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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Brainrider has been getting requests for our marketing communications planning template so we decided to share it. Questions To Guide Your Click Here To Download An Easy To Use Excel Version Planning Process • What are your objectives?
Brand awareness, a cohesive brand identity, increased web traffic and revenue can all be accomplished when your PR strategy is aligned with your content marketing – here’s how!

Fifty-six percent Indians born in the Gen Y period, feel that the brand value of a person’s educational alma mater has a significant impact on the career growth opportunities over the course of time. This template has been designed by professionals keeping in mind your presentation requirements. This prima facie, sounds rather obvious as institutions and corporations to a certain extent tend to contribute to this halo around students and professionals from prestigious educational institutes. But does one’s alma mater play such a significant role in career development?
This design is ideal for presentations related to success,business,shapes,marketing,puzzles or jigsaws,missing jigsaw puzzle.

Or are there other factors of merit besides the brand value of one’s education at play in corporate society? These are some of the answers we will address in this paper.

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