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You need to define what you want your Amazon affiliate WordPress site is going to promote and sell. Before you can sell any Amazon products on a WordPress affiliate site you need to have an affiliate account with Amazon.
So, at this stage the niche for your Amazon affiliate WordPress site has been nailed down, the domain and hosting are boxed off and you have your Amazon affiliate accounts. If the Amazon affiliate WordPress site you’re setting up is purely going for sales with no brand in mind then no need to worry about this aspect too much. So, by now you’ve got your domain and hosting sorted, Amazon affiliate accounts are set up and the Amazon Affiliate WordPress site is under development.
At this stage your Amazon affiliate WordPress site should more or less be set up and now it’s a case of finding products to fill up your cyber shelves. Spend some time trying to find the right niche before rushing into an affiliate site and the more niche and specific the better.
For you Amazon affiliate WordPress site choose a niche that you can create a lot of content for so your site doesn’t just contain product pages.
I hope you’ve found this quick guide about how to start an Amazon affiliate WordPress site useful.
Check out my Amazon Affiliate WordPress Site Guide Follow Up Post now to see what I’ve learned since the experiment began!
The most important thing to understand is that it all takes time just like any other kind of business.
Hi Julie, as far as I am aware you have to be overt and make it known to visitors that you are an Amazon associate and as such you shouldn’t cloak your affiliate links. I was a participant at Amazon associates program until they sent me an email saying they’re terminating my account. Hi Mark, ye, it’s part of the the plugin functionality that works in conjunction with WooCommerce to give the cart interface. Hi Alan, thanks for reading and hope you found my Amazon affiliate guide for WordPress useful. It is natural for bloggers who start to gather a following to consider revenue opportunities to reward their time and effort.
Bloggers who look around and explore their options a little more in-depth, may find the lucrative world of affiliate marketing.
If you are unscrupulous you could promote all sort of junk to make a buck, whether you honestly think it’s worth recommending or not. Amazon Associates was one of the earliest and, currently, largest affiliate programs around. Amazon’s operating agreement also requires you to be above-board when it comes to the way you go about promoting their products.
To further make Amazon less appealing to some affiliates, the referral cookie only lasts 24 hours, versus 30 or 60 days, which is common for online sales of digital products. To make this case, below I list a series of reasons why I recommend giving Amazon Associates a serious shot, despite its shortcomings. Yes, you only get a 24-hour window, but in that timeframe you’ll get a cut of anything a referred visitor buys, not just the product you pointed out to them.
Being such a well established household name implies that most of your visitors won’t think twice about putting a purchase through on Amazon.
Amazon spends millions of dollars in research to optimize the amount of sales they squeeze out of new and existing customers.
The more products you sell, the greater the percentage of your total sales will be awarded to you.
Update: Several people wrote me asking for further details on how to make money with the Amazon Associates program.
Niche Profit Course by Chris Guthrie. This video course on Amazon Associates is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone.
In my book on technical blogging, I go in-depth about techniques that can help ensure that you get most out of this program (including statistics about my income, if you need further guidance to maximize your own earnings).
The Easy Azon plugin is super-handy and a time saver if you plan to feature Amazon links in your WordPress-based blog or site. Totally agree, but wanted to point out that you should probably not be using Amazon’s affiliate program directly. During my, admittedly limited, experimentation with astore, I have not found it to be particularly lucrative. That’s a nice info on amazon associates, please also share what are the best products we should chose from amazon.
There is a ban on family and friends ordering and getting an extra discount (the commission). I don’t get it – How would Amazon know your friend overseas is somehow connected to you?
When compared to other online retailers, Amazon generally has the lowest price on a given items. Thank you again for your feedback on the programs and helping me cement my decision to use Amazon. All the information you need to get started is available for free online in blog posts like mine.
Thanks for your great info ?? Could you please tell me how extend Amazon cookies?Is it possible to do that?
Thank you so much for such an informative article, since I am fairly new at blogging and on a tight budget at this time your information is appreciated, thanks again. Hi Antonio, Nice post you got here and makes me wanna stay longer with Amazon as an associate.
