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As a consumer, you are blasted with the same request over and over: “Follow Us on Twitter, Like Us on Facebook.” Why should I? Today, a notable number of businesses are approaching branded social channels from a "ready, fire, aim" approach. The key to zooming in on purpose and usefulness within social channels starts with the realization that there is no one audience.
Following these best practices will prevent your brand from falling victim to the coming wave of customer unlikes and unfollows. Decade of Downtown: Does San Antonio Have the Will or Support Policies to Achieve A Great Downtown? This method conjures a facade of achievement when in fact, any progress, if at all recognized, is short term and shoddy at best.
Let’s take a look at the traits of some of the more successful and regarded brands in the business. Design an Effective Channel Strategy: Evaluate the main brand, sub brands and notable personalities that engender a “follow worthy” or “likable” presence.
Create a Life Support System: Develop an organized framework that supports each presence uniquely. Mission and Purpose: Know the audience you’re trying to reach and design a communicable mission and purpose for each account.
Develop an Editorial Program: Create an editorial program that addresses the various needs of the social consumer including entertainment, sales, service, engagement, HR, etc.
Formulate a Decision Tree: Draft a clear flowchart that details the steps for a variety of “if this happens, then do this” situations. Initiate a Training Program: Representatives will require ongoing training to stay sharp and focused. Install a Governance and Reward System: Much like the marketing team protects the integrity of the brand and how it’s presented, a social team is necessary to manage the integrity of each Twitter account as well as the overall portfolio.

Draft a Social Media Brand Style Guide: Chances are a style guide already exists that communicates brand presentation, usage guidelines and other forms of brand-related marketing aesthetics.
Compose Guidelines: Develop a social media policy that conveys the Dos and don’ts of social media. Serve Customers and Prospects: Social consumers now expect brands to solve problems and answer questions in social streams.
Employ Language and Timing Techniques: Two points of note — timing is everything and in brevity there’s clarity.
Design Engagement and Performance Metrics: Monitor the performance of each account to improve its engagement and editorial strategy.
But more importantly, focusing social channels and investing in the value of each will improve the customer experience and encourage greater engagement. Check out Mashable Explore, a new way to discover information on your favorite Mashable topics. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Many focus on numbers without first analyzing who they’re trying to reach and, more importantly, how engagement satisfies the needs of their customers.
If there are other accounts that exist beyond the initial strategy, assess their value as a standalone channel and its current state.
Build a listening framework that monitors the brands as well as the distinct conversations related to each account. They also require bridges between them to ensure that every representative is informed and that the right delegates within the business are on point to engage or respond accordingly. This is designed to help representatives follow a defined path for the real-time nature of engagement. Each channel requires a service function or a dedicated channel to satisfy needs and promote appreciation and loyalty.

Studies already show that the timing and language of tweets and Facebook updates determine overall reach and engagement. By increasing meaningful interaction, brand reach is dramatically amplified through the social effect. Without a mature content and engagement strategy, a great unfollow and unlike movement is inevitable. As technology moves faster than our ability to master its lessons, training keeps employees on track. Current laws may protect employees' rights to express opinion about employers within their personal accounts. Additionally, many employees complain that the existing guidelines are either too extreme or ambiguous to define successful engagement. Think beyond the basics and use polls, curation, promotional content and questions to your advantage.
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