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If it hadn’t been for this advertising campaign, diamonds might not be the most popular stone for engagement rings.
De Beers controlled about 80 percent of the world diamond trade in the 1930s, but the pace of mining was exceeding demand because diamonds were considered too luxurious for anyone but the very wealthy. The campaign was more than successful: It completely transformed the way Americans thought about diamonds.
The famous phrase was coined by advertising executive Dan Wieden of Wieden+Kennedy at a 1988 meeting. The “Just Do It” slogan took off because it spoke to both competitive athletes and people with a casual interest in fitness. The “Got Milk?” slogan was responsible for a 7 percent increase in California milk sales, and it was quickly picked up by milk producers nationwide. Volkswagen’s “Think Small” campaign, created by ad agency Doyle Dane & Bernbach (DDB), was brilliant in its honesty and simplicity. The campaign not only boosted sales, but it also became a model for the future of advertising. Avis took a page from Volkswagen’s playbook to launch its wildly successful marketing campaign.
The ad was brutally honest about Avis‘ struggles, making it clear that Avis couldn’t afford to take its customers for granted.
What could be better than an advertising campaigned dreamed up by President Theodore Roosevelt?
Who would you rather be: a bumbling nerd or the laid back guy who always knows the right thing to say? Apple struck advertising gold when it personified the PC and the Mac with its “Get a Mac” campaign, launched in 2006. Apple has produced many successful advertising campaigns over the years, but “Get a Mac” is arguably the best. Beginning in 1974, it was Miller Lite that finally convinced consumers they could have it all – a beer that tasted great and was less filling. Winter is the time of year when not only the weather changes, but so do fashion, foods, and many other retail and service industries. In this video, which is an advertisement for the Nissan Rouge, the perils and dread of winter are shown in a comical way. MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer.
Traditional branding and marketing ideas have been around for years, but now we’re beginning to understand that it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best.
Quite a few years ago, there were two established music channels in India, Channel [V] and MTv. Levi Strauss is a well known brand across the world, and though they haven’t really focussed on a strong online presence as most other youth centric brands have, they are able to create innovative offline campaigns that have been making a noticeable difference in their sales figures.
Silk soy milk positioned itself and branded itself differently, so did Ben & Jerry’s, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and a host of other successful brands. Skittles wanted to innovate, so they launched an online campaign keeping Twitter users in mind. Even the biggest brands, with their vast weaponry of strategists and brand builders, can make the clumsiest mistakes. But then again, that idea in your head, do you really think that’s the perfect answer to all your questions?
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Check out our list of nine advertising campaigns that experts rank among the best of all time. Until the late 1980s, Nike products were marketed primarily toward elite athletes such as marathon runners.

In 1993, the company created one of the catchiest slogans in history with its “Got Milk?” campaign for the California Milk Processor Board. It featured history buff who received a surprise call from a radio station seeking an answer to this $10,000 question: “Who shot Alexander Hamilton is that famous duel?” The history buff’s home was practically a shrine to Alexander Hamilton, and he knew the answer. In 1998, the campaign began featuring celebrities with milk mustaches in its advertisements, a move that also proved a big success. TBWA’s Geoff Hays brought that concept to reality with a campaign idea that came to him in the bathtub. More than 1,500 of the ads have appeared since, and the campaign is still going strong today.
It proved that being honest and straightforward with the customer could be an effective marketing technique. Ten years later, the company that brewed the cup of coffee, Maxwell House, decided to make Teddy’s words their slogan. The ads subtly positioned Mac as the cooler of the two products, while making PCs look outdated and out of touch.
The campaign was so successful that Apple’s market share increased more than 40 percent within a year. The assumption among Americans, and men in particular, was that a light beer couldn’t taste great.
The Miller Lite ads featured jocks and other manly-looking men enjoying light beer, which wasn’t a common sight in those days. Creating a winter ad campaign can bring in many new customers as well as excite current ones.
Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies. From Tony the Tiger to milk moustaches, many PR campaigns have left a lasting impression on people. Tony’s catchphrase has become one of the longest running and most recognized slogans in TV advertising history.
Throughout the years, the jingle has been rearranged and performed by many famous musicians, including Randy Travis and Aretha Franklin. The commercials were among the first to include celebrity cameos, including Jim Henson, Stephen King, and Jerry Seinfeld. There have been enough allusions to this ad in pop-culture to warrant a list of its own, but Will Ferrell falling off a cliff in Austin Powers only to shout "Help! Who could forget these Stomp-esque ads, that convinced us that our chips didn’t have to come in bags to be percussive?
Every company needs to create an interactive medium that can negotiate the company’s interests and the interests of the consumer. The most efficient ROI advertising campaign is the one where there is interaction between the brand and the consumer.
These days, several upstart entrepreneurs are able to come up with creative ways to advertise and make their presence felt, so much so that several companies in the big league have been forced to hastily reassess their strategies to compete with the little fish. Channel [V] was in the forefront though, and MTv was just unable to cater to any specific audience. With the recession looming large over most customers’ heads, the sales of branded jeans had inevitably slumped to a trickle. And they have been able to bask in the sunlight while the others huddle in the cold downpour. And at times, the smallest one-man-army entrepreneur can send a shiver down the core of their competitors’ strategies.
As the co-founder of Confetti Media, one of India’s leading custom media houses, he has partnered with several organisations to create successful media strategies over the years. What was once just a means to connect and interact between friends has now become a phenomenon.
It’s an exciting adventure where one can find welcoming marketing opportunities in almost any manner or niche. Ayer & Son named Frances Gerety scribbled down the famous phrase while working late one night one the De Beers campaign. The first “Just Do It” commercial in 1988 featured 80-year-old distance runner Walt Stack, and future commercials went on to feature famous athletes like Michael Jordan. Today, more than 20 years after its debut, the slogan is familiar to more than 90 percent of Americans.

