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What is a Landing page, how can they help your business and how can you build a successful one? In marketing parlance a landing page is a standalone page on your website with a specific attorney marketing goal. This is the first thing you’re visitors will see when they hit the Social Security disability landing page, for example. Offer a solution: how can your business help this visitor find what he or she is looking for. The Value Proposition: an offer that immediately fulfills a visitor’s need in exchange for filling out your form. Your Social Security disability landing page, for example, should include a description of your products or service. Your call to action is arguably the most important part of your landing page; it is how your visitor reaches the goal.
Page flow is the idea that the information on your landing page should follow a precise and logical order. When we first launched our Email Client back at the beginning of 2016 we chose to use Mandrill to power our emails. Mandrill recently announced they were retiring Mandrill as a stand alone service and incorporate it into MailChimp as an add on service. If you’re new to marketing, you may not be totally familiar with the term CTA, or call-to-action. For this article we’ll be using a simple, yet effective CTA for Accutrition nutritional, a popular eCommerce business in the health and nutrition industry. A good strategy for creating a compelling headline is to think of your favorite product, and then write about it. The gender headlines are supported by sub-headings that dictate reasons and product offerings, giving us a better idea of what to expect if we click through. The most effective CTAs begin with an action verb because they show readers what you want them to do right away. Placement on the page is also important, especially if you’d prefer to use hyperlinked text as your CTA. You can even ask your colleagues which ones they like best and if they have suggestions for improvement. In most cases, you’ll want to direct users to a form that begins or influences a payment subscription, or download. In the case of Accutrition or any other eComemrce CTA, the goal was to filter and funnel visitors. You're about to learn the anatomy of a proven marketing funnel specifically designed to turn cold Facebook traffic into real people reaching out to request to work with you.
My goal here is to give you a "visual" on the exact funnel we have proven to work day in and day out!
Step #4: Start automated email funnel to nurture, educate, and encourage them to reach out for a call. Step #5: I create 2-4 different entry points in order to create qualified lead consultations.
The idea of the space shuttle was first conceived in the 1960's, and was seen as a natural progression from the successful Apollo Moon program.

The booster, approximately the size of a Boeing 747, would fly to a high altitude, where the orbiter would detach and fly into orbit. Often times the goal will be for the visitor to sign up for something: a newsletter, a paid service or a membership of some sort.
Message match is simply the idea that the copy on your landing page should match the voice, style, and syntax of your ads, thank you page, etc.. When designing the user input form, keep in mind that every field is an obstacle between the visitor and the goal. When possible, opt for select menus or checkboxes instead of text fields, as the following Social Security disability free case evaluation form shows. On the web, a call to action should be placed within a clickable interactive element (in layman’s terms: a button). You don’t want the problem to follow the solution, or the submit button to be above the form. By breaking up your page into bullet points and steps, like breadcrumbs into the woods, you invite the visitor to follow along. Pay special care in crafting each piece of your landing page to cooperate with the larger vision and work in tandem toward the final goal. They were independent, they provided 20k free emails a month, and they had an excellent API we could use to perform split tests, newsletters, and automated emails. In reality, CTAs are pretty self-explanatory: a CTA is content that motivates you to do something.
Wherever you place your CTA, make sure the text beginning the page catches the readers’ attention.
It’s not a good idea to make the CTA whatever you think will be most likely to generate a response. It appeals to both genders, reflects their majority consumer age, and blends well into the CTA.
There are dozens of sites that offer split testing solutions, but if you’re operating on WordPress your best bet is to go with Inbound Now’s very own CTA plugin which allows us to create, implement, and tests professional-grade CTAs.
The goal of this funnel is to get leads to engage and provide qualifying information so you can have a productive conversation to find out if they would be a good fit to work with. If you want to convert traffic into a full calendar of ready to buy appointments and on total autopilot,  keep reading. In 1981 the space shuttle became the world's first re-usable spacecraft launched into space.
The group decided that the best design consisted of two rocket-powered aircraft - a booster and an orbiter, one sitting on top of the other. Usually a landing page will have external links pointing to it, a call to action and a thank you page behind it. First, your description informs your visitors about your business and what they will be signing up for. While there are a lot of options out there for customized form components, unfamiliar form elements may confuse and alienate some members of your audience. Calls to action should always have a hover and active state in order to communicate interactivity to the user. Consumers are much more likely to use your products and services if they know exactly what they’re getting into from the beginning.

The CTA should stand out from the colors on rest of the page — for example, it’s hard to miss a red image on a white background. Put it somewhere where it’s highly visible — if someone were to look at the page and not read the text, he or she should be able to pick it out. They are windmills harnessing the gale force of visitor traffic and converting it to revenue for your business.
Additionally, a detailed description is a great SEO opportunity to seed your copy with keywords.
While incorporating CTAs into your campaign isn’t too difficult, it can take a little while to get used to. Perhaps the aim of your CTA will be to increase traffic to your website, or build awareness of a specific product.
Ultimately, this exercise will help you ensure your headlines are interesting and well-written. Not only will tricking users make consumers less likely trust you in the future, but such tactics can also lower your page rank. By being creative, designers can come up with different ways to illustrate that yottabyte and give a general idea of what it looks like. We just discovered 67 unaddressed bbPress support tickets that were classified as spam by Akismet.
People tend to be much more creative and engaging when they’re talking about something they really like.
SEO algorithms track how long a user stays on your page, and a high number of bounce-backs may indicate you’re using black hat tactics. The CTA and the rest of the page should complement each other, not make readers feel like their eyes are burning.
Analysts will also lower your rank if they discover you’re using bait-and-switch CTAs.
Inbound Now has a new showcase submission: Inbound Now - minimal-responsive New showcase submission: Inbound Now - scrolling-lander template Check it out! Before jumping ino Photoshop or Illustrator, sketch out a few layout ideas on a piece of paper or a notebook. You would not build a house without a blueprint, therefore you should not create an infographic before planning it out.Revise, revise, reviese until you have an agreeable outline. Do use typography, illustrations, icons, pictures or other elements that will help the infographic thrive to its full potential. If they wanted to do that, then they would go back and read the boring book with the info in it. Yes the risk is great, but the reward is even greater!Once you create the infographic unless its for a client, it’s time to share it! MJWe hope that this collection will provide you with useful knowledge, and inspire you to create your very own infographic.
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