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Although there is no exact formula to making a perfect landing page, there are some common rules of thumb to increase your chances of making a winning one. Since I am looking at the whole 'Strasbourg report' on a page by page basis, might as well back up and cover the first pages.
Originally Posted By FAIL-SAFE:Hey Mikey, how about you just answer the question instea of hiding behind others? Originally Posted By Michael_Courtney:It is well-known that in the absence of bullet fragmentation, many tissues are not damaged by temporary cavitation at handgun levels of energy.
Page 1The Strasbourg TestsIn early 1991, a privately-funded research group was formed to study the physiological effects of bullet impact on medium-sized mammals. Originally Posted By Mateba:But wait, the parrots that *think* they know ballistics as taught by Fackler and Roberts, have said tissue stretch and kinetic energy play no role in incapacitation . Originally Posted By Mateba:100% of the damage done by a bullet is done by energy transfer.
Originally Posted By Tromatic:I guess I'm too stupid, as is the third thread in as many days where I come away knowing less then before.
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You may purchase phone plans with more than enough data to cover things like casual web surfing and streaming the occasional song. It means that if you spend an hour a day on social media over a cellular network, you could be using 2.7 GB of data a month. A lot of that usage is likely due to the auto-play video Facebook recently added to its app. You can disable the auto-play option for newsfeed videos when you’re on a cellular network by going in to the Facebook app and tapping the options button (the three horizontal lines on top of each other) found on the bottom right for the iOS version, and towards the top right for the Android version.
Streaming music at the normal, average stream quality for an hour will use up 43 megabytes of your data plan per hour. If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today? But you may not realize that browsing Facebook could be a big hit against your data plan too.
The post How a tweet turned Uber’s first hire into a millionaire appeared first on DreamStateDigital. The post How E-Commerce Is Finally Disrupting The $600 Billion-A-Year Grocery Industry appeared first on DreamStateDigital. While some healthcare professionals are effectively leveraging the Web to connect with time-strapped patients, many providers still have significant work to do on mobile if they are to meet consumers‘ needs, according to a report from Kentico.
The post Healthcare marketers miss the mark on mobile, leading to frustration appeared first on DreamStateDigital. Kentico’s digital experience research showed that consumers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of mobile options when it comes to communicating with healthcare experts or navigating wellness sites on smartphones. The post Important Alert: Payments scam targeting web designers and other small business owners appeared first on DreamStateDigital. The scam: An inquiry asking if you accept credit cards before discussing any project details. The customer often suggests a large deposit on the project, but insists on a rushed timeline. The prospective customer will claim they are ready to make payment with a credit card so that work can begin immediately.
The prospective client will provide a reason why the third party can’t accept the payment directly. Once you process the credit card payment and receive the funds, the fraudsters will be asking you to quickly deliver the funds to the third party and get to work on the project.
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Goop ’s pages that are labeled “Go,” “Be,” “Do,” “See,” “Make,” “Get” and “Shop” represent the site’s wide variety of content. With light and fun articles on topics such as fashion, beauty and fitness, Conrad’s site appeals to every need of her high-maintenance audience. Hollywood A-listers are now adopting this tactic to promote their personal brands and offer insights into their interests and passions. As you plan for a new year, quarter, or month, it’s time to determine your SMART marketing goals. The post A Visual Guide to Creating the Perfect Linkedin Company Page appeared first on DreamStateDigital. A LinkedIn Company Page gives a business a tremendous opportunity to advertise its products and services, recruit top talent, & share important, interesting, and useful updates. Anyone with a company name and company email address can create a LinkedIn Company Page within minutes.
Crafting a clear, relevant, and click-worthy title is the most important thing you can do to ensure that the article you spent hours and hours researching and writing performs well. A great headline ensures that your post is found in search results and shared on social media, meaning more people will read and benefit from your article. There are handy formulas for writing headlines, but it can also be helpful to know what words and topics perform well., a content marketing tool that allows you to research and analyze top performing content in different industries, gathered data on nearly 500,000 articles published from January 1 to April 30, 2015. To help marketers and consultants through the process of quickly creating a campaign we have created a email sequence planning template. The post How to plan event-triggered automated email campaigns appeared first on DreamStateDigital. I think that the reason event-triggered emails are underused is that maybe many companies are still in a campaign mindset. The great benefits of event-triggered e-mails is that once set up and tested for effectiveness, they are a low cost method of boosting response.
