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Are you creating a mobile app landing page on your website in hopes to increase app downloads? One common theme with these mobile app landing pages is the use of text messaging, making it uber-simple to send the app download link directly to a mobile phone. Give the text message marketing experts at Tatango a call at (206) 274-6599, or drop us an email to figure out how you can build your own mobile app landing page with text-to-download functionality for your mobile app.
Need a link shortener that can re-direct customers to the right app store based on the mobile phone they’re using? Subscribe by EmailSubscribe to Tatango's SMS Marketing Blog to receive great SMS marketing content delivered right to your inbox.
Sometimes the images we insert are displayed at a higher scale than what we intended, so we’ll need to adjust that.
We’ll need to reduce the size of the Framed Slideshow to about 34%, so it fits nicely into its column. The text will have the same color as last time (#0F4054), Droid Sans and size 18 for the headings, and 14 for the normal text. The image that will be used as a button (with its respective link) will look like in the following image. We’ll have one last Text app on the rightmost column with font set to Droid Sans, our blue color, 12 size for the normal text and 16 italic for the heading.

The image on the right column, will be left aligned; image on the center column, center alignment and the image on the left column, will be right aligned. With this article you will be able to identify what web browsers are supported our platform. Hey folks, as you might have noticed, we've been releasing amazing features in the last couple of weeks and we will continue to do that.
DOWNLOAD Description : Lotek is modern app landing page template with unique design, designed for many kind app website and 4 index variant. Landing page design for one of our returning customers, specifically focused on iPhone applications development capabilities in terms of design and conversions in terms of layout structure. QBKL have provided us with a creative and functional landing page design, all with a quick turnaround time. Mobile app free one page responsive HTML5 landing page is a well designed mobile landing page web template with a valid HTML5 & CSS3. This entry was posted in App Landing Page, Bootstrap Templates and tagged app landing web page, Free App Landing Page, free bootstrap theme, free html5 template, Mobile App Landing Page. Webthemez is initiated to offer the best free & premium responsive website templates with modern design built with latest technologies like Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.
To help you envision how you can use text messaging to increase app downloads, we’ve scoured the internet and found 29 brands already using text messaging on their mobile app landing pages.

And the bottom spacing of the lower section, increased to 50 pixels (so there’s room below these last images). In this case I'm really happy to be the one to tell you that now, you can create your own forms! With it you can edit the styling and colors of multiple items (apps, text, containers, etc) at the same time and from a single panel! A big thanks goes out to those who have made it possible to let us use there resources for commercial purposes.
This template is based on latest Bootstrap framework 3.3 fully responsive web compatible with multi browser and devices. Some of the worlds largest brands have created mobile app landing pages on their websites to increase the amount of people that download their app.
This template can be used for multi-purpose needs like mobile app, landing page, software product display, business, consultancy, agency, personal portfolio, profile, mobile website and start-up company.

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