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Telemarketing Lead Generation is the strongest rapport based relationship development technique that I know of. We studied our client base and put together a number of attributes that were common to our highest performing clients. The best performing lead generation campaigns have people behind them that are very clear in their intention, their offering, and the results they expect. We notice very firmly that our strongest performing clients have a clearly defined sales process. We always try to make this a standard practice to get and keep your telemarketing lead generation in the sweet spot. Actively generated leads are very different to referrals and passively attracted enquiries.
Strong clients will work out what a new client is worth to them, and they will integrate their manifestation with the actuality of investment funds versus appointment numbers, conversions, and sales revenue.
Marketing automation for B2B organizations can help potential buyers throughout the conversion process–from early stage to post-sale retention. CMOs at top-performing companies indicate that their most compelling reason for implementing marketing automation is to increase revenue (79%) and get higher quality leads (76%). Many feel that marketing automation is to make things easy… Typically this is not true. B2B marketers who implement marketing automation increase their sales-pipeline contribution by 10%.
61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly to sales; however, only 27% of those leads will be qualified. Work hard to understand your prospects buying cycle. Marketing automation make delivering the right message at the right time to the right people within the grasp of possibility for B2B marketers. Use buyer personas to build relevant processes, workflows, communications, team standards and relevancy for leads. Buyer personas are fictitious versions of your prospects, customers, influencers and users that help guide marketing and content decisions.
Not all leads need data sheets… Some need specific answers to specific questions, whereas others just need to find a way to trust your brand. Personalizing content to buyer personas: Provide more diverse and appropriate types of content to leads. Scoring leads can help marketers quickly assess the commitment and buying readiness of a lead. Sales teams may not be equipped to nurture early stage leads, therefore marketing teams can use automation systems to evolve such relationships with relevant content, interactions and timely messages.
Webintel Marketing and web design tips - This entry was posted in Knowledge Base and tagged B2B, demand generation, digital marketing, digital PR, lead generation, online marketing, SEO, social media marketing, web strategy, website. Admissions teams have long known that visiting a campus is the most important factor in solidifying a student’s decision to attend a university. The cost of travel prevents most prospects to limit their campus visits to a few colleges, if any. Virtual campus tours are the initial test that more prospects are expecting before conducting a detailed investigation. There are no real limitations as to what constitutes a virtual tour, except to ensure potential students get an accurate portrayal of campus life. Provide a window into your world – an inside view of classrooms, labs, stadiums, libraries, dorm rooms, cafeterias and student union buildings. Example: The Art Institute of Vancouver features a guided walking tour in English, Portuguese or Chinese, with additional descriptions, videos, photos, and 360-degree panoramas of selected locations. Make the back-end text and visuals easily editable to integrate new information without having to rebuild the whole tour.
If you’re looking to acquire new customers or sell more effectively to your existing customers, you can’t go wrong with email marketing. When a person visits your website or social media page, they examine your online presence before subscribing to your email list. 72% of consumers say they sign up for emails because they want to get discounts or coupons , and coupon codes or discounts are the best way to acquire new email subscribers. Customers who give you an email address in exchange for a free resource are trading their email for the resource.
The more closely your landing page copy, opt-in offer, and landing page ads (if you run them) dovetail with your primary product, the more likely it is that your email subscribers will become your customers.
The shotgun approach to marketing is to have a huge list of largely untargeted and unsegmented subscribers, and simply hope that something sticks. Once you have a well-targeted list, it’s important to segment that list into different categories. Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges for email marketers is making it past the spam filter that most email users have in their email program. When it comes to making your way past the spam filter, your autoresponder program likely has some great tools to help you lower your spam score. One of the easiest ways to get past less strict spam filters like Gmail’s Promotions filter is to elicit a response from your new subscribers. The most expertly crafted email marketing message will be ineffective if your email is never opened. In order for your subscriber to open your emails, they have to know that the coupons inside are valuable. Finally, it must be remembered that the goal in giving away coupons is to create a habit in your user of opening your emails, so the coupons must be delivered consistently. As with the coupon opt-ins, it’s important that any information you deliver be valuable, exclusive, and consistent. Reciprocity is the principle that when someone gives us something of value, we feel a sense of obligation to return the favor. The principle of liking can be summed up by the statement, “People buy from people they like.” One outstanding example of this principle is Google’s “Don’t be evil” motto. Authority is similar to social proof, but it often uses people “just like you” who provide testimonials. By Dan VirgillitoDan is a professional blogger and consultant who helps Internet startups grow with online content.
