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If you have ever tried to make your own beats, whether with some online beat maker, DJ mixing program, or by using popular beat making software, you know how hard it can be, especially if you have no prior experience in music production.
Samples, metronome, VST instruments, sounds library (a big one), midi keyboard support… FL Studio has everything you would like beat making software to have.
The good thing about ACID Music Studio 9 is that you don’t need experience in music production to use the software. Beat Thang Virtual SOLO is created by professional sound engineers so you can be sure that beats made with it are of the highest standard. You don’t need any equipment other than computer keyboard to control this beat making program, although MIDI controller is supported. Learn How to Play Piano - free lessons for beginners and full step by step piano lessons that will teach you to read music and play songs. Studio Track has a multitrack recorder and mixer with built-in tools such as faders, calibrated meters, bounce and mix and stereo output meters.
Among its notable features is its Wi-Fi synching capability as well as its ability to import and export files via email. Using StompBox, music enthusiasts will be able to create music on their iPad complete with digital effects. With this application, you can also record loops with up to four tracks and play them back using an external amp.
If you like to create music with friends and easily broadcast it on social networks, one of the most suitable programs to use is Garageband.
Garageband also has an amazing feature called Jam Session which lets you connect with other musicians through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Originally available for desktop, the FL Studio Mobile HD premium application is now also available for iPad users. Rebirth for iPad can emulate three devices that made a significant impact in the rap music and dance world, namely the Roland TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines and the Bassline Synth TB-303.

Its other features include mixer, compressor, distortion unit, pattern sequencer and many other features for recording and editing music. As its name suggests, Pianist Pro is a software application that lets you get hold of a professional grade piano without actually using one.
Only $5, this is one of the most inexpensive yet comprehensive music making applications available. One of its five main features is its step sequencer which lets you make cool beats and beautiful rhythms easily.
With its 40 built-in instruments, sampler, metronome, pitch-blend wheel and other cool features, Synth is also a music making application worth considering.
Available at $30, Korg iMS-20 may be an expensive option compared to other music making applications on our list, but it has also many great features to beat. It has the MS-20 synth, a 16-step sequencer, a drum machine with six pads, and a mixer with seven channels and 14 digital effects.
Now that you know what we consider as among the best music making software for iPad, let us know if you have used any of them including your experience using it. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. It has some powerful features to make your beats sound really good, without you having to learn all music theory, buy expensive equipment and staff, but if you are serious about your music career at some point you will want more than that. This is possible with the use of some of the best music making software applications available.
It can make guitar effects using any of its 17 digital tools including flangers, phasers, reverb, pitch shifter, chorus and many others. If you have this application, you can access various types of known instruments and play them in your iPad.
You could record your music then edit and mix before sharing it on social media including YouTube.

It is packed with more than 100 instruments as well as loops, drum kits and a virtual piano which is readily configurable. One of its important capabilities is allowing you to make custom sounds and kits using its built-in Sampler. It has 16 different recorded instruments such as guitars, pianos, synths and organs, just like in an electronic keyboard. Using this application, you can also use MIDI keyboards, record music and export them via WAV files back in the studio. It has five important sections composed of useful tools for recording, editing and mixing music to make original and professional quality music. These beat makers are either user-friendly out of the box or have a good learning resources (documentation, support, forums), so that anyone can create beats with them easily. Even if you don’t take price into consideration at all, it is still one of the best beat making software out there. If all you want is to amaze your friends and family or to show your girlfriend how cool you are, this is a great beat making software solution to start with. Full software with all plugins is around $1000, but they have a few different editions with Fruity Edition being the cheapest one ($100). It supports unlimited tracks and of course, like you would expect from any beat making software, you can plug midi keyboard to your computer and take a full control over your sounds.
It is limited in features comparing to its bigger brothers, but more than enough for a beginner.

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