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According to a pretty scholarly classification you may find in Wikipedia, landing pages fall in two major categories: reference and transactional.
As you will probably agree with me, all landing pages meet both criteria: they inform the visitor upon the offer as well as incite actions from his side. What needs to be clear before launching any landing page in the www is the nature of the desired visitors’ action. This is a chain of events that we desire to happen once a lead reaches the platform displaying the promoted product or service. Typically, a landing page has to catch the visitor’s attention in the first 3 seconds of entry.
The landing page has to be consistent with the hints provided by the original ad, or vice versa. As we have promised, let’s tour some nicely designed and effective landing pages of B2B and B2C. 123RF makes a clear statement of purpose in this landing page with the image slider and the four median boxes. Strong calls-to-action, emphasized slogan and an impressive list of endorsements – this is the right combination for a landing page and this page has it. This page may be a little too crowded, but it’s in the tradition of landing pages for apps. DISCLAIMER: All wallpapers and backgrounds found here are believed to be in the "public domain". An airplane holds steadily to its course and passes numerous obstacles before eventually reaching its final destination. Beautiful Landing Page Design beta Login To use full features of CLIPZINE, you must allow to run Javascript. All logos, trademarks, and add-ons in this site are property of their respective owners or authors. The comments are property of their posters, all the rest ©Copyright 2000-2014 by SurClaro Free Microsoft Flight Simulator Downloads Add-ons All Rights Reserved. Delivering the best free microsoft flight simulator x add-ons, fs2004, cfs, fs98, fs2002, fs2000 for more than 10 years. This season of eagle photography in Alaska, my 11th straight year, was full of amazing experiences and opportunities I will never be able to forget.
The weather really has been a big issue world wide over the last couple years and in Alaska things have really been affected by climate change with a lot less cold days and a lot more unusually warm days but the amazing thing is that the eagles could care less.
Thanks to the constantly changing weather in this part of the world the five days of the tour will usually offer shooting conditions from clouds, to rain, to sun and everything is between, sometimes all in one day! The first day of the eagle tour can be really hard for new people as there can be so many eagles coming from all directions that concentrating on getting a good image can be difficult. Two participants were able to bring the new Nikon D5 on the tour and I was able to try them out a couple of times. There are not that many places out for wildlife photographers that offer almost unlimited opportunities that are not degrading over time with almost no pressure from crowds. Tour size is limited to 4 participants so there will always be plenty of time for personal assistance and instruction from the leader.Each and every day I will strive to put you in the right place to make the very best images possible. The warmer weather we have had over the last couple of years did create one benefit this year. The sheer numbers of eagles at our locations this year was just great, the opportunities have been getting better and better over the last few years.
This year with the addition of my new Bama boot socks my arctic sport Muck boots kept me warm and toasty even on the coldest mornings.
The higher than normal temps over the last couple of years has a huge influence on the eagles behavior. The weather this year was not the best due to the lack of snow and warm temps but each and every group was able to experience amazing dream like eagle shooting sessions that made everyone more than happy so my rating for this year is an A+. If you would like to join us next year my 2016 dates are available but act quickly so you are not disappointed.
Within minutes of arriving at our shooting location at first light this eagle flew directly at us and banked across our bow. Wildlife photography is challenging but sometimes everything falls into place and makes things really really easy. Over the last 9 years of leading eagle tours in Alaska the photo opportunities have been getting better and better but this year the opportunities were unprecedented.
For most of the time this year light levels were high enough to allow ISO levels in the hundreds (not in the thousands) with plenty of shutter speed.
As a display of aggression some eagles when landing near a group of others with bank hard and call when landing. Eagles usually prefer to land on something above ground level like this driftwood log on the beach for example so preparation and patience always pay off with images like this.
Eagles really seem to enjoy radical maneuvers in flight, like this upside down flip right before a dive. One afternoon my group was treated to an air-show when a sub-adult eagle blasted barrel roll after barrel roll miles above the tree line. With stiff offshore winds, perfect late afternoon light and 50 eagles in the air your available memory card space seems to evaporate into the cold air. A stiff breeze will keep eagles up in the air hovering then when they want to dive they stick out their talons, flare their wings and tail out slamming on the air-brakes before they pitch forward into a dive.
