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If you’re planning to launch a YouTube channel as a marketing campaign, take the time to learn from the best. So here are 10 of the sleekest, beautifully designed and most visited YouTube channels for you to get inspired and impressed. RockstarEVENTS is the official Youtube channel of Rockstar energy drinks, and it is designed with the black and gold color scheme that you’ll find the color scheme featured on its drinks can.
It’s also worth noting the featured content is mostly about extreme sports, like MMA, snowboarding, motocross, BMX biking, etc with the occasional hot model photoshoot thrown in for good measure.
This is a bright, sleek channel with images of television screens and other icons associated with media.
Both analogies inspire a tech and media feel to the whole channel which fits perfectly with their product line and branding! There is also a large advertisement for the new iPad 2 right beneath the rest of the content (at the time of writing) which wraps the whole channel up in a neat little marketing package that reflects Apple perfectly. Rather than having just one YouTube channel, VEVO creates a different channel for each featured recording artist.
The DisneyVideoGames channel features fun game-themed graphics framing semi-transparent content boxes.
The featured content includes trailers for upcoming games as well as a text window with news feed fed into it. The defining feature of the page is the large mockup of a television screen complete with an Xbox Kinect pictured in the frame, and directly beneath is the Spotlight playlist which draws attention immediately to what’s new and hot with Xbox.
Country Pop star Taylor Swift’s YouTube channel features an artistic watercolor-esque background framing soft semi-transparent pink content boxes.
The featured content includes behind the scenes footage and personal video blog messages from the artist herself — a definite draw for visitors.

Visitors expect the channel of a professional digital art tablet company to be impressive, and Wacom doesn’t disappoint them.
A good thing though is they make staying connected via other social networks part very visible and easy to use.
What works in any graphic design project relies greatly on whose attention you’re trying to get, so always keep the target audience in mind when designing a YouTube channel.
Businesses, realizing this, have started to create professional channels for their companies, mainly for marketing effort. Investigate branding strategies of major players like Apple, Lady Gaga, and Disney Video Games to see what you can incorporate into your own channel for promotional efforts. You can also study them and implement their design into your own channel to make it beautiful and attractive at the same time. The RockstarEVENTS channel has a unique background of gray and black Rockstar-themed items, cleverly strewn about like a collage of photographs. You’ll also find plenty of coverage of RockstarEvent sponsored music festivals as well! The blocky style on the middle part of the channel brings to mind both a unique game of Tetris and the pixilation that occurs in a digital photograph or on a television screen to present to you a complete image.
SamsungTelevisions Channel also features a lot of white with complementing accents in bright, cheerful colors. The playful colors and cartoonish graphics convey the theme of humor that perfectly matches the content and spirit of her videos.
The plain layout sends the visitor’s attention straight to the white-framed main content boxes, which features introduction and demonstration videos of Apple products as well as a variety of apps and their uses. The channel designs are uniform — a sleek, bold black and white layout with accents of eye-catching red.

At the time of writing, its background is from the recently released LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean and the video you land on is also a clip from the same game and its creators. The text is well-utilized by adding hyperlinks throughout and the only real problem I see with the design is that the colors are rather dark due to the transparency which can make some of the text hard to read for those without optimal vision. Content consists primarily of game trailers, reviews, creation videos and more with neatly organized playlists.
You’ll also find clips of her Speak Now Fan videos where fans document their experience of getting picked to meet and hang with Taylor personally. Smooth multi-layer vector graphics draw the eye to the background, but not enough to distract from the matching colored text in the content boxes. You’ll also find videos of Wacom drawn art submitted by users, customer support videos and third party reviews not created by Wacom. This channel features free streaming anime episodes with enough content to feed your anime addiction for days. The featured content is tutorials on Samsung products laid out in your typical yet simple how-to style. The overall feel of the channel is fun and light-hearted, a feeling you might associate with old memories of sketching by the pond during study period.

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