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Thanks to Small Business Monthly readers for nominating us,  and congratulations to the many Midtown Alley firms who made the list — we’re in good company. Welcome to the TOKY Blog — where we write about our work, our design and content industry, and our own creative lives. In these firms marketing has become much less about managing events and coordinating proposals, and much more about driving and managing 3 critical flows across the firm.
Ultimately, successful marketing increasingly depends on the firm's ability to cultivate, develop, and drive this flow of knowledge from the firm to its clients via the firm’s website and offline marketing efforts. While the firm’s knowledge is its most valuable marketing asset, firm’s also have a lot of information they manage in relation to their marketing efforts.
The third and final flow is the flow of data and intelligence from the firm’s marketing activities back to its marketing and business development teams in the form of useful insight.
With a little bit of work, marketing technology has the ability to tell marketers useful information that can help them invest more resources in the right areas and less in the wrong areas.
How does a client engage with our marketing activities at various stages of their buying journey? What indicators do we have that a client is close to engaging in a new capital investment if we don’t already have that information from our traditional business development efforts? How do our best clients first interact with our firm’s marketing efforts and our firm’s website? Which marketing activities lead to the best new client conversations and project leads for our business development folks?
By flowing this intelligence back into systems that a firm’s business development people interact with everyday (like the firm’s CRM or intranet), marketing technology has the ability to make business development people more successful by giving them useful information to drive their activities and conversations. What aspects of our firm’s marketing efforts (portfolio, people, process or thought leadership) has this potential client spent the most time with? Firm profiles allow you to feature all of the most important and impactful information that existing and potential clients want to know about your firm. Showcase your firm’s "Best Law Firms" selection by advertising on the "Best Law Firms" website. Allow us to create a fully customized portfolio for your firm or practice area that can be used digitally or in print format as many times as you’d like. The ultimate way to show off your "Best Law Firms" or “Law Firm of the Year” selection for your office or home is with a commemorative plaque or crystal.

People are visiting your site all the time and this may even make you more likely to get customers or regulars who like what you're doing.
Our team has a extensive experience in the industry, and our Best Web Design Firms & Website Design Awards are now one of the fastest growing!
Pregaming before pregaming for the #STLADDYs in just a few hours (because an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure).
Celebrating the accomplishments of our wonderful team and Cheers to another magnificent year in 2016! As I see it, a group of firms have emerged that are approaching marketing in a very different, more strategic, more effective way. It's focused on building accretive knowledge over time to build an organization that’s sustainably different, translating that knowledge into thought leadership to express that difference in a meaningful way, and investing in technology to make the whole process more effective, more efficient and more intelligent. Ultimately, the firms that win the best work will be the ones that are able to express a tangibly different and unique point of view on issues that matter to a client on their particular project.
Or, it can flow from a systemic process established in the firm to mine the tacit knowledge of its subject matter experts in relation to their projects and client work. Leading edge firms are investing in Knowledge Management solutions, like Synthesis, to function as the central hub of this flow.
This includes things like staff resumes, teaming information, project scopes, project details and project imagery.
Instead of managing a project summary inside a CRM and doing it again inside their website CMS, they’re connecting these systems together so they can manage the information in one place and flow it to all the places it needs to be used.
This flow is enabled by investments in various forms of marketing technology — systems like marketing automation — that enable firms to get more insight into how clients interact with the firm’s marketing activities in relation to their buying journey.
Every day it looks much less like an individual department and much more like a coordinated set of activities, process and skills shared across a variety of the firm’s functional areas. Details include Client Comments, Firm Size & History, Fee Practices, Pro Bono Work, Diversity, Awards Received by the Firm, Offices, Contacts and more. Tell the world about your "Best Law Firms" selection in this fully customizable brochure which can tell your firm’s story in your words at a price that will not break your marketing budget.
News - Best Lawyers "Best Law Firms" and “Law Firm of the Year” badges can be used to promote your firm’s prestigious selection for 2016.
On the website development side, Rocket Media focuses on content writing, custom designs and email marketing campaigns.

When you don't have the right type of site or it doesn't look at all professional, this can hinder the amount of people who are actually visiting it on a routine basis. When two firms demonstrate roughly equivalent levels of experience for a project, the firm to the left is the one that has the ability to demonstrate a higher level of expertise. All this information tends to have use both inside and outside the firm, and a lot of firms manage it that way — multiple versions of the same information, housed in multiple places with no coordinated intersection.
This amoeba like model is spawning a variety of new specialist roles in the firm — critical roles that may not fall under the function of a traditional marketing department, but are critical to the firm’s marketing success. On the internet marketing side, Rocket Media's attention is given to search engine optimization and its effect on lead conversions. When you make the decision to hire Aesthetic Brand Marketing, this is one of the best things you can possibly do for your own benefit. Sometimes this information is organized in a cobbled mix of file shares and other times it's locked up in a variety of disparate systems. And, it increases the accuracy of what the firm is presenting to the market by simplifying the management of information.
This one-time purchase gives you as much usage of the badge as you would like for one full year.
Increasing organic results and improving the client's ranking in search engines is a critical aspect to Rocket Media's internet marketing efforts.
They will work on all aspects of your site so that it is more likely that people are going to make use of it for your own benefit. Specifically, keywords and links are intelligently interspersed throughout the client's website to yield the best results on Google and other popular search engines. Aesthetic Brand Marketing is a wonderful site to use, so make sure that you get in touch with them if you have questions that need to be answered.
It's been shown that the landing pages and customized content that Rocket Media provides enhances their clients' conversion rates.
The content management systems (CMS) that Rocket Media puts into its new websites ensures that clients can make updates and even add additional webpages down the road.

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