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Do you want to know where actually the best places to advertise your small business online?
If you are nodding your head while reading these questions, it’s a sign that you should read this article until the end.
You can use all of these places for best results, or choose some of the best places most suitable for you. If you advertise using Adwords, your ads will be created in the form of images and text that targets the specific people for specific keywords. Since this also uses a search engine like Google Adwords, there is no significant difference between Google Adwords and Microsoft Ad Center. The difference is that Microsoft Ad Center uses Bing search engine to put your ads on search engine results. You can save a little bit dollars that could be used on something more useful, or you can use it for advertise your business even further. For small business owners, advertise on Facebook is a gold mine that would be a pity if it missed. Even though no one clicks your ad, you can still get the benefits by letting your ad seen by many Facebook users. One interesting thing about promoted tweets is the advertiser only pay when the tweets get retweeted or clicked by other users. However, these types of advertising have not quite affordable prices for some small business owners. Therefore, Twitter has recently launched a small business advertising program that has a price that is more affordable for small business owners to advertise on Twitter.
One of the disadvantages of advertising on LinkedIn is the cost quite expensive when compared to the cost of the platform that listed here. So, I would recommend you to use LinkedIn Ads if you offer professional services that target high-value B2B clients.
Apart from being a place to advertise your small business online, you can also use StumbleUpon to increase your website traffic as well.
If you want to use StumbleUpon as a place to advertise your business, then you can use an advertising platform called Paid Discovery.
Your website will appear in accordance with the interests that have been previously selected. Tips for you: It would be better if you use StumbleUpon to promote products or services that have general appeal.
Note for you: Some of the above programs usually have free credit or discounts for new advertisers.
If you still don’t find it, here the ultimate way – contact them directly and ask if they can provide one for you.
Due to fierce competition, they would appreciate and give credit to you because you have chosen their program. In simple terms you simply contact the bloggers which have a good blog related to your niche and ask if they provide services to advertise on their blogs. If you are lucky, you can get a good offer from blogs with high traffic and they don’t charge too much for it. So, the simple advice that I can give to you is put your efforts to optimize your website as a long-term plan and paid advertising as your short-term plan. About Latest Posts Follow MeNanda RahmaniusI'm a Blogger, Internet Marketer and Online Entrepreneur who Work at Home Online.
Thanks for sharing this, and I’m glad someone is having success on some of these networks.
These advertising platforms are really result oriented and useful to promote your small business online.
What an amazing post you have posted, yep all the 6 places that you mentioned here for advertising our small business are very helpful, I think facebook and twitter is the best places where we can advertise our small business worldwide and get a good response. All of these options may not work but one or two will do well for you and that is the one you run with and bring in the business.
Another great technique is to get a banner made and advertise on sites in your niche through BuySellAds.
Great of you to share these networks though since I’m not really up on all that are out there.
Google Adword and Facebook Adverts is the best place so far to advertise both small and large scale business. I read this whole attractive content in this article and i find so many useful things to grow in a business.
You see Nanda I’ll writing a blog post on how to promote a new product and just came here to find out you have written a similar post. Enstine Muki recommend you to read >> How CashDonator is helping me make money – My experience! I hope you can find something useful as an additional resource in making your next blog post. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Google AdWords and Bing Ads (Yahoo, Bing Network) make up the top tier or primary search engines for pay-per-click advertising.

Although it receives the most traffic by far and is the most popular engine, Google AdWords may or may not work for your organization. Although it has large amounts of traffic, its ad network doesn’t have quite the numbers that AdWords and Bing Ads do. With varying ad format options, LinkedIn is another second tier advertising platform to consider. With paid advertising platforms, you have quite a few options beyond the few examples provided here. About the Author Latest PostsAbout Jan EliasonWith nearly 13 years of digital marketing experience both in-house and with agencies, Jan has managed nearly all facets of digital marketing, including search engine optimization, paid search, and shopping portal management. One size does not fit all, either in the choice of advertising platforms or in the type of company to which they might apply. Related Posts 6 Simple Steps to Start Your First PPC CampaignHow To Create Your PPC Keyword List in 4 Easy StepsWhat Is Ad Retargeting and How Can It Help You? Buzzing on Boost Drew Whitmill on How to Target the Correct Country in Search Consolejohn on How to Target the Correct Country in Search ConsoleMark Arambula on SEO Q&A: How Often is Google Crawling my Website?
If Youtube was it’s own search engine it would control about 15% of the search market. A recent study shows it’s common for people to believe they use Facebook but not the internet. Yahoo is the second biggest search engine next to Google and just like Google they sell advertisements alongside their search results.
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Top Surfer - Traffic Exchange - This advertising location is not free but very affordable at only $10 for 4,000 visitors to your website. When you join Herculist you will instantly receive your personal Herculist site for your MLM Multi-Level Network Marketing Opportunity business. Ultimate Cycler is a simple 2×2 cycler with a direct member-to-member compensation plan that pays out 100% instant commissions.
Fan Page Marketing System For YOUR Program Having YOU & YOUR Fan Page As The Only One In The Directory.
If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. Keep calm, this article will tell you the best places to advertise your small business online. However, if you don’t have much budget for this, you can choose the best of the best place as you wish.
If you win the auction, your ads will appear when those keywords are typed in the Google search box. If you experience such problems, Google facilitates small business owners to easily set up a campaign using Google Adwords Express. One of the advantages of advertising on LinkedIn is your ads will reach very specific people. You simply create your profile, choose your interests, and you can immediately start stumbling. If your product has a specific appeal, Facebook Advertising or PPC is the right choice for it.
Just in case, if you don’t find anything like that on their website, you can search online to see if there are any codes or anything that you can use. Surely there will be bloggers out there who use their blog to help promote your business even with cheap price.
It takes hard work, patience and persistence in order to gain high rankings in search engines. I can definitely vouch for StumbleUpon, and Facebook can lead to great results if used correctly. If we can use these advertising platforms well and properly, the result will inevitably be felt immediately. They have a lot of members and a very fitting to be used as a tool to advertise our business. It will vary depending on how competitive your keywords are and how well these keywords convert. Since its inception in 1999, 7Search has been leading the group of second tier search engines. Retargeting stretches your marketing campaign further by using cookies to place your display ad in front of people who have already expressed interest in your business. You can target your customers based on specific categories and subcategories that help your business find its niche, as well as certain geographies like your city, county, and region. The beauty of Facebook ads, however, is that you can target your audience with demographic and interest (categories of interest) data. You can continue using these platforms and add more traffic and potential leads by incorporating some second tier engines into the mix. Although they don’t have the marketing dominance Yahoo is making somewhat of a comeback in the search space since Firefox ditched Google as their default search engine in favor of them.

