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If the way to becoming financially successful is through having a business, what legal, moral and ethical business can you think of that can be established through a small investment, but the returns are exponential?
In this instance, and in these times, the Network Marketing business is one of the proven businesses that have the quickest and most profitable ways of earning. A Combination of the most exciting products from Alliance in Motion Global’s products portfolio. Enjoy the privilege of being an independent distributor and have your own GLOBAL BUSINESS with six (6) major ways to earn through the AIM Global International Expansion Program.
RETAILING (25% Retail Profit)   If you are into selling and because as a member you enjoy a lifetime 25% discount on your next reorder of products, you can sell these products at its Suggested Retail Price.
DIRECT SPONSORING BONUS (P500.00) Every person, friend, family member, classmate, colleague etc. MATCH SALES BONUS (P1,500.00)  People who will join you will be divided into two (2) groups, Group A (Left Sales Group) and Group B (Right Sales Group). Consequently, a group-accumulated product re-order  points of 1,200 on one side and another group-accumulated product re-order points of 1,200 on another side will earn you P1,500 which you can withdraw the next day.

The company allows up to 15 accounts (or heads) under 1 name.  Multiple accounts have a much higher rate of return and a more efficient system compared to a single account. UNILEVEL BONUS (5%-10% REBATES OF PRODUCT SV)   This compensation plan is based on product reorders from your first level up to your tenth level. STAIRSTEP (10%-30% OVERRIDING COMMISSION)   This compensation plan is a long term business opportunity based on your whole group’s Positional Points accumulation. PROFIT SHARING   Given to qualified Global Ambassadors, they receive a percentage of the company’s profits.
In regards to the scholarship which is one of the benefits, Can you please check if University of Batangas is included in the school list?
What are the terms and conditions to continue the scholarship, let say I will not able to succeed to recruit other people?
Instead of spending millions of pesos on traditional advertising like television, radios, billboards and print ads, the company lets the distributors advertise the products themselves on their respective communities. Unlike other traditional businesses, this is a relatively small investment and is a “One-Time, Life-Time” deal.

Maximize your income potential by being part of today’s fastest growing Point System Marketing Company. Whenever there is a new member in Group A and another new member in Group B, you will earn P1,500 which you can withdraw the next day. You can earn a monthly income of 5%-10% rebates on sales volume (SV) based on product Commissional Points. This is an independent distributor site which aims to contribute to the growth and expansion of AIM Global, Inc., by serving its current and potential distributors, clients and all persons interested in health, wellness and financial freedom.
And what are the requirements to qualify to get that Scholarship after joining in AIM Global. So whenever there is a new member on one side, and a group-accumulated product re-order points of 1,200 on another side, you will still earn P1,500 which you can withdraw the next day.

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