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Working my way down the items listed on Website Grader's (WG) assessment of I Love Cuckoldry, I next hit up the Image Summary section. Join me as I attempt to compile a comprehensive ebook that details all the ways to promote online porn. My Domain Info showed me as registered for some time to come, but they recommend I move from a free hosted blog service. I note that the "Keywords" and "Description" for each post are taken from the overall blog's metadata tags. First up, I'll give you the weekly I Love blog summary:BBWs - Unique visitors are down, but returning visits are up. Current Image DetailsWG not only lists how many images are displaying on your page, but provides details as too what is missing from them SEO wise.
Huzzah!What's up with the addition of "Subscribers"?I started using Feedburner to track my subscribers (those who click on my blogs' RSS icons) a couple months back. Before blogging made posting porn so blamed easy, a person could make some nice scratch putting up smut on the interweb. I only have a Google PageRank of 1, but that's to be understood considering very few people link to me, and those who do have low PR too.
Google had crawled all my posts and within the last few days no less.When viewed as a comparative percentage, my Alexa ranking doesn't seem so bad.
I resolved to alt tag any links I included.As I dive into this SEO world via WG, I more deeply understand why so many people choose to use WordPress over Blogger. Weekly Traffic (Week 41 - Week 46)Here's my stats for the previous six weeks:As any SEO tweaks usually take about 6 weeks to go into effect, I've given the prior six weeks. Keywords Are KeyKeywords are words that search engines look for and "index," a process of filing away web page information for speedy search results. First up, I'll give you the weekly I Love blog summary:BBWs - I'm showing a slow decline in total hits and return visitors. Much thanks, squiffy!As for marketing strategy, the beauty about Twitter is that you can only type 140 characters. I haven't developed a strategy for this site, but they have a highly active user base who are passionate about the world of cuckoldry. With the Halloween schedule and school conferences, getting those last 3 will be a challenge.
I will most likely emphasize signing off with a link to "I Love Cuckoldry" with a weekly blog post about my own experiences. The blog is still not reaching the higher numbers of six weeks ago, but they are steadily climbing. In the Code's Metadata TagsYou can't visually see these keywords, because they are hidden in your site's code. Also, I only alt tagged the images that were added after I switched to affiliate programs instead of simply reporting on cultural norms.
I can do nothing in terms of SEO with these stats aside from monitoring them, but hopefully my tweaks tonight will cause the hits to spike.Keyword AnalysisThis section of StatCounter details how often certain keywords drive visitors to a site via a search result. Bots, the pieces of programming that search engines send out to crawl and index sites with, look for meta tags first.
Looks like I'm getting zero keyword traffic, either that or StatCounter's not keeping track. All are on a steady rise though, with traffic attributions remaining relatively the same.Adultspace & BTP UpdateAdultspace generates an occasional hit or two. Seems most REN readers love creampies.Cuckoldry - holding steady in the thousands now, need to add cuck merchandise widgets, some Twitter hits, Stumbleupon, showing me it has a strong market in the social media arena.
Elementary Students Could Read My SiteNot that I want them here, but Website Grader has rated my site as being at a Primary reading level. In the long-run, driving people to my affiliate-linked images benefits me more than simply attracting people to images I post.Too Many Images? The three most important metadata tags in terms of SEO are a site's title , description , and keywords In the Site's ContentBots also crawl for keywords within the actual content of a page, but not usually too deep.
The best part about my approach to promoting the blogs on Adultspace is that it has me generating new content on a daily basis.
You may know SMS by its more common cellular phone term - text messaging.  See where this is going? Resize them!WG says that I have too many images on my blog, says that it slows down load-time. I've had heard some tremendous enthusiasm for her interview, so perhaps she will do better than Celeste Rain. Thus far, I have been posting related content on the same day of the I Love blog post in question. What do you think of continuing efforts on social networks that aren't generating immediate hits?
Ashley seems to have an appeal to those seeking extreme as additional keywords include "gang bang" and "eats cum." SlutWives is the main hit producer, but surprisingly the runner-up is RingsWorld. There is no real centralized and streamlined way to market porn the way non-porn sites can.Forever marginalized by an ever-prudish institution of advertisers, porn bloggers must rake their way up the search rankings. This is where I wish WG would actually time the load time instead of merely making this statement. It's also a great case for introducing any other type of media you may be providing, like photos or videos. I will be interested to see how this month's change will affect traffic, especially return visits. Now that my cuckold birthday wish has been fulfilled, I'm wondering how popular I will continue to be. Starting Sunday, though, I plan to delay reposting the content onto each I Love blog by one day.
RW doesn't generally produce but the occasional hit or two.Now one particular hit is interesting. The I Love blogs will always have "too many images," as the blogs are designed to show some kind of photo in nearly every post. In the Site's PicturesThrough the use of alt title tags , you can maximize your blog's search rank by providing an easy metadata tag for bots to grab.