This is a great post for all, we have implemented most of the subjects above in our own email marketing platform. This white paper from Limelight, part of the Adrants white paper series, will show you best practices, tips, and solutions for turning content assets into online customer engagement and higher web conversion rates. Download this free white paper now and learn how you can implement and benefit from content marketing. Today I'm honored to be presenting a program on best practices in higher education digital communication at the Higher Learning Commissions Academic Quality Improvement Program [AQIP] conference. To mark the beginning of its second decade, the Academic Quality Improvement Program will offer an improved and enhanced pre-conference workshop at the 2011 HLC Annual Conference.
Explore what it takes to become the higher education destination your stakeholders and community look up to (OR admire? Image credit: Sorbonne and the Sky by Barbara Rozgonyi from the Paris 2010 Fall collection. Nous avons ete victime de plusieurs pillages orchestres par les voleurs en mains armees en plusieurs reprises en date du 22 septembre 2010 et a novembre de la meme annee au debut de la rentree academique 2010-2011. We looked at which clients were performing most strongly across our accounts and noticed a few things that the top performers had in common. Our strongest performing clients seem to have an ability to empathise through their telemarketing campaigns. We’ve noticed very clearly that clients with a long-term approach to telemarketing lead generation get better results. Telemarketing Lead Generation requires adaptability and an earnest willingness to seek solutions when faced with obstacles. Only when there is a clear connection between the client and our management team can we flow with the refinement process of each campaign. Develop a clear understanding of your key points of difference, and your outstanding features & their benefits.
They have structure to the process because they have broken it down and configured the best process to generate conversions.
Our strongest telemarketing clients all provide their campaign briefs, email setup, campaign payments and calendar setup in a timely and punctual manner.
Our strongest performing accounts are those clients that adhere to best practices naturally and those that learn to.
Instead, it is about helping better understand relationships, behaviors and interests by simplifying complex data.
Automation can help nurture relationships throughout the due diligence, marketing and sales process–even before they make contact.

Marketing automation helps organizations gather insights from data and build iterative processes that utilize this data. Automation, strangely enough, can help humanize a brand by helping marketers better understand the needs, interests and interactions of humans. By deciding to not evaluate and nurture leads, competitors can easily influence and win over leads that are not holding their wallets in their hand.
Understand which stage a lead is in and help them solve problems, learn more or gain insights.
Using point systems can also track where the bottle necks are in your marketing to sales process. Marketing automation helps this by viewing the relationship is a whole and gathering data on leads through a sale. Ironpaper integrates design, technology and marketing for the web to drive meaningful results for clients.
A virtual tour can’t replace the physical interaction with a college or university but it is an increasingly important student recruitment tool, particularly for international students and parents who lack the time and resources to visit a campus prior to admittance. For a student visiting 20 college websites, exploring the campus virtually helps narrow down the list to the handful they can physically visit. Online tours can be done at a prospect’s leisure, and repeated as necessary for uncertain students who may have already visited multiple campuses and seek a reminder about specific features.
While fast becoming an essential component of student marketing, limitations in time, budget and technology prevent many institutions from making the leap. The majority utilize an interactive map where users can click on identifiable campus landmarks for a closer look with photography, videos and text. Consider including special study areas, unique student activities, cultural attractions and community interactions that set your school apart. An inset window shows your location on a Google Map, and call-to-action buttons (Request Info, Schedule Visit, Apply Online, Learn More) are always prominent on the left side. Encourage prospective students to take the next step by providing links to schedule a visit, ask questions, find more information, interact on social media, and even apply online.
Some colleges have built virtual tours into their social media marketing, such as Facebook pages, in addition to their websites. He mostly focuses on seeking and revealing the best practices and latest trends that can be applied to higher education marketing strategies.
After all, email is almost 40 times more effective in helping your business acquire new customers than Facebook or Twitter . 59% of marketers plan to increase their email marketing budgets in 2015 , and if you’re looking to get the highest return on your email marketing investment, it all starts at the very beginning.
There are hundreds of ways to get that elusive email address, but if we’re looking at ROI, some ways are better than others.
The primary product line is nutritional supplements that help with weight loss using food-based formulations. The problem is that most email marketing platforms will charge you a higher rate for a larger email list, so you wind up paying for those untargeted subscribers. For example, your customers should receive different content than your prospects, and a new subscriber will usually receive different content than someone who’s been with you for years.
With Gmail, even if you’re not flagged as spam, your newsletter may wind up in the “Promotions” tab, only to be deleted without being opened. AWeber, for example, uses algorithms from SpamAssassin to provide each email with a spam rating. In one of your early messages, ask your new subscribers a question and have them reply to your email with the response.
A good headline can increase your open rate, but the best way to get your marketing messages read is to help the prospect build a habit of opening your emails long before you ever attempt to make a sale. A $0.10 coupon for a $10 product isn’t going to get your consumers excited about seeing your email in their inbox. One common mistake is to give out five or six great coupons, followed by three months of nothing but promotional content. When a subscriber gives you their email, they expect that you will return something of equal or greater value to them.
