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We've compiled a side-by-side comparison of five of the best-known and longest-established email marketing systems on the market. If you're looking for the best email software, you can definitely strike Outlook off your list. We have researched a lot and have come up with some of the very popular and widely used tools and programs that are being used by most of the online marketers today. The below described marketing tools are either in the form of software or they are web based or both types! In particular, the content marketing and PPC plans offered by Directive Consulting are quite effective in improving the Returns on Investment spend on internet marketing. It is important to note that no business needs traffic that doesn’t get converted into sales, and Digital Current is keen to ensure that the traffic generated is likely to make purchases. SEO is dynamic and Boostability offers SEO packages that understands this ever changing nature of search engine optimization and keeps businesses up-to-the-minute on the various SEO practices. The amount of web traffic on a website gives a clear indication of the websites’ net worth. This is so because this software allows you to transform your website promotion methods into the Free Traffic Generator links and you are ready to go. If you want your website to go viral, then you can’t ignore the traffic generation services offered by traffic swirl.
We all know that if a business is not marketing itself and getting involved in innovations, then it is as good as dead. All your social media accounts are displayed in multiple streams, making the marketing plan as easy as ABC. Sprout social allows small businesses to engage their social communities in their businesses easily. The publishing tools and analytics offered by Sprout social are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer to ensure that the needs of all customers are met to their satisfaction.
Since 1984, Windward Point Of Sale has continued to provide solutions to small businesses which want to reach their full potential.
If you are looking for customer-centric features that will move your business to the next level, Team support is the way to go.
By managing your contacts and scheduling your activities effectively, you are able to simplify your business for your own benefit and make success an automatic transition. Teamgate offers small businesses cloud-based intelligent CRM system that serves the salient needs of growth and development of businesses.
Additionally, the team gate team walks with its clients all the way from the beginning to the end, assisting them wherever there is need. You only need 10 minutes to set up AmoCRM and join the world of the most intuitive web-based Customer Relations Management in the market today.

Do you need to promote your small business with the help of Digital Marketing, SEO, CRM, and Social Media Marketing? And, marketing software, programs, and tools are the strongest arms of any digital marketing that perform the every kind of task related to business growth sales. No marketer can survive or be really successful without the usages of such software program tools as mentioned below. Any link is transformed into a traffic link and you can track signups and sales conversions for any link. These ads can be customized to suit the needs of the visitors who can then click on them and get directed to suitable landing pages.
The availability of a free plan adds color to the already good package, but there is a paid plan that offer more refined features. The businesses environment is very competitive nowadays, and Windward Point of Sale is keen to make sure that businesses start, grow and thrive to full potential. This is a customer service software that meets all your needs, and makes your customers feel appreciated and valued.
This is a very powerful tool for performance analysis as well as integration with other important services for businesses such as voice calling, analytics and reporting. Plus, most US-based software will only permit the use of subscribers who have positively opted-in (sometimes even double opted-in) to your mailing list.
Not only can you can send automated appointment reminders via phone, text and email, but you can also send up to 100 postcards a month for free.
Waitlist messaging, for example, helps you fill last-minute cancellations by texting a list of willing patients.
They also get your practice listed in local directories, which can help you get more leads and boost your website page rank in search engines. Lighthouse 360 is cheaper, but when you factor in the cost of phone calls, the difference can be marginal. You can send your patients a survey to fill out, then post the positive reviews directly to your website or a separate microsite. Or, you can have patients automatically sent a request to review your practice on Google+, Yelp, Angie’s List or whatever review site you prefer.Facebook Marketing.
Each program does this differently, so we’ll get into Facebook integration in the next section.Some of the additional tools that vary between the 3 programs are postcard reminders, directory listings, one-on-one marketing consultations and advanced messaging tools. Here’s how they compare:You can send up to 100 direct-mail postcards a month at no extra charge. You also get up to 100 phone calls with a professionally-recorded appointment reminder and unlimited SMS texting and emailing. PracticeMojo, along with the other 2 programs, offers Family Messaging, which means only 1 member of the family is sent an appointment reminder if, say, a parent has appointments for 3 children.PracticeMojo has a few unique marketing tools.

For example, if you want to hold a Halloween candy buy back event, the team at Practice Mojo will design postcards, emails, Facebook promotions and in-office signage to make it happen.They also have two add-on products for an additional price.
They’ll work with you to write pages about your services, and even provide 3 dozen videos about your dental procedures. The “LeadFire” add on helps boost leads by creating SEO-optimized landing pages and posting them in top directories.
The price is around $35 per lead, with no setup charges.Lighthouse 360 also offers direct-mail postcards, but at a cost of $1 each. You also have to pay for each phone reminder, although SMS and emails are unlimited.Lighthouse360 has a few advanced features I didn’t find offered by PracticeMojo. For example, “Wait List Messaging” lets you fill appointments that are canceled last-minute by automatically texting a list of patients that are waiting for an opening. Lighthouse360 will also list your practice on over 50 business directories, so you can get more leads and increase your pagerank in search engines. Like Lighthouse 360, they offer “Wait List Messaging” and list your practice in over 250 business directories.SolutionReach also has an iPad app you can use to view patient information and share healthcare articles.
Here’s how they compare:PracticeMojo will build you a Facebook page (if you don’t have one already) with a custom cover photo and apps for customers to post reviews and request appointments. PracticeMojo also sends you ideas for content twice a week so you can keep your Facebook page active.Lighthouse 360 also builds you a Facebook page with custom branding, although I did not find anything about accepting appointment requests.
One unique feature is that you can post photos to Facebook directly from Lighthouse 360 dashboard, as well as to your website and local directory listings.Like PracticeMojo, you get an app to add to your Facebook page that lets patients submit appointment requests.
Like, Lighthouse 360, you can post directly to Facebook (as well as Twitter) straight from your dashboard. PracticeMojo, Lighthouse 360 and SolutionReach all support the major practice management platforms, including Dentrix and Eaglesoft.
If you use a less-common program, however, then you may need to go with SolutionReach, as they support the largest number of integrations.Setup time varies between the 3 programs. After which you can login and speak with customer support at your leisure to fine tune settings.Lighthouse 360 syncs with 34 different platforms (see here). Setup takes 3 to 5 days.SupportAll 3 programs have phone and email support available during extended business hours (roughly 8am to 7pm EST).

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