I started my first ever interview of a BBW model which will come out in pieces over the month. This helps me provide fresh, indexable content.The Bring The Porn toolbar has produced zilch.
All of a sudden "The Story of O" needs something a bit more blatant like "Master Trains His Slut" in order to attract attention. Determine the Most Often Occurring KeywordsEach website should contain a head set of metadata. With Google Image results starting to account for a huge percentage of traffic for many sites, the importance of utilizing the alt title tag is pretty evident. On a different front, I've caught the attention of one of my top 5 BBWs of all time: Kelly Shibari. Other SEO FactorsSEO is actually more than just keywords, but you have less-to-no control over the other factors.
I continue to get a great many hits for the keyword "slutwives," and the majority of the traffic comes from Google image searches. Not from my account, but from others adding my blog posts to their toolbars.Twitter UpdateNow this is a mixed bag for me. Keywords differ from the site description in that a description requires the use of a tagline of sorts. The Social Marketing FactorI haven't quite cracked this one yet, but the way I'm told it works is that people will "bookmark" or "digg" your article, post or entire site. This says good things about my blog's indexability, but I would love to have some Web search results too. I posted out until the end of this year, which will leave me open to resume my porn social marketing explorations. I just need to figure out where and how.I have, and continue to, populate a network of porn blogs. Keywords are merely words that you think other people will enter when using a search engine. I am planning to also resume the extra-love I gave the I Love BBWs blog and social network, adding bonus posts.
Many of the words have multiple blog citings, but for "Cuckoldry," I seem to be the sole authority on the topic. Why I Didn't Initially Alt Tag ImagesI was under the impression that search engines look at image names. The most often occurring keywords from the list are as follows:cuck, cuckold, wife, hubby, bull2. There's not much you can do SEO wise, as this approach relies on others to help boost you to the top.
All citations are from I Love Cuckoldry.The piece de resistance about IAPA, though, is the list of "common typographical errors" — an SEO specialist's dream come true.Twitter UpdateIn terms of hits? Gather All the Words Above & MoreYou generally don't want more than 200 characters in your keywords metadata tag, but there aren't too many characters in use above. I went back to see if I failed to provide enough actual creampie shots, and discovered that I had plenty of cum dripping out of pussies.
So, Twitter's not converiting into money, but my subscriptions are up and I am developing a steady following.Want to follow me on Twitter?That's it for this week.
Now that I have gotten into a routine of updating these blogs, my next step is to promote the hell out of them.That's where this blog comes in. I have recently been working with Website Grader to enhance I Love Cuckoldry's SEO effectiveness. Although I get a lot of hits from Google Image searches, I don't get them via keyword searches.
Inbound LinksThe more that people link to your site from their site, the higher your search rank. I definitely get better results when I post an actual creampie shot than when I lead into one.
7 characters makes a big difference.I remain optimistic in regards to Twitter, but it will all depend on how many followers I get. I'm going to share my experiences here, and hopefully you will have  some advice for me. It will be interesting to see how the tweaks affect traffic, although I know it will take up to 6 weeks to notice any distinctive change.
In the interest of optimization, I should add a few more words: husband humiliation, husband watch wife3.
Keyword wise, Shi Reeves and Audrey Leigh rank high, but what's most noticeable is that most searchers love the idea of rough, multiple creampies taken by cheating girlfriends and wives.
Add Keywords Above to Metadata TagI have the HTML view of I Love Cuckoldry open and have found that blogger doesn't optimize for SEO.
I don't think I'll really get it much higher without aggressively seeking inbound links or changing to WordPress. A rather large portion of hits actually came from a Stumbleupon toolbar.(12 Subscribers, +7)Interracial - Here comes a dismal report.
Notably, they offer no place to enter in keywords, but they do offer a place to enter a description.
Google was the most peeved and completely diminished the power of inbound linking, once the signature way that Google determined their patented PageRank. Then click that tasty drink already.Adult Social Network UpdateAdultspace has resulted in a few hits, but nothing to write home about. Little good it does, though, as a quick view at the source code reveals that no metadata tags aside from title are included. I Love Cuckoldry is the primary traffic generator for this blog, which makes sense considering the nature of it all.Shi Reeves also draws a lot search engine traffic. Mostly, I talk about the polls that have been ending on the I Love blogs or asking questions. Before I can add my keywords to I Love Cuckoldry, I need to code the line:meta name="keywords" content="cuck, cuckold, wife, hubby, bull, real cuckold, forced abstinence, caged cuck, cuckold confessions, cuckold storiescucked, cuckold videos, cuckold chastity belt, husband humiliation, husband watch wife"4.
On top of that, I have a lot of hits from searches most of which are centered around learning more about the lifestyle.

