Essentially, the MKUKUTA strategy is designed in three clusters, namely MKUKUTA I, II and III. Thus, given agriculture sector’s role in supporting the rural poor and in reducing malnutrition, if prioritized, it would have been a driving force in lifting Tanzanians out of poverty.
Basically, it aims at spearheading government efforts in bringing about Agriculture revolution in the country. Farmers fail to access loans from financial institutions, especially banks, due to difficult conditions and exploitative loan interest rate.
Invitation to foreign and local companies to invest in key economic sectors is yet to yield expected results, for instance, incentives and tax evasions are so high.
Specifically, GAFSP finances interventions that promote a seed multiplication distribution system, accelerate adoption of new technologies, rehabilitate irrigation schemes, and enhance capacity for monitoring and evaluation.

Farmers were not able to grow the crop under continuous cultivation as frequently as they were able to grow some other crops.The concluded surveys call for emphasis on re-visiting the recommended packages and modifications to suit the existing practices at farm level. Despite the slight GDP growth recorded, the country’s poverty margin is still enormous as about 75% of Tanzanians are poor farmers living in rural areas. Notwithstanding the exposed weakness, the agriculture sector has been identified as a growth driver or the backbone of Tanzanian economy.
Notwithstanding the exposed weakness, the agriculture sector has been identified as a growth driver. The current challenges in the sector include animal diseases, poor infrastructure and lack of reliable markets, investments and processing industries. Since this is an expensive exercise, support by NGOs and missionary agents urgently required. Cassava leaves should be harvested by plucking method at an interval longer than three months to minimize the losses on yield.Studies to be expanded to other agro-ecologies where leaf harvesting for relish is of importance. These strategies were mainly adopted to promote growth and reduce income poverty among Tanzanians, also to enhance social wellbeing, the quality of life, governance and accountability. The government is therefore urged to diversify the economy and find more viable and alternative sources of revenues for economic development. North Namibia, North Botswana, South Angola South of Zambia patches in Malawi and Zimbabwe. The strategy seeks to deepen ownership and inclusion in policy making processes, paying attention to address laws and customs that retard development and negatively affect vulnerable groups. Also they are not high yielding and lave poor processing qualities hence not widely accepted by farmers.Variety Amani 53IW34 and IITA clone from family 59308 very bitter and poor root yielding hence not adopted by farmers.
It requires increased resources and the national budget be aligned to MKUKUTA with direct links to the public expenditure review. CMD widely spread in the country whereas CBSD is very much localized along the coast and very sporadic.

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