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Doubleclick of Advertisers: Google owns Doubleclick for Advertisers, which is a smart application to monitor all digital marketing campaigns.
Zedo: Zedo is an online display campaign-monitoring tool and has become quite popular in the market.
Moz: Moz is not a digital marketing tool but works better for SEO and Social Media campaigns. Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. It's great Scott has the passion to update this each year given the speed at which technology changes. Here, for comparison is theA 2015 Marketing technology landscape infographicA which we think provides a great framework to help managers think through the best technology to improve their marketing and to review the leading technology vendors in each category. Ita€™s a retina-burning infographic, which doesna€™t look great on a blog or on a printer, but if you click to expand you can see its value and impact - it prompts you to ask "How do we make sense of this - what does it mean for us - what should we be using which we're not currently?!" There's good categorisation of all the tools too.
The tool is useful in its own right, but I think ita€™s useful to prompt marketers to think about how they manage the complexity and range of options in technology which I explore in this post. Marketing Operations a€” the tools and data for managing the a€?back-officea€? of marketing, such as analytics, MRM, DAM, and agile marketing management. Marketing Middleware such as DMPs, CDPs, tag management, cloud connectors, user management, and API services.
Marketing Backbone Platforms such as CRM, marketing automation, content management, and e-commerce engines.
Infrastructure services such as databases, big data management, cloud computing, and software development tools.
Internet services such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter that underlie todaya€™s marketing environment. Beyond this, there are many other implications about how you select technology or make recommendations to your clients.
Scott also has another post covering the implications for aligning technology and business strategyA - showing how the two are intertwined (option c) rather than a top-down approach of business or marketing strategy and then find technology to support it (option a). Trying to maintain a classic org chart—or, heaven-forbid, to redesign your business based on one—causes much more harm than good. It should be intuitive that, in order to manage and scale your business, you need a sound organizational design. Changing an organizational structure can be very challenging because there’s a lot of inertia tied up in the status quo. Organizational structure defines the purpose, accountabilities, and key performance indicators (KPIs) for each business function and role. An org chart shows each person’s job title and may include HR stuff like job requirements. Once correctly defined, a structure changes infrequently—for example, when there’s a change in strategy like a new product initiative or a move up to a new stage in the execution lifecycle. To repeat, you don’t need an org chart to scale your business, but you do need a well-designed organizational structure. Prior to this organizational redesign, the company had stalled out in its growth trajectory and the culture was deteriorating.
In the structure above, each large grey box represents the major functions of the business. Only after the design is set up correctly for the chosen strategy—again, independently of the individuals involved—should you assign accountability for each function. It doesn’t matter how many staff a given organizational function has, whether 1 or 1000+. While there is an art form in facilitating a process to help the team opt into their new roles in the structure, the first step is always to create teamwide recognition and commitment to the right strategy and structural design before addressing who is will be taking on which roles and hats.
In other words, creating unarguable accountability for the key organizational functions must also be matched with an information-sharing and decision-making process that creates radical transparency and rapid execution across the organization.
Every effective organizational design, no matter its shape, is an attempt to clarify accountability and move the organization forward in its chosen direction with little lost time and energy in its momentum. Now that you have a basic appreciation for organizational structure, it should be clear that there’s also a need for managing the people within that structure. Unlike a traditional HRMS that is title-centric, you’ll want to modify your HRMS so that it is role-centric. This HRMS creates an organizational tree that calls out the major and minor roles of the company as reflected in the structure.