Soft light and lots of eagle roosting, this is exactly what you want to see when you arrive at a photography location first thing in the morning.
2015 dates have been confirmed so if you would like to join me next year contact me as soon as possible to avoid being disappointed since the 2013 and 2014 tours were sold-out.
Over this past week my first tour group and I have been super lucky to see everything Alaska has to offer in terms of photographic possibilities and some of the most challenging shooting conditions I have seen up here.
Over the next few days after the blizzard we had great opportunities with clouds, snow, wind and even beautiful sunny conditions on the last day of the tour.
When an individual eagle lands near a group they sometimes land with wings straight up, beating only the tops or tips of their wings while calling.
Even though I have shot this for what seems like the millionth time, I still love the fully extended wings forward eagle bank. More images and details coming soon in the second part of this report including 2015 tour dates!
Every year we hope for at least a couple of days of snow during a tour because for eagle photography a day with snow is about as good as it gets. Each week this year had at least one or two days of snow with a couple of days with decent snow accumulation.
This uncropped bank image was made with a zoom at 95mm on a full frame camera, but there is more to the story than the super short focal length.
With literally dozens and dozens of eagles to choose from you need to concentrate on something specific to get results.
As soon as one eagle lands others will almost always follow as they instinctively gather in groups this time of the year.
Even after all my time photographing eagles this year I am already looking to get back up there next year.
Last year’s tour series was so unbelievably good I knew it was going to be a lot of hard work and a little luck to match the opportunities this year. Over the course of the tour series each week had distinct weather patterns and photography opportunities.

This first image was made at one of my favorite and most reliable spots we visit during my tours. On a dropping tide newly uncovered gravelbars are really attractive to the eagles as they like to gather in group. A 21 foot hight tide peak coinciding with the best light of the day means awesome opportunities. This year we had an unusually high number of sub adult and juvenile eagles, some years there are almost no young birds. This behavior is always interesting and will never get old since it is not very common and when it does happen its usually off in the distance but sometimes it will happen close enough to shoot.
On the way to a shoot I saw these clouds in the distance before any color started to show and immediately I rushed to this area with the low tide mud flats. The first ten days of my eagle tour series are now history and with just one week to go Alaska has delivered again. Wish I could share more right now but I need to prepare for a shoot this afternoon so lots of images coming soon and a full wrap up report including 2014 tour dates and prices. We all know the basic facts – that these are the pages a visitor reaches after clicking on a banner ad or a promotional link, and that they play a crucial marketing role by converting leads into customers for the business. If they are to be called reference, pages have to display information that is both appealing and relevant to the visitor (text, multimedia). If the landing page has virtually no navigation option except for the CTA button, visitors will force their exit. Visitors have to find on the landing page what they were first promised in the ad they clicked. You understand in an instant what the service is and how you can use it (Search, Sign Up, Pay-As-You-Go, Buy Subscription).
There is contrast, good slogans in each section and it brings a lot of information without forcing you to read everything (the small font does it all).
Plus, it includes a minimum amount of text and uses a demo video, as it’s a known fact that people prefer watching a short film than reading. However, the decision to divide the page in segments makes it easy to navigate through all the elements.
I personally like that this page doesn’t tell you everything right away, but invites you to discover. You understand the message in a split second, as your line of sight quickly scans the first row and arrives at the CTA button. A bold slogan, CTA buttons that you can’t resist clicking and a very good endorsement, this is the combination to success.
Laura has a bachelor degree in Communication Science and spends most of the time pursuing her passion for design and writing. This wallpaper was added in Friday, November 08, 2013 - 05:03 pm and 43 users has viewed and downloaded this wallpaper. The pilot deserves a prize for the smooth landing and ease displayed upon landing the plane.
My tour participants really made it all possible so a big thanks to everyone that joined me in Alaska this year. Actually it seems like there are more eagles and this year it seemed like there were more sub-adult eagles than ever. This year the only weather phenomenon we missed was a snow storm, otherwise the weather couldn’t have been better. Even after all these years I still find it amusing when first timers on my tour cant hardly believe their eyes when the eagles just show up when we arrive, going from 2 to 25 in a few minutes and up to 50-75 or even more within an hour of arriving.
