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Recently, a friend of mine reached out and asked if I would be interested in teaching an hour-long nail art workshop for teens ages 12-18 at one of the local libraries here in Arizona. We used Salon Perfect Tickled Pink, Pure Azure, Lavender Fields, and Oil Slick, as well as the Crystal Clear topcoat and nail art tool duos. At the end, the teens told me they were surprised to see how easy it was to create the gradient leopard look. Today I shall be talking about a nail art kit that every beginner must carry to achieve some beautiful nail arts and that too done by you yourself.
So without any further ado, let’s start with the essentials that a beginner needs to complete her nail art kit. Cuticle oil: It is pretty cool to flaunt your nail art but it’s equally important to take care of your cuticles.
Brushes: It is hell difficult to find affordable nail art brushes in India and if these are available, the prices are so high. Like art, if you want to try it, you should begin off in basic shapes then add details of painting under the manner.
If women have not an excellent artistic ability, they should create a simple pattern to decorate their nails or toe.

They can search so many ideas in internet sites, choose the desire design, it will be an interesting experience. This design will help you to learn how draw the fine lines and how to ply it in proportions.
I began by showing them how to use a makeup wedge to create a gradient, and then showed them a simple leopard print using a dotting tool.
A few of them opted to focus on doing one hand so they could really perfect the technique, and one girl decided she wanted to stop after doing a beautiful gradient!
Some likes to keep them short, but as far as my views and experiences are concerned; girls want to have healthy, beautiful and long nails. I know how hard it is for the beginners to figure out what must be included in a beginner’s nail art kit?
You must grab some of your favourite shades and you are ready to play with them and create some simple nail arts very easily. You can not only clean the excess polish from around your cuticles but also it helps you to create simple polka dots nail art design within few minutes. For that matter, I’d suggest you to use simple painting brushes, which we used to have in your school days. The explanations are in detail with so many words but to carry them, you need a small pouch and you are good to go.
Even if you are beginner, always remember, ‘practice makes a man perfect’, but that’s a saying for men and not women. There fore many salons give a new treatment for women’s nail after the popular pedicure and manicure that is nail painting. Keep simplicity like art is visually pleasing but, complicated design also good to represents the sense of art.

First thing before painting is decide what the design they want, to easy in painting process they can draw the design in the paper, using a pencil. The usual design that should be a good design for the beginners is abstract and flower or floral. It gives teens in the area something creative to do after school at absolutely no cost to them! Personally, even I like to have such nails but for you need to take very good care of them. It keeps your nails soft, moisturised, healthy, and beautiful and also helps in fast growth of your nails.
This painting is not only to make the women looks beautiful but also it can to show the women’s thought, feelings, and ideas.
Then preparing the painting tools, especially for the nails women can purchase it in the market or the shopping online available in various color. Abstract design is a simple nail pattern without any difficulties such as a tiny lines, cute design, or spots. I thought a gradient + leopard print design would appeal to the teens, and would be doable in the workshop time frame, too.
If your design goes wrong, just wash off with water and you are ready with a clean background to start again with the design.
The choosing color is also an important thing to compare it with the women’s style even their character.

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