Having a role-centric HRMS based on the design of the structure gives you the best of both worlds.
Marketing Case Study are one of the most powerful ways for a brand owner to demonstrate what it delivers rather than what it offers.
Writing a Marketing case study is not about touting your product features, but about the customer problem, the solution, and finally the results.
For example, did they research the market; draw up a short list of potential solution providers? At this part of the case study you need to create quotes from the customer or client and quotes from your own organization that provides some “color” to the story. It’s also important to have numbers or statistics (measurable stuff) which back up and validate what is said you have delivered.
Using these stakeholders own quotes will be powerful (and permission from the customer or client will be required). Read previous post:Marketing Campaign is Time-consuming Challenge For MarketersSuccessful Marketing campaigns aren't created on an ad hoc basis, they are thought about and planned in detail.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. To make things easier for you, the good people at Sprout Social have created this infographic detailing demographics on the most popular social networks. Join our mailing list to receive social media tips & news delivered to your inbox 2x a month. Online marketers would depend on traditional analytic tools for campaign analysis and monitoring e.g. You can compare your site with the competitor’s site with respect to various data like backlinks, domain score, page rank, social media data, nofollow links, dofollow links, anchor phrases, keyword ranking etc. You've almost certainly seen one of the earlier iterations since it has been widely shared.
It prompts that "OMG how do I cope fear" amongst marketers and business owners due to its complexity, so watch this space for a new useful infographic from the team at Smart Insights which looks at marketing tools across the RACE framework.
Do you need one or the other—or both—to manage your business?” I get asked different versions of this question a lot.
You do not need a classic org chart—that constantly-changing and almost instantly-out-of-date diagram that shows names, job titles, and lines of reporting responsibilities. So drop the classic org chart and instead embrace the principles of effective organizational structure combined with a role-centric HRMS. Individual perceptions of job status, internal politics, titles, compensation, and desired career paths can make changing your structure seem complicated, if not daunting. And sure, there are key elements of a classic org chart that you’ll want to maintain in a role-centric HRMS to make the job of managing staff, budgets, and HR stuff easier. Before you even start the design, you first take any consideration for people and titles off the table.
The team was suffering from role confusion, unclear accountabilities, a lack of real strategic priorities, and stalled execution. What matters at this conceptual stage of the design is that a single person, whether as a dedicated role or wearing a temporary hat, is held accountable for the success of that area of the business.
This shorthand code allows the company to have a shared definition of some key management requirements for each role, as well as the type of leader who is best suited to own it.
Actually, any pre-existing silos in the business disappear with the adoption of an effective team-based decision making process that creates transparency and cohesion, therefore bringing the new organizational structure to life.
You can read more about tying strategy, structure, and execution together in Parts III and IV of my book Organizational Physics: The Science of Growing a Business. You may be thinking, “Wait, do we really need a hierarchy in our organizational design? Rather than trying to translate the structure into a classic org chart with names, titles and lines of reporting, keep the HR stuff in your human resources management system (HRMS). He's grown from co-founder and CEO of the world's largest affiliate marketing company to follow his passion as CEO Coach to the world's next generation of expansion-stage companies.
It can be nice to include some lessons learned also, so long as they don’t reflect poorly on your company or your product. This is the evidential basis part of the case study and in many respects one of the most important ingredients. There are a lot of them, but the answer to that question largely depends on where your customers are located.

I love it because it's a USEFUL infographic - it prompts marketers to review their current Marketing Technology and take action to improve their Marketing Technology Stack.A It has been so well received that Scott has even spun-off a series of Marketing Technology conferencesA - Scott invited me to speak at Martech Europe last year to speak and, funnily enough, I spoke about using Martech to manage Content Marketing - this is a great example! Technology is a significant marketing investment, so it needs a structured, not piecemeal approach. Define a process and template for technology business case that avoids wastage and duplication and prioritises the technologies that will give the biggest returns.
One approach to reduce complexity is to use all-in-one solutions such as the Marketing Cloud services that many of the large technology companies like Oracle, Salesforce and Adobe are now offering.
Open source can give significant savings in some areas such as content management or video hosting. Many companies set themselves up for failure by attempting to redesign the organization from an existing org chart. You start with a blank slate and think through the functions the business must perform to succeed in its chosen growth strategy now and over time. 5000 Fastest Growing Company that I helped to redesign as part of my strategic execution coaching program.
The blue boxes under each major function capture some of the high-level KPIs for that functional area. It helps tremendously with hiring and creating role alignment and satisfaction among the staff.
Keeping the HR stuff in the HRMS, while also having the HRMS mirror the design of the structure itself, allows you to have the best of both worlds.
Notice that the Role Entry includes the purpose, accountabilities, and top KPIs for that role. As your organization grows and develops, having this role-centric mindset creates flexibility to move people into roles where they are needed in that moment, without being so caught up in job titles and the status quo.
Digital marketing has completely changed the face of marketing in general and traditional offline marketers are jumping on to the digital bandwagon in a big way.
Now the digital marketing scene has changed and one needs to focus on each campaign being run e.g.
They provide various softwares like analytics, blogging, email, landing page, social media, seo, marketing automation etc. Or is it an opportunity to use technology to compete and create more relevant engaging customer experiences than your rivals. In larger companies this needs to be centralised to a great degree to avoid maverick purchases. But these may be overkill for some businesses who may be best using simpler tools, for example, an email service provider rather than a full-blown marketing automation system.
If a technology isna€™t used by the business to get the value from it, then thata€™s bad management, not the fault of the technology or vendor.
Customisation is needed, so encouraging ongoing adoption is key, although not all technology vendors support this as well. Knowing the answers—and approaching your organizational design the right way—is mission-critical to scaling your business.
Two years after the redesign, revenues were up 40% and net profits up 30%, the culture was restored, and the organization is now much easier (not to mention more a lot more fun) to manage. Calling out the KPIs in the structure helps to bring clarity and focus to the structural discussion and ultimate adoption of new roles by the individuals involved.
To wit, if I was to gather together the fiercest proponents of hierarchy-less management structures, they would soon form into a new hierarchy of total believers over semi-believers. As the structure changes, people are reassigned and roles are added and deleted, as appropriate. This article provides our top tips for writing a compelling marketing case study that will drive sales. Traditional tools are not useful to track leads as they provide limited stats about campaigns. Some tools would help you decipher as to why your campaign has failed and suggests the type of optimization that is needed.

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