I think the auto AF fine tuning and touch screen were useful, the additional speed and high ISO capabilities at least for eagles were also nice but nothing groundbreaking over the D4S as far as I am concerned. I feel lucky that I have been able to visit a place like this to share it with other photographers thanks to my tour participants for making it possible. Its a privilege to have such wonderful tour participants that made all the 4 tours a big success, a special thanks to all of this years participants.
My first group had unusually low temperatures hitting  -5 F all the way down to -15 with lots of wind and only one short period of snow. The stress of the warm weather caused a bumper crop of mature spruce cones.  They really add a nice touch of color  in an otherwise monochromatic spruce background.
In all four of my groups we had magical shoots that made all the expense, time and effort to get to Alaska worth it. This is a protected tidal pool with distant spruce trees and snow covered mountain tops in the background and offshore winds in the afternoon.
My favorite images made on the tour this year were from 90mm to about 350mm on a full frame camera.
Over 5 days we have seen everything from a full blizzard to perfect sunny conditions and almost everything in between. They will often throw themselves into an upside down position at the top of a climb, as you can see above, to redirect straight down into a steep dive. On the last shooting session of the tour the participants had enough of shooting and literally called it quits completely worn out by all the continuous action over the last couple of days. This threat pose is always great to see but can be very hard to catch unless you are looking out specifically for this pose.
The low light makes it possible to use low ISO levels and the dark background in the image above makes details in the eagle really stand out.
Last year we had too days of heavy snow but this also gave us a few feet of snow on the ground to work with. Right after I made this image while looking through the viewfinder I felt something slam into the right side of my head. I have been making annual trips to this location to lead photography groups since 2005 and I have never experienced anything like this before! As I pulled back a little dazed I could see a brown blur out of my left eye in my peripheral vision right before the eagle smacked into our boat! I like to concentrate on certain behavior and when presented with a choice I always target certain individual eagles. When our craft turns up at the photography locations the eagles will sometimes turn up and land close by to check out the action. There is not much to add to an image like this, eagles of all ages in great soft light, wind at your back with gorgeous mountains in the background. With special permits we have access to private areas that other groups cannot visit legally and our special landing craft boats make easy landings really easy and very safe. Looking back now I think that overall the opportunities this year even surpassed last year, it was truly awesome tour series. On sunny late afternoons the sunlight hits a wall reflecting on the smooth water below bathing everything in golden light. I really like the younger sub adult’s plumage like the ones in the image above although sometimes they have very worn plumage so you have to be careful which birds you target. We pulled off the road just as the colors started to intensify so we had time to experiment with framing.
When it comes to designing a landing page yourself however, matters seem to be far more delicate than you would have expected after going through how-to documentation. Watch out for the following in the gallery below: visual communication, branding and trust indicators, content effectiveness, calls-to-action.
As for this one, it’s very effective in terms of endorsement (see the bold testimonials) and truly speaks the language of the audience with figures and trust indicators (number of community members, amount of money they earned). The light grey background is unobtrusive and puts the highlight on the essence, that being the image. It does have navigation, but a vertical one, by scrolling, which considerably reduces bouncing rates.

Notice the two calls-to-action, at the top and bottom – this is a foolproof method to make the message persistent without overcrowding the page. You can find everything you may be looking for: features, benefits, testimonials and even a guarantee of a refund if you are not happy with the result.
What I don’t find so enjoyable, however, is a video that starts automatically (a feature I generally avoid) – even if Andrew Powers is not only skillful but also handsome! The paragraph arrangement resemble a newspaper layout and is quite suggestive for the purpose of the CMS.
I also like that they put their context of use in the center of the page, with a screenshot of the way their pages look and infographic-like indications. She works for 123ContactForm, an online form and survey builder that helps users create beautiful forms for any web page. We do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright. Lots of eagles, pleasant weather, beautiful habitats and five other keen photographers in your group, what more could you ask for? After a few days you will learn to recognize and predict the eagles actions, like the inversion above, and things really start to get easy.
The flexibility of the zoom with the speed of a prime lens are just too good to be true making it one of the best low light wildlife lenses out there.