We’re all familiar with the result – ads that feature the absolute bottle in various settings or artistic designs, accompanied by two or three word sayings that start with the word Absolut.
The company began printing ads that featured drawings of the former president along with his saying.
Mac, played by actor Justin Long, admitted that PCs are great for business functions but casually pointed to Mac’s strengths when it comes to everyday life uses such as playing music, making movies and editing photos.
An entire new set of challenges come around when the cold weather hits, so be sure to focus your advertising for your business to the season! When it comes to innovative advertising though, there are five pointers that all companies interested in advertising and branding have to understand. Being one of the pioneers of Custom Media solutions in India, he is one of the most established experts in the application of Custom Media. The global downturn that shook the world through the ‘08s and the ‘09s, may have made life difficult for traditional media folk, but it has revealed a whole new exciting world of opportunities. Here is a great list of catchy winter time slogans that are sure to get everybody out of the winter blues.
Thanks to the 1971 James Bond flick starring Sean Connery, this slogan remains etched in our minds—probably forever. Gopinath wanted to launch his helicopter venture, Deccan Aviation, he was strapped short for money to afford a full-fledged print media campaign, and as he says in his book, he couldn’t even imagine spending money to advertise through the television medium. In came spanking new shows, great veejays, new themes, a channel that’s able to laugh at itself, and connect with a niche audience, and out went the traditional format of “play-songs-all-day”. But just because it worked for Obama doesn’t give reason enough for any other electoral candidate to try a similar process, even with a few tweaks, of course.
They didn’t realise that the best branding and advertising campaign is one where there is a two-way interaction between the brand and the consumer.
Anyone who can clearly understand the problem from all aspects, and visualise the perfect solution. Advertising was an expensive proposition, but he had to reach out and let people know his company existed or he’d burn out of funds.
Then followed shows like Roadies and Splitsvilla, and as it has been said before, the rest is history.
Levi’s India understood that people would buy the jeans, just as long as it doesn’t hit their pockets too hard, in one blow.
In the last national electoral campaign, Advani and his party spent over two and a half billion rupees in an extensive online campaign to promote his party. All this, while considering all the movable elements that dictate the efficiency of the strategy. Today, MTv India has the strongest young urban following and great niche advertisements that help it stand out from the other channels. But even with that kind of resources, it only made the online users dislike him all the more. The magic trick worked, and his party was able to tap into the younger audience that wasn’t even remotely interested in politics. With a little tweaking, MTv was able to create a niche audience out of thin air, and hold their attention with innovation. His online brand managers seemed to have overlooked a few simple facts that even a fresh entrepreneur would look into. Catch ‘em when they’re young may be a good campaign for Seventeen magazine to generate advertising revenue, but when it comes to a nation like India, it definitely would lead to a lot more. It doesn’t matter if there are goliaths, fire dragons, or monstrous scheming competitors in your path, the perfect advertising idea can create a ball of invincibility around you, and take you right to the top. Using this concept, customers could pick up their favourite jeans and pay for it in instalments. And better it did, because now the customer could keep their money, and wear a new pair of jeans.

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