With email marketing, it helps to tell your subscribers a little more about your company than most corporations.
One well-known example of this is the testimonial of Pat Flynn (from Smart Passive Income) for the Internet Business Mastery program. For example, if your friends on Facebook have all liked a business, you’re more likely to check it out.
247 million emails are sent every single day , and emails sent without a consistent plan or strategy simply can’t compete for the overtaxed inbox space of your subscribers. Thanks to the shotgun approach and the tips mentioned above, you have the right tools and strategy to create highly targeted lists that result in higher conversions.
He has years of experience with online marketing, including social media and content marketing strategies. But even we can learn more, quite a few platforms find getting past the Spam filter and into peoples inbox is one of the widest area’s of concern. I am a little cautious to jump in & do it less effectively so have held off doing it at all. Here's the presentation guide that includes an outline of what I'm covering as well as links to resources.
The program will focus on helping institutions innovate and strengthen quality in a challenging environment. CoryWest’s plans grow business, build brands, and connect communities by integrating marketing, sales, socialmedia and public relations. Barbara speaks and trains at conference, corporate, entrepreneur and personal branding levels. As Social Media Club (SMC) Chicago’s founder, Barbara is a recognized spokesperson for brands, bloggers and the social media marketing PR industry.
Whatever your industry or target markets, today’s business decision maker is looking for heart-based realationships to leverage, whether they realise this or not.
They empathise with us, and most importantly have an empathy of understanding the experience of their prospects.
When you think long-term you engage a different, more open and solution oriented, approach to lead generation. When you are clear on these things, so shall we be, and the message will be felt more solidly in each and every outbound call. The strongest clients are involved in the process and they know how to be positioned for the appointment. We can instantly observe which clients will excel in their lead generation by how organised they are at the outset. If your schedule is already quite full, allocate timeslots in your calendar to make it clear when you can meet with new prospects.
While it is true that we are sending you leads, you must always keep in mind that the prospect didn’t usually ask to be contacted.
But, know how many leads it takes to close a deal and develop a compassion for how the balance of input and output.
Telemarketing Lead Generation campaigns are at the forefront of creation, and thus they are very energetically sensitive. It’s about learning more about your potential customers and helping them become more educated and interested in your brand. Gain more data and insights on prospects, leads and customers in order to help and inspire them.
This can include organizing customers into groups based on common bahaviors, interests and needs. By focusing too closely on the close rate for a period of time, sales teams will feel pressure to only examine and accept leads that are ready to buy. Prospective students are casting their nets widely before considering whether a school is even worth applying to, and a recent Cappex report showed that virtual tours were the number one tool used to initially evaluate a campus.
The costs are obviously exponentially higher for international students, and recruitment experts commonly report that students in this lucrative market rarely visit a school before moving in the first day.
They may also reveal aspects of campus missed on physical tours, accentuated with informative details that provide context for a deeper understanding and appreciation for a university.
Many use the services of virtual tour specialists like nuCloud or YouVisit to integrate interactive elements, such as 360-degree views.
Some tours come in multiple languages, as 11.7% of visitors to YouVisit sites originate from abroad. Find a good balance between a compelling visual appearance and the load times necessary for graphics to render.

A virtual tour can be effective for lead generation as a simple system of photographs and relevant information as long as it is easy to navigate and provides a sufficiently appealing vision of your school that prospects wish to visit the campus physically. Most businesses will offer a “carrot” in exchange for the email address, and this “carrot” may be a free ebook or online resource, a coupon, or a special discount.
They already have an interest in and desire for your product, so they’re a top tier prospect. Whenever possible, the best subscribers are those with a clear and demonstrated interest in your product, and your email subscription copy should reflect that.
It’s better to have a highly targeted list with a high ROI than an untargeted list with a low ROI. Most of the major autoresponder platforms allow you to segment your user list manually, and a few allow you to segment your list easily or automatically. The lower your spam rating, the less likely you are to have your message attacked by spam filters.
When a subscriber replies to your message, future messages from that email address are less likely to be flagged as spam or tagged as “Promotions”. Coupons given by email must also be exclusive; that is, they should not be the same coupons found elsewhere on the Internet or in the newspapers. It is better for your open rate to give one great coupon each month than to give your great coupons out only once a quarter. For example, an ebook would be delivered initially, but that would be followed with 4-6 weeks of additional informational content. They’ve given you a very valuable piece of information (their email address), so they expect that you will return the favor with valuable and useful content. When you give the more value than they gave you, they again feel a need to repay that debt. The best customers are the ones who come in every day on their way to work for their usual coffee drink. If you’re a solopreneur, sharing a story from your daily life helps people feel like they know you. While this testimonial is also an example of social proof, Flynn’s podcasts are more downloaded than the Internet Business Mastery podcasts, and he’s seen as an expert in the field of Internet marketing.
