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Movie clappers vector or clapperboard vector would be a nice addition when editing presentations, videos and images. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it.
A tripod is certainly an important piece of equipment but the camera's point of view is limited by it's placement and height. Moving image can provide it's Steadicam Zephyr package and an experienced operator at an incredibly affordable price. Movie Madness purchased this wonderful dress in 1999 from a Sotheby’s Auction in Hollywood.
Julie Andrews, wearing the dress while singing “Do-Re-Mi” with the Von Trapp children, in a scene from THE SOUND OF MUSIC.

Another thing that sets us apart from other video stores is the way we organize our movies. Choose from clapperboard vector blank template to personalize, cartoon clapperboard, Hollywood movie clapper and much more. Andrews wore this beautiful dress in the sequence where she sings “Do-Re-Mi” with the Von Trapp children.
It was previously owned by Actress Jane Winters who obtained this dress from 20th Century Fox. Once you have used a Steadicam on one of your productions you won't be able to do without one! Movie Madness has been set up by people who are passionate about movies and the history of cinema, and we think that the way we have things arranged here makes it easier for you to quickly and easily discover new favorites when browsing our inventory.

Many great filmmakers have their own sections under Classic Directors, Hollywood Directors (modern), Independent Filmmakers, Foreign Directors, Cult Directors and Horror Directors. If a director has a section in our store, all of their films will be located together in that particular filmmaker's section.
Any production will benefit from the Steadicam's unique ability to give the viewer a point of view so smooth and real it will feel as though they are actually there!
At Movie Madness, you'll find whole director's catalogues alongside each other, for your convenience.

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