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Als salesmanager of commercieel directeur zoek je continu naar manieren om je team optimaal in te zetten. Je beseft dat prospects en klanten steeds meer zelf op zoek gaan naar relevante antwoorden en oplossingen. DutchmarQ werkt nauw samen met een selectie van (inter)nationale bedrijven in ondermeer marketingautomatisering, CRM en social selling.
Gericht investeren in content marketing in het commercieel proces start met vaststellen wat dat jullie oplevert.
Joseph Jaffe - vooral bekend van zijn boek Flip the Funnel - sprak onlangs op het B2B Marketing Forum, editie 2016. Met een uniek perspectief: de mix van content, commercie en klantpsychologie levert B2B kennisleiders de beste basis om het verschil te (blijven) maken.
In my last post, I discussed how sales can improve pipeline visibility by identifying what reps should hear from the customer at each stage of the sales cycle. This task is pretty clear when you use an approach to pipeline progression that is based on what you expect to hear from the customer.
Here are seven lessons learned from our approach to enabling the field for pipeline progression. Although our product was technically innovative, we kept our sales presentation at the business level, using a Challenger Sale approach.
In order to validate the urgency of getting a cloud service to market, we needed to discover the buyer’s strategic, financial, and personal goals. To validate that our solution provided compelling business value, we built short summaries of relevant customer success stories into the sales deck. Since our design goal was to complete the first pipeline milestone without pre-sales, we recorded a short, compelling demo that explained how our product’s technical capabilities helped customers achieve business goals. You never know how your prospect will want to consume a customer case study, so publish them in as many formats as possible.
Publicly available website information from customers using our product as the basis for their solutions. Implementation summaries covering the technical and operational information on how the service was built. Our competitive advantage was that service providers could use our product to roll out cloud services faster, and at a higher profit margin, than they could with alternative solutions.
For our customers to have the confidence to invest with us, they needed to see a clear path to building and launching their cloud services on our platform.
If you’re a product marketer, you need to know that your kit is being actively used by sales as they progress deals through the sales cycle.
An overview of research on content marketing, conducted in the UK by various organizations and companies.
In 2013, Econsultancy found that 71% of businesses planned to increase digital marketing budgets.

The second most important area for increased investment is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), followed by email marketing and social media.
The results from the survey, mainly conducted among UK respondents, more or less reflect similar findings from another Econsultancy report, released end of 2012 in collaboration with Outbrain.
Here 90% of respondents said content marketing would become more important over the next 12 months. Nearly three quarters (73%) of digital marketers agree that ‘brands are becoming publishers’.
Less than half of companies have dedicated budgets (34%) or individuals dedicated (46%) to content marketing. Increased engagement is the most commonly cited objective for content marketers, with 52% of in-house marketers and 58% of agency marketers listing this as one of their top three business objectives. However, according to the end of 2012 report, there is still quite some work to do as well.
The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) also conducted research about content marketing in the UK, in association with the UK Direct Marketing Association. The Content Marketing Institute report found that, overall, 64% of UK marketers are increasing content marketing budgets. The rapid uptake in B2C is not totally unexpected though, given the strong presence of what we once knew as custom(er) publishing. The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) also found 94% of UK marketers currently use content marketing. An overview of the different content marketing tactics – and in which degree they are used in the UK – is shown in the graphic below. It’s not clear in which degree UK businesses use content marketing and buying personas, nor content gap analysis, to tailor their content. Finally, check out the graphic below, plotting the degree in which UK content marketers feel their content marketing efforts are effective against other answers. NewsReach also conducted a survey regarding the usage of content marketing by UK businesses. NewsReach also inquired about content marketing spend and found that of those respondents who were aware of their companies’ budgetary plans for 2013, 80 per cent said more will be spent on content creation and marketing.
Dat garandeert onze B2B opdrachtgevers de juiste expertise, minimale overhead en maximale focus op commercieel rendement. En willen jullie komen tot zowel een slim plan in content marketing als een praktische, conversie-gerichte content machine? Natuurlijk over de 'geflipte funnel' en echte customer centricity, maar ook over klanten die hun merkliefde graag zichtbaar uitdragen via tatoeages, de definitie voor Jaffe zelf als het gaat om succes van zijn boeken en nog veel meer. However, it seems that content marketing, in the UK is lagging behind the US when it boils down to content marketing spend.
As the report found, actually 97% of UK B2C marketers have adopted content marketing, compared with 95% of B2B marketers.

It’s important to realize there are differences between the way content marketing is approached from a B2B perspective and the way many B2C marketers see it.
You’ll notice that eNewsletters, for instance, are included in the report and even rank third among all content marketing tactics, after articles on websites and social media, other than blogs. For those interested in the insourcing versus outsourcing debate: one average, 55% of UK companies outsource content creation.
UK marketers are quite confident about the effectiveness of the way they use content marketing though.
It can serve as a guideline or benchmark but remember that content marketing and content marketing effectiveness is very individual.
Below the slideshare presentation you find the promised infographic based on the Econsultancy research.
Although the number of respondents was much lower, 78 per cent of respondents said their companies invest in content marketing (here an online poll was used).
He's a digital marketing and business consultant with hands-on international experience, proven results and a 100% customer-centric view.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
Klanten aantrekken - inbound - via relevante content per stap in het koopproces wèl. Furthermore, content marketing was originally more aimed at B2B marketing, as Joe Pulizzi told us a few years ago. From a content marketing spend perspective, it’s also interesting to note that on average, 27% of marketing budgets in the UK are now allocated to content marketing. It remains a remarkable fact as a proper content strategy, oriented around the questions and needs people have, should never lead to such challenges as far as we’re concerned. J-P is active on the crossroads of marketing, management, customer service, publishing, digital technologies, psychology, media and IT since 1992. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
This number differs from other surveys but it obviously depends on how you define content marketing and thus what tactics you include in the results. In both cases UK marketers personalize and tailor their content more than their Australian and North-American peers.
It’s probably yet another sign many businesses still have to think and work in a more integrated and customer-centric way and focus less on the content production from their viewpoint than that of the different personas and target audiences. That makes UK marketers the most confident in terms of their content marketing effectiveness (compared to North America and Australia, that is).

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