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We have fixed charges for Internal Assessments (assignments under 2000 words) depending on turnaround time.
An Internal Assessment (IA) is any assignment that requires the final draft to be 2000 words or less. In this example, the studenta€™s sentence structure was improved by changing the voice and streamlining transitions. Here’s an example of how we reduce word count and improve the strength of your material by using more concise language and sentences. GarageBand is an ideal software package—easy to use, included on every Mac, and capable of editing interviews quickly. You can download the raw file, a rough edit and the finished audio of the file used in this tutorial from the Apple web site.
Position the Finder Window containing the audio source files at the top right of the Finder window. After you setup a Finder window  in the upper right corner of your desktop drag a single file into a blank spot in Track Head area.
Notice the special cursor that appears when the mouse is positioned over the lower right corner of the track in the precision editing window. Select the right region in the multitrack (upper) window—you cannot move a region by clicking in the Edit panel—and move the region to the left until it is adjacent to the the left region. Editing an interview primarily consists of cutting out reporter questions and removing segments of the interview that are not necessary for the report or project. Click the End Marker in the Multitrack window ruler and drag the maker to the end of the interview. If you are using this sound project in Final Cut Pro or any other program that will import uncompressed sound files, do not check the Compress checkbox.
If you are using this sound project in SoundSlides or any program that requires a compressed file, check the Compress checkbox and select the method of compression and the settings. Give the export a name (1) and check the location (2) to make sure you know where the file will be saved. This content may not be republished in print or digital form without express written permission from Berkeley Advanced Media Institute.
PDF Converter Elite is a software solution that lets users convert their PDF documents into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and also create, manage and edit PDFs anytime.

With the job market being more competitive than ever these days, your first impression when trying to get hired is very important. Microsoft Word has for years been a great tool for creating a good looking resume quickly and easily. Let’s take a look at how to create a unique and eye-catching resume using MS Word 2010.
1) First open Microsoft Word, click on the File menu and then click New to create a new document.
3) The Resumes and CVs tab is a little more convenient for use, since it divides the offered templates into three categories: Basic resumes, Job-specific resumes and Situation-specific resumes. 5) After completing your resume, use the formatting features of Word 2010 to customize your resume even more and really make it your own. Formatting tools that you might have been familiar with when using PowerPoint 2007 like reflection, shadow and glow can be used to format your text and make your resume more attractive and interesting. You can also use SmartArt graphics and insert them into your resume to make it more colorful and interesting with charts and graphs that correspond to the information stated textually in your resume. Click on the Insert tab and then the SmartArt or Chart buttons to experiment with these features.
7) You can also convert the resume into a more universal PDF format before you begin sending it to various employers in your search for a job.
Click on File, then Save As, and then scroll down to PDF in the Save as type box before clicking Save. Or you can use our Free PDF Creator to turn the Word file into a secured PDF just as quickly and efficiently. All these available tools enable you to make your resume reflect your personality and individuality better in hopes of landing the job of your dreams. In this tutorial we will create a silky waterfall effect using Smart Objects and Stack Modes in Photoshop. In this tutorial I will show you how I took the 3 exposures needed to create an HDR image, how I edited it in Photomatix and then Photoshop and Lightroom.
In this 12min video I will show you how you can get beautiful high contrasty effects on landscape shots. Editing your landscape photos is really easy but getting some stunning results is another story.

We corrected inconsistent verb tenses to strengthen coherence, making his point clear and concise.
Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information.
The process of editing audio content by editing waveforms is standard across all audio programs.
The next task on the edit is to close the gap between the two remaining regions and join the two regions together. This setting is for Soundslides and is set to the required MP3 file format and uses the 128 kbps setting. MS Word 2010 is no exception, continuing Microsoft’s efforts to not only keep the process of creating your resume easy, but at the same time giving you more options to personalize and customize it. All you have to do is click on each individual field, one at a time, and enter the corresponding information – name, contact information, education, work experience, recommendations, etc. They help get clearer images, remove reflections, create more vivid colors and make the skies look beautiful. All editing is done using Microsoft Word 2007 and above, using the a€?Track Changesa€™ feature. The actual mechanics for making the edit may differ, but every software package will include a way to cut out unwanted material and join the sound you want to use. Note that the playhead in the multitrack view (1) and the playhead in the Editor (2) show exactly the same point on the waveform. The waveform in the edit window is larger and can be zoomed independent of the multitrack view. GarageBand can now handle this file in the same way as a sound recorded directly into a GarageBand project.

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