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Best Paper Award of the Branding and Brand Management Track at the 2016 AMA Winter Marketing Educators' Conference for the paper "Does the Social Media Power of a Brand Alliance Partner Impact New Product Success? Best Paper Award of the Consumer Behavior Track at the 2016 AMA Winter Marketing Educators' Conference for the paper "Determinants of Consumer Choice Between Word-of Mouth Channels in the Digital Era" (co-authored by Maria Bartschat). Distinguished Service Award in appreciation for dedicated service and support of the American Marketing Association for serving on the Academic Council from 2010 to 2013. Best Paper Award of the Social Media Track at the 2013 AMA Winter Marketing Educators' Conference for the paper "What drives Consumption and Engagement on Online Media-Sharing Platforms? Journal of Service Research Best Article Award Finalist as one of the best articles published in the Journal of Service Research in 2010-2011 for the article a€?The Impact of New Media on Customer Relationshipsa€? (co-authored with Ed Malthouse, Christian Friege, Sonja Gensler, Lara Lobschat, Arvind Rangaswamy, and Bernd Skiera), July 2011.
Carol and Bruce Mallen Lifetime Achievement Award 2010 for Published Scholarly Contributions to Motion Picture Industry Studies, awarded by Bruce and Carol Mallen together with the Anderson School of Management of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 2010.
Best Paper Award of the 17th International Colloquium in Relationship Marketing, Maastricht, The Netherlands, for the paper a€?Post Relationship States: Are Brands Still Friends? Best Paper Award of the 1st Rostock Conference on Service Research for the paper "How to Allocate Marketing Ressources across Multiple Service Channels? International Fellow Award by the DeSantis Center for Motion Picture Industry Studies of Florida Atlantic for contributions to motion picture industry studies, November 2007.
Best Paper Presentation Award of the 14th International Colloquium in Relationship Marketing 2006 for the paper "Jeopardizing Costumer Loyality through Economic Bonus Programs? Best Paper Award of the Consumer Behavior Track at the 2002 AMA Summer Educators` Conference for the paper "Conceptualizing Consumer Confusion" (co-authored by Gianfranco Walsh und Vincent-Wayne Mitchell). Best Paper Award of the Global Marketing Track at the 2001 AMA Summer Educators` Conference for the paper "Consumers` Decision-Making Style as a Basis for Market Segmentation", co-authored by Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, Gianfranco Walsh and Vincent-Wayne Mitchell.
While many models of ethical decision-making in marketing have been presented in the literature, no recent attempts have been made to explicitly account for ethical decision-making from a marketing research perspective.
JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Market research technology leader FocusVision announced the acquisition of Kinesis Survey Technologies, now KinesisPanel, an online panel management platform. Advertising research and brand communications company Ameritest hired Jennyfer Guebert (photo at top) as Director of Marketing, a new position.
Founded in 1957 and based in Washington, the Marketing Research Association is the leading and largest U.S. MRA’s total reinvestment of all revenues back into our profession directly enriches your career and those of other researchers like you.
On behalf of the Mutter family, MRA is requesting that anyone who would like to share memories or pictures of Ms.

Sharon Crockett Mutter passed away on May 14, 2015 in her home in Carmel, Indiana of natural causes. Sharon retired on January 1, 2015 and was planning to attend her final conference in San Diego to be honored for her retirement, service and undying love for marketing research. In the age of information explosion companies face the challenge of collecting, integrating, managing and analysing data to arrive at actionable insights. First, we need to understand that a number presented differently can mean different things. Second, with the advent of big data and analytics most of the firms are looking to ride on this wave. Third, while in computing there is no denying that quality of output is determined by the quality of the input, in analytics, many overlook that even the best quality data if fed in to a model that considers invalid assumptions will lead to inaccurate results and conclusions. In the end, it is of utmost importance to weigh the options of investing in the right analytical talent and right analytical tools and infrastructure.
The Case of Movie Stars" (co-authored by Ann-Kristin Knapp and Nora Paehler vor der Holte). An Investigation of YouTube" (co-authored by Michael Paul, Caroline Wirtz and BjA¶rn Bohnenkamp), February 2013. A Mixed Method Study on Premium Car Driversa€? (co-authored by Anne Knaevelsrud and Gaby Odekerken-SchrA¶der) 2009.
The paper was unanimously ranked first by a Blue-Ribbon Panel consisting of three former Journal-of-Marketing editors, namely Shelby D. We present an ethical framework for marketing research, the various philosophies of ethics, and a few enduring marketing ethical decision-making models, thus laying the foundation for a descriptive model for ethics in marketing research. The acquisition provides a wider set of fully integrated market research tools with real-time data synchronization into a single panelist database. Guebert will manage the company’s marketing and communications activities from the Albuquerque office. Mutter, or to express their condolences to the family, please do so by emailing Amy Shields (who will aggregate), with "Sharon Mutter" in the subject line. For example, $1,500,000 can be mentioned as $1.5 million or $2 million if rounded to the nearest digit. They fail to give enough thought on whether they have the capability as well as the culture within their firm for data and analytics driven decision-making.
It should not be a perfect balance but should lean more towards investing in the right analytical talent. The authors then develop an integrated model of ethical decision-making that incorporates the perspectives of all parties involved in the process of making ethical marketing research decisions, the various philosophies, and external variables.

She has almost 20 years experience in marketing, research, communications and competitive analysis across various industries including: legal services, private equity, aerospace and defense, as well as global HR and benefits consulting. It’s her knowledge, experience and skill-set that matters the most when undertaking any of the above activities. Both the numbers are correct but the contexts in which the number might be mentioned can lead any one reading the number to draw different conclusion. The analyst not only needs to collect and structure data in the best possible format for processing and analysis but also ensure that the models used are statistically sound and viable for deriving relevant conclusions. As stated earlier analytics should not be a means to an end but an important enabler to effectively mine actionable insights from data. The proposed model is compared with some of the models considered in the literature and illustrated with a marketing research application.
Through this courageous adventure, she met people from all across the country by attending numerous conferences in different states.
In order for a firm to derive the maximum benefits from data and analytics it not only needs to invest in the data management and analytical tools but also in the right talent that manages them. Hence, it is the judgement of the analyst and how she chooses to represent the number for a particular exercise matters a lot. It might turn out to be a situation wherein a novice surfer is provided with the best surfboard that money can buy in the market but all she needed was a great instructor and an average surfboard. This can only happen when the analyst has the acumen to assess the shortcomings and strength of a model and suggests recommendation based on the outputs of the model. She attended Shortridge High School and Butler University where she attained a Master's Degree in Education. She attained multiple awards throughout the years, including the Honorary Lifetime Membership Award in 2005, the Marketing Research Association's Award of Excellence in 1997, Distinguished Service Award in 1999 and the Great Lakes Chapter Service Award also in 1997.
She became an elementary school teacher until she retired after having her second child to be a stay-at- home mother. Roering (eds.), Review of Marketing 1981(American Marketing Association, Chicago, Illinois), pp. She developed the "Buddy Program" to help new members of the Chapter get acclimated at the annual conferences.

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