Some of the positive things about Bing’s platform are things like lower average costs per click and also less stringent guidelines.
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Each lead capture page will have a series of autoresponder messages that will be sent over a period of days, even weeks, keeping the lead you generate informed of your intention of doing business with them..
US Free Ads classifieds provides free classified service for your MLM Multi-Level Network Marketing Opportunity business .
Learn how I --- Harvey The Silver Fox --- make an average of $500 per day using the marketing techniques and concepts found in these FREE training videos. Facebook has generated me thousands and thousands of dollars in sales and downline members.CLICK HERE for a series of FREE Facebook and Facebook Fan Page marketing training videos those GURUS charge you hundreds of dollars for. CLICK HERE to view the listings I have built on MerchantCircle to get an idea what YOUR MerchantCircle showings should look like BUT with your info. For this reason, Google Adwords become the largest platform for Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. I think LinkedIn adds are very overrated…participating in group discussions is great. Along with the two largest paid search engines, Google AdWords and Bing Ads, there are many second tier platforms, including popular social media networks like Facebook. If the keywords you are bidding on have high costs-per-click (CPCs) and the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) is too high, you either need to retool and better optimize your campaigns or consider moving on to a different paid search engine.
Bing Ads is the pay-per-click advertising platform that displays results on both Bing and Yahoo search engines and their smaller subsidiaries.
To date, over 40,000 advertisers have used 7Search to obtain internet traffic and generate revenue. It helps promote brand awareness, which often leads to conversions down the line. Contextual advertising selects and serves ads based on the content of a page.
With so many options for customization, SuperPages is at least worth a test if you have a local business.
Twitter can be a good second tier option for advertising; however, the average cost-per-impression (CPI) is higher than that of Facebook. Like Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to choose from many targeting options like job title, industry and company size. I recommend trying the top tier engines first due to ease of use, high traffic volume and higher conversion rates (on average). Or you can stop using the top tiers completely and focus exclusively on second tier engines. In my experience, I’ve had some keywords and ads kill it on BingAds and struggle on Adwords (and definitely vice versa).
Video ads probably give you the most bang for your buck on Youtube but can be more difficult and costly to create.
I would recommend using Reddit, as it is also a great place to find new clients and readers.
If you are in a niche where your audience doesn’t generally use Google and its subsidiaries to search, then you may need to look elsewhere to advertise. It’s a great place to drive additional traffic in a slightly less competitive marketplace than AdWords. Second tier platforms are generally less competitive, and you may find that they are more profitable for your business. For example, a page dedicated to flooring options might show ads for carpet stores or hardwood flooring. Note that Kontextua is mainly in Spanish and can be a good platform for targeting a Spanish-speaking audience.
Abandoning top tier engines may seem risky, but it could pay off since second tier engines are typically less competitive, have less expensive cost-per-click rates (on average), and often boast higher ROIs. If you have more questions about the fundamentals of paid advertising, check out this post to learn more about the first 6 steps to starting your PPC campaign. The first thing you need to know is which keywords and phrases people are searching for when looking for your products and services. That means there are certain people you will only be able to reach by advertising on Facebook. If you are looking to get REALLY CHEAP TRAFFIC to your website this location offers many cheap traffic deals. Then you need to know which of those keywords have the best return on investment in your market segment. By organizing ads to appear in the right context, you’re more likely to get conversions since your ads are targeting those looking for the same services or products.

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