Reason why I’m thinking of giving up is because I have not experienced even a single sale yet. This is what usually happens to me when I shop at Amazon, because I rarely remember to use the non-profit org’s affiliate link until I am almost done making my selections. Transform your ugly boring affiliate shop to a stunning professional store that generate sales with high converting Wordpress theme!

We Know it can be quite a hussle to manage affiliate shops with the need to keep them updated and fresh with all the recent offers.
No copyright issues because all content comes from official Amazon API and is allowed to be republished by its creators! Recommended for both beginners and more experienced users that want to earn commission from affiliate marketing! Heard about the potential riches being involved in the Amazon affiliate scheme can bring and want to try set a site of your own up? When picking hosting don’t go for cheap hosting and try get it so that the server is in the territory that you think might be most profitable for you. Not much advice I can give really – they are tight lipped with giving really useful info about how to comply with the rules.
To be fair there have been a few updates to the plugin and theme which has improved it for Amazon affiliates. Great guide, I like how it is from the point of view of somebody new to building Amazon Sites. Ye, I figured an honest account of the process would be useful and prior that that site I had very limited experience with affiliates and what not.. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe by email to conveniently receive updates on this topic. The operating margins are much smaller for Amazon, so the percentage that you get for each sale is rather small compared to that of most products online. Other affiliate programs online may gladly close one eye on your techniques if you are moving sales and making them money. If you move enough sales, after two months, you’ll be receiving a steady monthly paycheck from them.
I’ve had visitors buy all sorts of expensive and odd items when they left my site to check out a $10 book on Amazon.
Their huge selection of high-quality books and other products, means that you can be selective and only recommend or point out items you truly believe are worth your readers’ time and investment. Many will have accounts already, and perhaps even have their credit card stored on the site for quick checkouts.
All you really need to do is send people to Amazon and they’ll do a good job themselves for the most part. You start at a very low 4%, but can reach the 8% range in a relatively short amount of time (if your sales are good). It’s full of legitimate information on how to make a lot of extra income from your site through Amazon. Admittedly, I’ve had better results with Amazon than affiliate networks like CJ and ShareASale.
My dad is using my banner ad on my site to do Christmas shopping and even when it comes up as an order in my Amazon central (which it doesn’t always do) I never get any comission from his orders!
I had a friend overseas do a test order for me to see if the thing was set up properly and they axed my payment as they said she didn’t qualify. Order off a different computer somewhere else, under a false name, using a stolen credit card under the cover of darkness. So if you are promoting a specific product to your readers, do them the favor of linking to the best price – even if you would get a higher commission selling it elsewhere.
On the other hand, I have had lost sales with other affiliate programs run on other networks.
She didn’t care to use Amazon as one of her affiliate programs for her career blog and I completely disagreed. If you’d like a more structured approach to succeeding with blogging and earning extra income from it, I suggest you get my book or another blogging book. This is when you have made the full time leap towards actually blogging more full time and have established yourself like you wanted. I came to this site after seeing ember crooks presentation on benefits of technical blogging in DB2 got talent.
Amazon’s affiliate program is actually one of the best and kickstarted affiliate programs in quite a few places around the world(India).
I’ve recently started using Amazon Affiliate program before a few days and yet to see products sold. We integrated a powerful tool that allows you to autopost products from Amazon directly to your affiliate shop!! You want to try find a niche that has some good search volume as well as products that aren’t too cheap. Domain wise, if you’re going very niche specific, you should try get a domain that includes some of your keywords for whatever small bit of extra SEO love Google may give you.
The sign up process is straight forward enough with automated phone verification required for account confirmation. The graphic designer I work with, Elena, did the logo design for the site and is the art director for all social site and graphics.
When looking for products I try find something that is highly rated with lots of positive customer reviews on Amazon.
I’ll post an update about how the site does at a later stage and will probably do a detailed video about the Amazon affilates plugin as it really is a beauty of a plugin. Check out some of my other articles about SEO and social media as they fit into the amazon affiliate puzzle and feel free to contact me then to discuss with any questions you have..
I love working with clients who love their business and always aim to over deliver on expectations. The average RPM (revenue per thousand impressions of an ad) is fairly low in most niches, so you won’t get much side income from AdSense unless you have a very large audience.
