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While it's always good to have the essentials like Spotify and Uber, there's also some impressive newcomers like Humin, which acts like your digital butler, and Elevate, which helps you improve your focus, speaking skills, and memory. To help you get started, we've collected the best apps to get your Android phone ready for action. There are many photographers who use Adobe Lightroom and now you can also use it on mobile.
Autodesk is a well-known supplier of creative software and their Sketchbook Pro app is a long time mainstay in the artistic community.
The Pose Tool 3D collection is a reference tool that artists can use to draw various things. RoughAnimator is a long time favorite here at Android Authority and it even made our list of the best indie apps of 2014. Nice list, just make sure if your using a phone like the note 4 you check the samsung app store first because those versions are tailored for the stylus.
Much like their Lightroom mobile app, the Photoshop app can’t hold a candle to the desktop version.
It boasts professional grade features including full-screen work spaces, up to 2500% zoom, more than 10 brushes, Dropbox support, and more features are unlockable by creating a (free) SketchBook account. It features a rather complex layering system, plenty of drawing implements, selection tools, transform tools, and even custom hot keys. Handy Art Reference Tool is a tool that artists, colorists, and other artistic ventures can use to draw hands. LayerPaint is for phones while LayerPaint HD is specifically made for tablets with 7-inch screens or larger. It has direct support for its stylus and includes a decent selection of brushes, canvas types, and more. This is an animation application where you can draw each frame and then combine the frames to create a cartoon.

As such, it has some of the features of the full version including up to 2500% zoom, layer support (3 layers), 15 preset brushes, and more. It doesn’t have the gargantuan number of features that others have, but there is still a decent selection. Much like the other free selections, Sketch Master is a bit limited but still has seven brushes, unlimited layers, various editing tools, import from various places, and various color options.
It’s also one of the few hobbies and jobs out there where you can express yourself how you want. If you pay for premium, you’ll have over 100 brushes, pencils, pens, markers, etc, layers, more advanced settings, and far more extra stuff. The only (potentially) negative thing about Clover Paint is the admittedly difficult learning curve. Both versions have various tools and brushes to create amazing pieces of art although this seems to be more of an animation app than something for painters. You can contort, change, and move things around to get the pose you want so you can draw it in your comic, drawing, etc. Some other fun features include the ability to create, animate, and set your own live wallpaper, multiple brushes, and more. There are 12 brushes, basic tools, multiple modes, and you can even order physical prints of your artwork sent to your door for an extra cost. Pros will likely need something more complex and deep but semi pros and hobbyists should see enough here to keep them engaged. If you use a Samsung or NVIDIA device (or any other device with an integrated stylus), don’t forget to check out the stock sketch and drawing apps for those devices because they may have some features that support that specific stylus that these others may not! I’ve tried other painting apps but after sometimes i end up going back to sketchbook. There’s also a layer clipping, perspective, and line stabilizer feature not usually found in android art apps.

Believe it or not, you can produce art from your Android devices with these great Android apps for artists.
The app comes with painting effects, filter brushes, text effects (such as drop shadows), and syncing to the desktop version for heavier editing if need be. However, once you learn how to make your way around the app, it’s a fantastic and deep art app that has the potential to help you draw some excellent stuff.
You can then rotate the hand and change the lighting to get the proper lighting and shadows.
The tablet version comes with some additional features including support for NVIDIA and Samsung styluses. The other two are for Manga (anime and manga style character poses) and Horse (for horses). You have unlimited layers, onion skinning, and even the ability to import audio so you can incorporate voice overs. It’s a tad more simple than most but completes well with something like SketchBook Express. You can also sync everything to your desktop so you can use the Lightroom desktop application too. This is useful because hands are admittedly difficult to draw and this helps you plan and reference a hand for you to draw.
The apps for a little expensive but they are considered the best 3D reference tools on Android and we agree with that assessment.
It also comes with S-Pen support (and other pressure sensitive styluses and devices) and you can export to QuickTime video, GIF, or image sequence.

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