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In this edition of Viral Pictures of the Week, we examine cute dogs, creepy babies, bizarre Craigslist ads, and a plastic surgery nightmare. Timberland PRO is an industry leader of premium-quality footwear for working professionals who require the best comfort and protection on the job. Product Demonstrations – Visitors can view product demos about the Timberland PRO Endurance workboot and find out more about the boot’s specific features.
Canal+ and advertising agency BETC from Paris have released this hilarious video commercial recently.
The brand is one of our favorite, because it always pleases the audience with the funniest spots. Geico and The Martin Agency have released this hilarious video spot recently, that has gone viral immediately. The aforementioned winner of the best Super Bowl ad according to the USA Today Ad Meter is guaranteed to leave you in tears. Which commercials did you think deserved to be considered the best Super Bowl ads of the night?

In today’s world, where one in every three company offers the same products as yours, it is important to stand out. The purpose of this campaign is not only to sell shoes, but also to promote the brand as a leader in manufacturing quality boots which keep workers on their feet and improves their performance at work. At the end of the contest, a grand prize winner from the weekly winners selected by Timberland PRO will receive a $1,000 American Express gift card and a pair of Timberland PRO Endurance workboots for themselves and four friends.
The expedition is very strenuous and exhausting – everyone is doing their best, as their energy is running out with each step they make.
It also featured Seinfeld’s arch nemesis Newman stopping by to rub in the fact that Jerry and George were not invited to the same party he was attending (well, George anyway). The ex-NFL star who was famously cut by the New York Jets after last season has filled his free time, according to T-Mobile with an assortment of really cool new jobs. The ad features an adorable young puppy that gets adopted, but keeps coming back to the farm to visit one of the signature Clydesdale horses that he befriends.
Dad has searched for the best car insurance deal and found that with Geico he could save up to 15%.

Finally, when they reach the destination, they get a big welcome by Dora the explorer and her little monkey.
As bad as the actual game that took place between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos was last night, at least we had a good time in between plays judging which Super Bowl Ad we thought was the best. In one segment, Tebow is seen delivering a baby in a hospital, while in another he’s tracking down the elusive creature known as Bigfoot. Although, most companies understand this fact, they forget to harness the full power of print ads. Timberland PRO will also support the effort via social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, as well as through local market radio promotions. Even though another NFL team doesn’t appear willing to put up with the Tim Tebow circus, television viewers seem to be more than happy to.

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