Perhaps, my recent switch to showing pics or vids of anything other than black-on-blond is responsible. Insert Keyword Metadata Tag in Site HeadThe "head" of any site is the top level information portion of your sites code. So, the lesson is that a good amount of inbound links is good, but too many can hurt your rank.The Website GraderI recently discovered an especially terrific SEO analysis tool. I've been trying to figure out if I'm mostly alone in wanting all other interracial combos, and if not, how I can most effectively tap into that niche. Is this because most of my avid readers let my "Cuck updates:" on Twitter fill their needs? My own social network by the same name as the blog is the most active of all the social networks I created (details will follow).
Current keyword analysis shows that I'm lucky to get any hits, as many come through searches for "interracial." I do get a surprising amount of traffic through videos and the Rogue Erotica Network ring. The best part is that not only does it tell how key areas of your site or blog are performing, they suggest ways to better optimize those areas. I don't gain much traffic from them to I Love blogs, but some of the groups are really taking on a life of their own. Not only do I highly recommend you check out how your site is doing, I plan to begin an intensive case study using Website Grader to improve the I Love blogs' search rank. It's merely maintaining, which isn't too bad considering how saturated the market is with "interracial" content. No real change in keyword analysis, although someone seems to really enjoy the "Barely Female" video series. If so, you can replace the line of code, or just copy and paste in the keywords themselves. As with many of my blogs, the creampie factor weighs high in searches, especially when involving the impregnation of a white wife by a black lover.
If you don't find the keywords metadata tag, then paste the line as the last item, below the description and title metadata tags. Describe Your Site Using KeywordsBased on the keyword analysis above, you can write up a brief description of your site. After I finished enhancing my greatest performing blog (I Love Cuckoldry), I'm going to move onto enhancing this one, my worst performing blog. Most SEO specialists will advise you to use different words than the ones you used  as keywords. This blog ranks high over there for the keywords "black fuck." (3 Subscribers)TS Girls - I don't know what could have contributed, but the last 2 weeks have shown a distinct drop in hits.
No major changes in keyword analysis, and I'm getting some hits from RingsWorld searches, which says positive things for the growth of that company. Really, you should blend in the best of the keywords with a truly descriptive description.6. Insert Description Metadata Tag in Site HeadSame deal as #4 above, only the description metadata tag goes right below the title metadata tag. Here's the line I coded:meta name="description" content="Cuckolds get humiliated, sissified, degrading and otherwise subjugated by their HotWives and the Bulls who service them. With so much swinging going on in my neck of the woods (Pacific Northwest), I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't incorporate regions into titles of posts. I'm starting with the best-performing blog, I Love Cuckoldry, then going to the worst-performing, I Love Swingers.
Whether recognizing his inadequate size, his wife's inner slut, or as a form of release, we cuckolds celebrate this rapidly emerging form of sexual expression. I think this is only further confirmed by the high amount of people landing on this blog after searching for "swingers groups." (1 Subscribers, no change)Overall, only good stuff to report!
Lots of cuckolding pics and videos."Blogger Altered the CodeOnce I added the description and keyword metadata tags, I got an error message. Perhaps the most interesting traffic came from Twitter members searching for "swingers." Alaura Eden continues to garner some organic Google search results.
As I provide a link for each I Love blog after adding it to the Bring The Porn toolbar, all my followers have a way to check out the daily posts. This is how they changed it:meta content='Cuckolds get humiliated, sissified, degrading and otherwise subjugated by their HotWives and the Bulls who service them. I think this illustrates how fleeting Twitter traffic can be without some form of enticement (ex. Perhaps their servers need to refresh.If theory proves correct, this simple addition to I Love Cuckoldry's code will help attract much more traffic. As stated above, though, I have to give the metadata tags about 6 weeks to start working their magic. It would be nice to know how many new followers I have on Twitter as a result, but the tracking mechanisms do not exist.BBW InterviewsMy latest approach to I Love BBW takes me back into the world of social media.
She's the November BBW of the Month, but her presence seems to be diffusing from my site's hits.
I'm not sure, but the next few weeks are going to be far more juicy than the drier stuff like stats so we'll have to wait and see if it turns things around.
Kelly runs her own adult industry blog and I'll be bringing some of her wisdom here for you. At any rate, I expect that her interview on I Love BBWs will result in greater traffic for me, and offer a rare peek inside the world of this super-smart pornstar.Future ExplorationsBeginning this week, I attempt to find and explore some adult social marketing opportunities. Thus far, my attempts to use the Bring The Porn toolbar as a way to increase hits has failed miserably.
I have found several other adult bookmarking sites similar to Digg, but they all contain junk, low user activity, or strict guidelines as to what is accepted for post. Either way, I've got to find ways to promote the Rogue Erotica Network.Buying Rogue Erotica?I've slowly been working on a new Rogue Erotica Network homepage.

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