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So wanted to have a go at doing one my self, so little while later I have a design and built a working application. You will see that some of it like the cool VU meters made it direct though to my design but then I played around with the other parts. The application did not take that long to build, guess about a day in total and about 800 lines of code. I did notice in the console about CSS gradient warning (I think it mentioned something was depreciated?) and to refer to the CSS reference. I ‘m fond of making GUI in javafx so I really love your GUI Design and the custom font loading . Everyone that is interested in javafx knows that the Mac and Linux versions are in the works, so adding a note and embedding the javafx applet would be a better solution in my opinion. It seems to be an private API so how can we do the same with the public API, in particular for the KnobVolume controller ?

As JavaFX 2.0 now works on GNU Linux, you should update this page to allow us to run your demo instead of displaying the Youtube video. Unfortunately Netbeans projects are not future comparable so you may need to create a new project just pointing at the src directory.
I have added a link to the Photoshop file I created so you can see what I have done if you are intrested.
Hope it goes to show that you can create pretty much any UI that you can imagine in JavaFX 2.0 and even use standard controls so you maintain keyboard navigation, accessibility etc.
From the photoshop file I produced a few PNG files which are used in the application, you can see them in the src images directory. I found a free LCD dot matrix font from dafont which is what I am using for the text on the screen. The round knobs like balance and volume I had to do something special for and created a knob skin for the Slider control.

There was a bunch of the standard logic to load and parse M3U and XML playlists, a very simple data model object PlayList which just contains a url which it was loaded from and a observable list of Pairs, each Pair being a name for the song and a url to the song. Compatible with Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2000 or 2003 and Media Center 2005. We did not have all the low level media API I needed for the VU meters but as they are only really for show I made of some data from what we can get from AudioSpectrumListener.

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