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The Musicarta basic music-making position is the basis for the The Pyramids Variations, Musicarta's premium home-study piano lessons course. The Musicarta Pyramids Variations aims to exceed expectations by coaching beginners and re-starters to an impressive a€?Concert Performancea€™ in just eight lessons.
Every lesson in the build-up to the Pyramids Variations Concert Performance adds a little to what went directly before a€“ there are no big surprises and no yawning gaps. In Lesson One of the Pyramids Variations, you learn how to use the Basic Music-making Position to play chords at the keyboard, and how to use chord symbols to find the eight chords in the Pyramids chord sequence. Now look how the Pyramids Variations makes sure you can find your easy music chords at the keyboard. In the table underneath the illustration, you see the reference number of the accompanying audio file, Pyramids_L2_A4. The other file number in the table under the illustration a€“ Pyramids_L2_A4 a€“ is the MIDI file for the example.
All the musical examples in the Musicarta Pyramids Variations pdf have MIDI files which you can play on MidiPiano, the Windows a€?virtual keyboarda€™ included in the Pyramids Variations digital download. Herea€™s a video of MidiPiano a€“ with ita€™s intuitive a€?Piano Roll Viewa€™ pane working a€“ playing the MIDI file which demonstrates these a€?left-hand-overa€™ patterns. You see that the Musicarta Pyramids Variations goes all the way to ensure you find your chords and learn how to play them!

Popular music is built on chords and the modern keyboard musician must know them inside out! Get an overview of Musicarta in manageable monthly slices a€“ and keep up to date with new postings. Use the Printables navigation menu at the top to browse through the other categories of files. This one-page pdf is a FREE sample page taken from the "Prompts for Piano" e-book available in the Color In My Piano shop.
This book has been selected as the text for the bassoon studio at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas by Dr. Preview and print this free printable music theory worksheet by clicking on the purple button above the worksheet. After that, you learn a set of variations which model all the contemporary keyboard playera€™s knowledge and skills. The result is that you can build up to an impressive performance much faster than you could with conventional teaching. This diagram shows the new feature in the Lesson Two performance a€“ the a€?left-hand-over patterna€™. If you click on the CHORDS tab in the site navbar (left), youa€™ll find links to fifteen web pages dedicated to giving you a solid understanding of what music chords at the keyboard are a€“ from the simplest to the most complex a€“ and how to build them, practice them and play them.

These worksheets are most effective if used in sequence, following the introduction of basic symbols (staff, treble clef and bass clef) and note names.
This Microsoft Word document contains two things: (1) customizable dividers for organizing your CD library, and (2) a form that students fill out for loaning CD's from your lending library. When I attended Irina's three-day workshop in 2015, she mentioned a few (non-musical) activities that can help students improve their focus, concentration, and memory skills. One activity was to give students a page with random single-digit numbers all over it and ask them to circle all of the 2's (or whatever number you choose). The second part of the form lists some activities which the teacher can conduct with the student in order to assess the student's previous training and musical background.
I decided to make a music note version of this sheet because I thought it would be fun to for students to do while in the waiting room area of my studio.

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