Research shows that behavioural email marketing is a powerful technique to automatically follow-up online customer actions to help increase conversion to sale at a low cost.
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Companies have long used email marketing to reach out to people to keep them informed and to remain connected with them.

The post 5 ways for brands to build relevance and trust appeared first on DreamStateDigital. LeadSift, a provider of #social media intelligence solutions, announced that OMERS Ventures and Salesforce Ventures have invested in the company. LeadSift also officially launched its Consumer Insights API to allow for easy integration of real-time social insights directly into other business applications to enrich contact and profile data.
The Apple Watch is here to stay, and depending on how you feel about smartwatches, that may be a good or bad thing. The second annual EContent Sourcebook: A Guide to Content and the Digital Experience brings together everything digital content professionals need to know in 2015. If you’re looking for ideas on where to start with your next landing page design, the infographic below is a great place to begin.
The same shot in humans would be from the side, with arms straight out or raised (not blocking the side of the rib cage). Amy Courtney was trained at Harvard Medical School in route to earning her PhD from Harvard.
Electroencephalography and arterial transducers were employed to record an animala€™s responses prior to, during and after bullet impact.
The Kinetic energy fo the bullet is transfered to the target, and then into heat energy as the flesh is damaged.Whats important is how that KE is transfered to the target. The videos appear at different rates for each user based on a variety of factors in Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm. Although several marketers, such as Web MD, have made a strong push for applications centering on healthcare, doctors and providers must roll out a greater presence on mobile and SMS to connect with consumers.
That’s why we wanted to let you know about a new scam targeting web designers and other online merchants.
They do this because they’ll be paying you with a stolen credit card, and want to complete the scam before the card is reported as stolen or the true owner of the credit card detects the unauthorized transaction.
This could range from them not being set up to accept credit cards to them being tied up with a family emergency.
Unfortunately you will now likely be looking at a loss as the true holder of the credit card will dispute the charge and you will receive a chargeback. The site—featuring her handpicked team of experts—provides a goldmine for guidance on food, fashion and mindfulness, among other topics. Articles feature multiple graphics and rich visuals produced with a feminine flair that resonates with readers. It’s the leading social networking site for professionals, it is a truly unique space on the web, one that blurs the lines between knowledge- sharing platform and relationship-building tool. The guide also includes several inspirational visual examples garnered from top-performing company pages to assist you in crafting your own perfect linkedin company page. This way, you not only know how to optimize your headline but also can come up with article ideas that will attract and intrigue your target audience. To setup event-triggered email does need investment in a project to work through the relevant creative treatment and targeting for different customer actions and position in the lifecycle. You can let the technology take the strain since there are too many triggers and layers of segmentation to manage manually. One barrier to setting up these event-triggered email sequences is the time it takes to specify the sequences if it’s a new approach to the company or agency.
In fact, there is a high probability your company is already using some form of it, even though you might not be aware of it. Traditionally, you would buy an email database and have an email server with the capability of high-volume email blasts to send out mailers to people in that database.
He says in a press release, ““Companies need to move beyond collecting likes and retweets with meaningless content. The company says the investment will further product development efforts and fuel sales and #marketing.
As we learn more about how people are actually using their smartwatches, manufacturers have the opportunity to create devices and operating systems that better address the needs and wants of users.
Dean Speir (516) xxx-xxxx*CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICEThe information contained in this report is legally privileged and confidential information which is intended only for the use of the individual or entity named above.
We have both examined a number of human GSW victims, though we have examined a far larger numer of animal models. The primary objective of the study was to isolate the physical mechanism responsible for rapid incapacitation of man-sized targets and to disseminate these findings along with the test-results to the military and federal law enforcement agencies. Be sure to keep an eye out and look for these telltale signs that you may be dealing with a fraudster. Originally started as a weekly email newsletter, Goop quickly transformed into a repository for consumers who crave lifestyle content.