Imagine that I create a product and then want you to help me sell as many of it as possible.
Amazon, and not AdSense, should be the first go-to option for bloggers looking to earn some money from their blogs.
This in turn means that more people will buy instead of second guessing whether it’s safe to use the shopping cart.

Of course, if you are considered a trustworthy expert in your field and you send people to Amazon to check out a specific item, your conversion rate will be even higher. Instead, use something like VigLink, where your site is grouped together with others, bumping you straight up to the higher commission bracket.
If you can sell 31 items a month, so one item per day, you are better off as a direct affiliate for Amazon.
For the cookie, I believe it’s set when you click on a product within the astore, and not just when the astore is loaded. Since I don’t believe everything I investigated and am very impressed with your knowledge and explanation. Your readers will appreciate it, and this is how you add value for your readers – and ultimately get the sale.
I’ve always used Amazon due to the wide array of products I can promote and how easy it is for me to use it. Although it’s not a huge amount, I still enjoy the ease of use and the fact that I actually see the money. I am now motivated to put my leanings into a blog and start earning a little income from it. Seriously, I’ve been with Amazon for only about two months now so I am not yet ready to give it up.
By the way, can you write about the countries where Amazon is doing really good aside from USA, Australia and Canada? The way it is explained on the website is quite elaborate & is surely a recommended option for if one wants to have quick earnings! This article inspires me, do you also put your learning along the way and monthly amazon earning on this blog?
I believe Amazon affiliates receive between 4% and 8.5% in commissions so when picking a niche bear that in mind, the higher the price of the products you sell the more you stand to make. One point to note is the different affiliate regions (the flag in the top right of that page). As mentioned at the top this is my first experience with an affiliates but the plugin seems extremely powerful. When setting up your Amazon Affiliate WordPress site see if you can use the categories and site structure to suck in some extra keywords. Adding a clean looking brand and logo can help with peoples perception when they land on the site which may increase sales. Social media can help with site traffic and referrals as well as possibly have some positive SEO benefits. You can use the cart functionality so that customers add all products to cart but when they go to purchase they get redirected to Amazon. For example, if you average $3 RPM, you need a thousand visitors per day to pay for your daily latte (or more if you frequent Starbucks). As a result, affiliate marketers have a very bad reputation, despite there being nothing inherently wrong with receiving money for providing a marketing service. Furthermore, with Amazon you don’t generally receive recurring referral revenue like you do with other digital products that charge a monthly fee and not a one-off fee. Of course, VigLink can have other advantages like the integration with other programs, the convenience factor, etc.
The one thing I don’t like is the fact I can not place my Amazon links in my YouTube videos. I’ll wait for another four months may be to make it a total of six months for a longer experience and then I will write a review about it. The domain name itself is kind of long but it has some good keywords in it and the door is open for a long term branding project with it. If you want it on the left sidebar for example drop it on the left sidebar widget area.In the form that opens paste the Amazon ad code into the larger box, if you want to title the ad give it a title, if not leave blank.
Amazon make enough anyway, they’re not going to be sore over losing 5% here and there. Once you have the accounts registered and secured you can then start to deck them out with profile images and start to build up a following. If it’s Amazon themselves for example then there is a much lower chance of an item being permanently sold out compared to a supplier like Fake Name Products Company for example.
The percentage varies but it can be very high, with 50% being the norm for digital products. That’s one extra step for the customer and I believe I am not making as many sales as I would if they allowed that. One more tightly focused niche might be the category Christmas Gifts for Geeks for example.
I don’t really have blogs out there, so I am assuming I would make more money if I did. It is a new theme and so has some bugs that the developers are working out and it is quite slimmed down feature wise. Amazon is also letting you know that those products actually sell and as an affiliate that’s what you in your site, products that actually sell.
For the Christmas niche there is a never ending supply of content that can be re-purposed and shared and so I should be able to get a lot of content on site to support all the product listings. There are a few pain points with the theme but I hope the theme developers will iron them out in time.
When you get a Clickbank order it will have the tracking ID (Stallion) attached to it so you know where it came from. The morearning one I use for promoting Clickbank products that aren’t mine, stallionad I use for selling Stallion via Clickbank.

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