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This is a set of professional designed and animated banners in the 3 most used web banner formats: Medium Rectangle, Horizontal Leaderboard and Vertical Skyscraper. This essential web banner set is perfect for promoting and selling your Business or Product. They are very easy to customize to your needs, with ALL text editable, well named and organized elements and layers.
This GIF has everything: kermit the frog, but thats none of my business, passive aggressive, DRINKING!
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Microsoft's animated paper clip named Clippy has been revived, thanks to the crazy sense of humor of the folks at startup Smore. I missed Clippy (for rather obvious reasons), and never understood the hatred some people had for him (her? To explain: Once upon a time, Microsoft created a talking paperclip with googly eyes called Clippy.

But mostly, Clippy was like having a really annoying, distracting office partner that never let you get anything done. From Zebra Batman to the killing machine of Azrael, see the many styles of the famous cape and cowl. 1960s: Justice League Batman – The Caped Crusader added a yellow oval around the black bat.
1995: Troika Batman – When Bruce Wayne returned to the mantle, the suit went back to black, keeping the yellow oval encasement. July 2012: Earth One Batman – The yellow oval returns around the bat logo in a more subdued costume. BONUS: The first suit – Before the Caped Crusader donned the batsuit, his father, Thomas Wayne dressed in a bat-themed costume to a masquerade.
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There are many resources where you can download free moving cliparts for PowerPoint but if you are taking seriously the task of presenting a PowerPoint to an important audience and look for high quality animated graphics for your slides then the people of Presenter Media has a great service to offer you.

Send us more info about your presentation needs and we will try to locate a template that best fit your needs. It was supposed to help you do things with Microsoft Office and was included in Office versions 97 to 2003. The mask and colors remain similar, the yellow circle is gone, and the Bat logo appears much larger. In fact, I remember installing "Vigor" just because having a talking paperclip was clearly what the whole point of computers was, and I was very disappointed in how inferior the Linux version of clippy was. The Sonar suit (right) was a metallic silver piece of armor with the bat logo spread across the chest.
Unlike the comic, the logo resembles earlier animated projects with the addition of the yellow circle.

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