Paltrow follows the principles of brand journalism by providing the type of lifestyle content that focuses squarely on her target audience.
Mark Brownlow has more on the whys and wherefores of event triggered campaigns in this post on Email Marketing Reports. With that in mind, Battery Ventures decided to find out exactly how smartwatches are being used. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use dissemination, distribution, or reproduction of this report is strictly prohibited, If you have received this report in error, please notify the above-named recipient by telephone immediately.*ARFcom CoC does not encourage putting people's phone numbers in posts. We've also consulted with a number of medical professionals in the course of our research.Please state here for the record what Dr Amy Courtney's medical or allied medical qualification is. These tests resulted in a time-based rating system of commercially available handgun ammunition. You also want sufficient penetration to damage important bits, and cause nervous system damage, or rapid blood loss, or major bone breakage.
They’ll offer to place a large deposit and then ask if they can transfer funds to you that are destined for a third party. Paltrow and her team provide such compelling information that it wasn’t hard to get sucked into a few articles while researching this story.
Goop features many industry experts, which enhance the credibility of the site even beyond Paltrow’s celebrity status.
Though the site may tout Conrad’s celebrity name, the information is laser focused on her target audience, the typical girly girl who views primping as a necessity. To help you align your marketing efforts with SMART goals, our Partner HubSpot built this marketing planning template that you can download for free. The actual number is available in the original pdf, and does appear to go to a Westhampton Beach, NY business owned or operated by Mr. At this time, phase one of the testing has been completed and the results are being correlated.
Somebody gets it!I guess I'm too stupid, as is the third thread in as many days where I come away knowing less then before.

Once you agree to the project, this new customer will want to pay you with a credit card very quickly.
Once you transfer funds to the third party the original credit card payment will be charged back to you and all contact will be lost with the scammer. I don't have any reason to doubt that he did receive a copy of this document, and his posting of same (and particularly the FedEx envelope in which it was sent) tends to lend credence to this.
He is to be commended for putting the document in toto out on the 'net for others to review.
Next sentence outlines techniques used to monitor some aspects of an animala€™s systems before, during and after being shot. It is my understanding that at the time the document was received, he was an active writer for firearms-related magazines.
Monitoring EEG & arterial pressure in the absence of other common vitals (pulse, respiration rate, oximetry, end-tidal CO2) is a little unusual, along with lack of EKG to monitor cardiac response. If anyone has more information as to which magazines or other relevant info, by all means chime in.The title is interesting, but ultimately meaningless. If one is embarking on a (presumably) large and expensive effort to comprehensively analyze what is happening to animals during wounding, it would seem that baseline and transient vitals would be of high utility. This provides concrete information as to what is happening, rather than relying on extrapolation from only two data sources.
Rather like running an engine dyno and monitoring BSFC & exhaust gas temperature, and trying to guess how well it performs under transient loading. You might be able to get some information, but why not instrument the test subject thoroughly?
The city in France (near the German border) is home to the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights.
Curiousa€¦The next sentence narrows the scope, now it is talking about a€?rapid-incapacitation of man-sized targetsa€™ and a€?disseminating findings to military and federal LE agenciesa€™. The goats in the test were French Alpine goats, so named as the French Alps are where they originated from. Now this is a horse of a different color, and the likely test sponsors are not hunting ammunition manufacturers, but rather ammunition designed to be used against personnel. As the objective is a€?disseminating informationa€™ to un-named agencies and military organizations, one now has to ask who would sponsor such a test? Well they would be interested in .mil rounds, but not so sure about passing that info on to LE agencies, who are governed by entirely different rules of engagement. What utility are LE tests for a military who is restricted from using LE ammunition by convention? Had the 'intended recipient' been someone else, perhaps in the military, and a bootleg copy was leaked to a journalist, then it would make more sense. With the wounding spaced apart as with the fragmenting rounds, you increase your chances of hitting a vital organ, cut off more blood vessels (resulting in more permanently damaged tissue through secondary effects - which didn't require you directly crushing it to destroy it destroys more flesh with the same energy), have a larger cross sectional area of both perm and temp wounding, and so although both bullets transferred the same amount of energy, the fragmenting bullet wounds more and is more likely to incapacitate due to physiology. Imagine a secretive document being sent to the Washington Post with an official-sounding disclaimer like that on the cover. A nice enough idea, but perhaps not with in the scope of practibility, or perhaps the test was to prove that what was acceptable under Hague convention could be used in LE work. Now the report goes on to state a€?tests resulted in a time-based rating system of commercially available handgun ammunitiona€™. No, this was sent to a journalist with the intention that he would read it, and then write about it. It is reasonable to conclude that one or more of the sponsors also manufacture or market one or more of the a€?commercially available handgun ammunitiona€™ brands in the test.
