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For more information about the most recent Online Graduate Business Program rankings, please see the U.S. The University was also recently ranked by Military Times as the top school in North Carolina and among the best in the country for veterans. Students frequently cite the well-regarded faculty, the committed classmates, real world applications, and the opportunity for high quality interaction through both virtual and traditional means as key factors in choosing to pursue their MBA degrees at FSU. Real tools for the real world, with education focused on applying leading edge theory to practical business situations.
Experiential diversity—including diversity of staff and student body to better prepare graduates for today’s increasingly multi-cultural, interconnected world.
Small class sizes, facilitating personal attention and interaction between faculty and students. It’s all designed around the practical needs of our students, to provide lasting value in their careers.
The School of Business and Economics (SBE) is accredited by AACSB International and the faculty is ranked among the top 100 business schools in the US by Social Science Research Network.
The demand for occupational therapists, assistants and aides is expected to grow -- all three occupations are among the select group of jobs the federal government expects to expand by more than 29% through 2020. The need to help patients return to normal lives after illness or injury is one of the fastest growing fields among allied health careers. Occupational therapy includes a variety of jobs working with patients ranging from children to the elderly.
First, the field benefits from the overall increase in demand for medical services, brought on by an aging population that demands more medical services and procedures.
The job description can range from helping children at school or setting up a work space to help an employee.
Let Us Match You with Medical Billing and Coding Schools The switch from paper records to electronic billing and coding also means additional opportunities for those seeking employment in this field.
Get Matched with Top Occupational Therapy Degree Programs  The demand for occupational therapists, occupational therapist assistants and occupational therapist aides are among the jobs the U.S.
Online Medical Billing and Coding Degree Programs Online courses can make the education necessary for entry into this field more convenient and accessible.
For students who have the discipline and focus to work outside the traditional, structured classroom environment, online medical billing courses can be ideal. And the three therapy careers are among the fastest growing jobs with their entry education requirements — master’s degree, associate’s degree and high school diploma, according to the BLS.
Occupational therapy workers are similar to physical therapy workers but there is a difference. Students can pursue coursework on their own time, scheduling it around work, family and other commitments.

Explore Health Information Management Degree Programs and Schools Transportation becomes a non-issue, which is especially advantageous for students who don’t live near a learning institution. Occupational therapists have a “holistic perspective” that changes the patient’s environment to fit the person and may extend to counseling family members or care givers, according to the website for the American Occupational Therapy Association,
Perhaps most importantly, the costs associated with online education are considerably lower than with traditional schools. For someone looking to become an occupational therapy practitioner, you can start after high school and work up to a master’s with an occupational therapy online degree.
What Medical Billers and Coders Do Medical billers and coders both work in the business section of medical facilities. Here’s a look at the three types of occupational therapy careers: Occupational Therapist These workers develop a therapy treatment plan, often directing assistants and aides, and often starting with observation and evaluation. Their primary job is to ensure that the medical care provider is reimbursed for services provided.
It can include exercises, activities and educating the patient’s family or prescribing special equipment. The tasks can include helping someone with memory problems use a computer to being part of a therapy team at a nursing home or hospital. Coders assign numeric and alphanumeric codes to the diagnoses and procedures in patient medical records. Becoming an occupational therapist requires a master’s degree in physical therapy that builds on undergraduate work in biology and physiology.
These codes provide a condensed version of descriptions for illnesses, diseases and treatments.
You need a master’s degree to take a certification examination, the therapy association website said. The codes supply information for health care statistics, reimbursement, resource management and marketing.
Certification from the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, along with graduation from an accredited program, is necessary to obtain a license that is required in all states, the BLS said. This handbook includes advice on planning your career path and outlines steps you can take to increase your chance of professional success.
Billers submit these codes on claim forms to payers, provide payers with follow-up documentation to payers, update patient insurance information and appeal claims denials.
Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which classifies billing and coding professions as Medical Records and Health Information Technicians, lists the jobs’ duties as follows: • Reviewing patient records for timeliness, completeness, accuracy, and appropriateness of health data • Organizing and maintaining data for clinical databases and registries • Tracking patient outcomes for quality assessment • Using classification software to assign clinical codes for reimbursement and data analysis • Electronically recording data for collection, storage, analysis, retrieval, and reporting • Protecting patients’ health information for confidentiality, authorized access for treatment, and data security Job Growth and Salary for Medical Billers and Coders The BLS forecasts employment of medical billers and coders will increase 21% between 2010 and 2020. Occupational Therapist Assistant Therapist assistants work under the direction of a therapist and help devise and carry out a therapy plan. The aging population will require more medical procedures and subsequently increase the demand for skilled professionals who will handle billing and coding.

The assistants often work directly with the patient to carry out the plan through exercises, showing a patient how to use equipment, and possibly working with children in activities to improve coordination.
Additionally, many medical facilities are switching to electronic billing, creating even more work as paper records must be converted to digital. The job can have some physical demands assisting patients, the BLS said, and compassion is a top quality in therapists.
Get Matched with Online Medical Billing and Coding Programs Now According to the BLS, the average medial salary for these professions was $32,350 in May 2010.
Becoming an occupational therapist assistant requires an associate’s degree that typically takes two years of study and clinical work, the BLS said.
Employees in the lowest 10% of earners drew $21,240, while those in the 10% percent made more than $53,430.
To receive a license that most states require, you’ll need to graduate from a program accredited by the national certification board and pass an examination. Let Us Match You with Top Allied Health Schools and Degree Programs Job growth for therapist assistants is expected to hit 44%, one of the seven fastest growing careers you can enter with an associate’s degree, according to the BLS. The median salary is $51,000, with jobs at nursing homes or in therapists’ offices paying more, the BLS said. Occupational Therapist Aide The therapist aide’s job is to help the assistant and therapist by preparing treatment equipment, filling out insurance forms and paperwork and handling scheduling. A therapist aide can enter the field at this level with a high school diploma and most training is on-the-job. Training can last weeks or months and include classroom and working with a therapist or assistant, the BLS said. Aides can start in the field and earn experience before moving into an associate’s degree program. Job growth is expected to be 33% and the BLS expects demand for occupational therapy to increase. New jobs for therapist aides are among the 16 fastest growing with a high school diploma, the BLS said.
The median salary for an occupational therapist aide is $27,000 and nearly $30,000 at nursing care facilities.

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