Testimonials, even when they’re from people who your audience has never heard of, can help you make the sale. The principle of scarcity is at play, and it’s a great way to encourage your subscribers to take action. Unless your business can afford to throw money into an email marketing program that doesn’t result in sales, you need a well-executed email marketing strategy that provides you with the highest maximum ROI. Couple that with Bloom email opt-in plugin, and you have the ability to get started directly from your website to build better lists and apply what you learned above to get results. Later this fall, the Commission will invite selected AQIP institutions to present for this workshop. But, what are the best practices to ensure the highest likelihood of success for a business marketer seeking to generate a strong Return on Investment (ROI) from their outsourced Telemarketing Lead Generation? They assess themselves based on how the prospect will perceive them, and they try to adhere to what the customer wants.
Telemarketing Campaigns require solution oriented thinking to ensure sustainable lead generation. Stability and growth only exist when a clear channel of guidance and suggestions exists between us and you. People adhere to leadership, and having a clear adherence to your process will funnel prospects into sales.
Strong clients have strong briefs; a clear one page brief, email address and calendar setup, and prompt invoice payment really are the hallmarks of a strong performing client.
While it may be in their best interests to be open and receptive, human beings will usually be worried about the need before they will give you an open and fair chance to deliver your offer. Whereas other leads may need to understand categorically if such a decision is necessary for their particular brand or industry. Their experience of your school amounts to what they can find online and virtual visits are a valuable method of bringing your school to them.
It is an opportunity to emphasize the strongest features of your school while presenting the essence of campus life. While prospects are as impatient as anyone regarding load times, they have been proven to spend plenty of time on well designed virtual tours.
Within the trial period (two weeks), this ebook gained about 150 subscribers to the email list. Get Response has excellent tools for user segmentation, and if you’re using Salesforce or InfusionSoft (with email marketing tools), it can be easy to segment your list automatically. This informational content could include videos, audio recordings, checklists, or simply great information in the email.
This is why, when you give more than you’re paid for, you will one day be paid far more than you give. With email marketing, this principle can be exploited by communicating frequently and predictably with your subscribers. If you’re a corporation, an email explaining how you’ve built water filtration systems in Botswana helps your subscribers feel that you are “likable”.
Having a testimonial from an expert in the field helps appeal to authority as well as social proof.
One way to incorporate social proof into your email marketing series is to use case studies. One common problem with Internet marketing is that subscribers will often think, “I’ll buy this later.” Unfortunately, “later” often turns into something that’s forgotten. The Commission encourages institutions with successful continuous improvement initiatives to share their experiences by proposing Annual Conference general sessions. Telemarketing Lead Generation is not just about making calls, it’s about application, assessment, and adjustment. If you need to, study the sales cycle and devise a standardised process for presenting and closing. Become clear on the dynamics of your sales process, and develop and understanding of how you will be perceived and how best to shape the appointment from the outset.
Sometimes prospects are inflexible and unreliable – embrace a feminine receptivity with flexibility, reliability, punctuality and consistency.
Absorb any negativity and convert it into enthusiasm directed to the part of their unconscious that will need and want you. Of those subscribers, only one made a purchase within three months of subscription, for an ROI of 0.7%. A case study allows you to demonstrate your skill while providing that element of “other people pay this guy” that encourages customer confidence. By adding a timer to your offer or by offering only a limited number of products, you can encourage your clients to act now or risk losing out on your special deal. Intention, when activated within you and engaged with your will, your words and your deeds, is inexorably linked to creation. Share your calendar and keep it up to date if you have other commitments that arise – the technology is there, leverage it. Know that the number of leads generated will depend largely on your market receptivity and saturation of competitors. You need to give your campaigns all that they need on a physical level, but also on an energetic level. Learn how to align your commitment to quality and continuous improvement, your leadership, and your branding with a simplified and integrated system using web search, social media, content marketing, and public relations. Let your campaigns flourish by dispelling all energies like fear, depression, worry, impatience, frustration or anger. The subscription of this was lower (about 100 subscribers), but twelve subscribers made a purchase, for an ROI of about 22%.
It may seem foreign to you, but the creational levels of your manifestation are very clear on this. Qualifying not only weeds out the time wasters, but positions their psychology in the harvesting alignment. Let go of all negative thoughts around your campaign and convert them into positivity – that is the fuel of creation. Think in terms of problems and solutions and help us create qualifying questions that will put them in the best thought patterns for receptivity to your offer.

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