Testing other peoplea€™s ammunition without any of your own product would not make any sense, and would rapidly end the career of any marketing or R&D manager. If you had received "The Strasbourg Tests" from an anonymous source, how would you go about verifying authenticity and would you write an article based on it? Certainly they, and Remington were well-established manufacturers by the time these tests were purportedly carried out.
In recent years they have converted some of their production lines in Korea for military ammunition, but primarily serve non-military markets (someone please chime in if they were a .mil contractor in the early 90a€™s). Glaser Safety Slug at the time was in Foster City, CA, run by Kurt Canon (Safety slug co-designer Jack Canon relative?) and is now part of Dakota Ammo, who developed & owns Cor-Bon (started circa 1982). The Glaser design is variously reported to have been developed by (Jack) Canon & Armin Glaser anywhere from 1969-1974, and the company was founded in 1975. Based on the results of these a€?testsa€™, certain rounds consistently performed better than others, which wea€™ll get into further into the report. A complete report may be available as early as the 2nd quarter of 1993.Nowhere is it stated how many phases of this a€?testa€™ were planned, and what they might comprise. The a€?complete reporta€™ which was to have been available as early as 15 years ago has never been released or even mentioned (to my knowledge)Certainly they could have made some progress by now. Anyone having a copy of this test, or any information about it, please share it.MethodologyThe Strasbourg Tests were initiated on the strength of the premise that briefly amplified systemic pressure of a specific magnitude can cause disorientation and loss of consciousness. It was determined that an accurate means of monitoring this elevated system pressure would be to surgically install a custom-designed, peak-hold needle transducer into the carotid artery of an animal. While this type of transducer is extremely expensive, it is capable of responding from 0 to peak pressure at the rate of 2,000 times per second a€“ fast enough to respond to a bullet violently invading the circulatory systtem.
The document describes the transducer as being a€?peak-holda€™, yet states that it responds at a rate of 2,000 times per second. Then stores the signals in a a€?486a€™ computer (odd they mention the class of computer, but nothing about the transducer elements a€“ Setra? Data acquisition was reasonably well advanced by the early 90a€™s, and there would be no need to use a strip chart, inducing additional errors. The only thing I found relating to the phrase a€?Vari-synca€? were some old Sony digital multitrack audio recorders.
If someone has data on this recorder, please forward it and I will amend this observation.With this concept in mind, medical members of the research group discussed the merits of a study in which electroencephalograms (EEGa€™s) were used to analyze lowered states of brain activity in anaesthetized animals as the result of projectiles fired into non-vital areas.
Unfortunately, EEGa€™s of anaesthetized animals do not show a clear picture of incapacitation. To better approximate real-life situations normally encountered by law enforcement agents and military personnel, a corporate decision was made to conduct the tests using fully conscious animals.The targeting of a€?non-vital areasa€™ is also of interest. As we shall see in the following pages, the tests do anything but a€?approximate real-life situations normally encountered by law enforcement agents and military personnela€? unless law enforcement and military organizations are involved in sneaking up on unsuspecting animals in dimly lit rooms with their heads in buckets blissfully grazing on salt-laden oats. Maybe these tests were really done for the CIA or something.And what is this a€?corporate decisiona€? business doing in a quasi-technical paper?

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