If you have ever dreamed about shooting eagles in a natural environment think about joining my tour, you wont regret it.
My second goal is to make sure you return home safe and sound with images that are better than expected. Some of the areas that are normally very productive were unusually quiet this year but since there are so many spots available we worked alternate locations that offered amazing opportunities. The winds were what bird photographer dreams are made of, SE wind in the morning and SW wind in the afternoon, which are ideal.
For only the second time since 2005 I had to cancel a shoot in Alaska due to a blizzard that slammed into the area with 45 mph winds, 10 foot waves and snow and ice coming down sideways just as we were gearing up to leave for a shooting session. Sometimes if you are lucky to be close enough you can hear the wind rush off their wings in a low roar as they shoot by.
The group all had huge smiles on their tired faces as we headed back on the last session of the tour.
After years and years photographing eagles I have only been able to capture this behavior a half a dozen times or so I was really happy to see this opportunity for my group. As soon as we reached our photography site, you wouldn’t believe how amazing it looked, every tree limb and log was covered in snow and the soft light was amazing. Thankfully the eagle wasn’t even slightly slowed down and seemed to be in a-okay shape even after hitting our boat.
I target individuals with clean while plumage and good undamaged feathers on my target birds when I have a choice. Sometimes I have to stop and think about how lucky I am to be able to do this each year with good friends and colleagues. The areas we photograph on this tour every year are the very best in Alaska and have proven to be very reliable year after year.
I always keep my group sizes limited to 5 photographers so everyone has plenty of space and one on one help when needed. Trying to share my experiences and images from 23 days of shooting into a few paragraphs is a bit challenging so I will have to split this report into a few parts so I can share as much as possible. Nature has delivered everything we have come to reply on, changing weather, sometimes in a single day, tons of eagle photography opportunities and much more. This is why today, we have chosen to share a collection of actual landing page examples for inspiration. What I personally think they can improve on is the list of stock photography categories, it’s a bit stuffed. Highlighting the benefits for the customers instead of the product’s features is another vanquisher. The CTA buttons are a bit too weak, though, and the lady in the bottom right corner causes a mild distractin; with too much surprise on her face, does she look like she is able to negotiate a business matter? I strive to put you in the right place to make the very best images possible and your image making will always be a priority over my own. We had superb action in gorgeous light with perfect winds for 12 straight days, unbelievable! Once I found an interesting snow covered perch to stake out, all the group had to do was wait for an eagle to land and fire away. This has not changed at all over the years, we still have superb numbers of eagles, sometimes we can even have too many targets at one time. This moment was so nice it was easy to forget the temps are in the 20s without the windchill factor. I have been all over Alaska photographing eagles and I have never been able to find a place that can rival our locations. So if you have ever dreamed of photographing bald eagles in Alaska think about joining me next year for the trip of a lifetime.
Please let me know right away if you have any questions or would like register for next year.
The next tour had lots of variable weather, we had clouds, rain, snow, wind, fog, then sunshine all in the a single day. In a split second everything can come together and an eagle will swoop down directly at our boat and strike the water a few feet away and fly right at us in the reflected golden light.
For a couple of minutes there were great opportunities, like the image above, then a moment after this image there were 8 eagles crowded on the perch.
I have never seen any eagles hurt doing the this as the spiraling seems to slow the fall to a safe speed. We were lucky to still have some snow and ice from the night before the tide washed it away. For this kind of image the eagle should face the camera with talons out, wings up and falling snow really adds a nice touch as in the image above. In the case of Nikon a 300f2.8 can focus to seven and a half feet, a Sigma 50-500 can focus down to 2 feet.
You wont regret it, this year I had at least 5 returning participants, for two people 2013 year was their third year in a row.
The biggest problem in this situation is the sheer number of eagles make it difficult to concentrate on any one type of action. Generally speaking, the essential recipe is to make your landing page express this offer as clearly and as enticingly as possible.
Sunny days sound great and they can be but in Alaska north winds mean clear skies but really challenging photographic opportunities but thankfully the weather changes almost constantly.
To give you an idea of the distance, this lightly cropped image was made at 240mm on a full frame camera.

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