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Children are uniquely sensitive to their surrounding environment, so spaces designed for them should be as healthy and bright as possible. The design is focused on creating an active learning environment where groups can collect or break up within the spaces without being cut off.
The best part of the design is the southern face of the school, which has multiple entrances along the stepped back rooms to facilitate connectivity to the outdoors. Underground earthtube air intakes provide fresh pre-tempered air, which is heated or cooled before entering the building.
If you love celebrating that the kids are 100 days smarter, we’ve also got another curated list of the 25 best free 100th day of school printable activities and worksheets that includes free printables for 100 days of school certificates, crowns, 100 days of school bookmarks, 100 days of school activity sheets and more.
You might simply choose to bring in 100 items in a Ziploc bag or you might choose to get creative, fancy, and go all out as you can organize your 100 items on a poster board, in a flower pot, on a t-shirt, or however you desire to showcase your child’s creativity and hard work.
Have a blast with your 100 Days of School Project Idea and I hope our suggestions inspire you.

The 25 Best Free 100th Day of School Printable Activities and Worksheets 100 Days smarter! My granddaughter has the one hundred days poster in make for this frday at edison local school district.
The new Neufeld an der Leitha Kindergarten in Burgenland, Austria showcases how new ideas for school design and sustainability go hand in hand. The entire school has an underfloor heating system to keep the kids’ toes toasty on winter days. Depending on your child’s assignment or enthusiasm, the effort you put into the 100 days of school project can range from minimal to intense! And let’s face it – depending on what your kid decides to do will really determine your effort in the whole thing!
My kids seriously really look forward to their completing their 100 days of school project so it’s a great opportunity to have some fun crafting with your kids and get them excited to present a project of their own at school to their class.

Colleen and the Classy Mommy website have been featured on Fox News, Good Morning America, The New York Times, Parenting Magazine, The New York Post, local Philadelphia ABC, CBS, and NBC programs. The exterior is covered in a wooden louvered pergola which protects the glass and the play area from the sun while binding the stepped room sections together. Natural light is another central binding element in the school, which features a copious number of drop-down skylights integrated into the ceiling, adding an unusually lively ambience to the space.

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