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Revenue-focused consulting for B2B SaaS startups who target marketers, salespeople, or developers.
I feel that a lot of content marketing is written in short, bite-sized articles – and many of them are fluff.
We have no budget for a sales team, no budget for advertising, 6 months to prove that we can get traction, and a mailing list of about 1200 people (including the 1000 fresh contacts that we just got from scanning badges at the JavaOne conference a few days before).
We started by writing one piece of content at a time, and later got better at planning and strategy. Content Marketing Institute: There is no “template” for [documenting] a content marketing strategy, because how much and in what format you need to document your strategy is unique to your business. What is a Content Marketing Strategy and how does it relate to an Inbound Marketing Strategy?
What is a Content Marketing Strategy, and how does it relate to an Inbound Marketing Strategy?
Although their link doesn’t seem to work anymore, the Content Marketing Institute created this great infographic to clearly demonstrate the Customer Life Cycle, and the difference between Inbound Lead Generation (often shortened to #Inbound), and Content Marketing as a whole.
Deciding on your goals is the most important part of this process, so that’s where we start.
There are a lot of benefits from building a successful content marketing strategy, but don’t get distracted by the buzz. Today, let’s discuss the metrics, and save the analytics and tooling that help you track them for another day. Revenue (ARR or MRR) originating from content – Although there are many goals for content marketing, I believe that at your stage of startup, you want to get to your repeatable, scalable business model as soon as possible, then optimize it. Conversion rate from Visitor to Marketing Qualified Lead (%) – Your visitors sign up for something, and give you their contact information. Conversion rate to Sales Qualified Lead (%) – score each lead, based on behavior, and decide what warrants hand-off to the sales department (or, if you don’t use a sales team, then decide what warrants triggering more sales-focused email campaigns).

Your marketing team should be able to track and dashboard each of these metrics, for your program as a whole, and segmented by visitor source, lead source, and campaign – as needed. Now that you know what you want to achieve, the next logical step is to ask: Who will we work with to achieve it?
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If you bookmark or share anything about building a Content Marketing Strategy or Inbound Marketing Plan this year, then I hope this series will be included. I have just recommended that we switch from a permanent licensing model (customers pay once, get free upgrades for life) to a subscription model (#bestDecisionEver). This series will take everything I’ve learned from that startup and in the 2 years since then – so that you can benefit from it and improve upon it. Take the example templates we post at the end of this series and use them to inspire your own.
I’ll describe some of the goals you can achieve with content marketing later, but for me, since I primarily work with early and growth stage startups, our goal is to a) create a scalable and repeatable business model, or b) optimize the model, processes, and teams that execute on it.
Content marketing can be an effective strategy to help show that our model works: predictably and repeatedly. Inbound Marketing is focused on attracting visitors to your online presence, converting them into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and using Lead Nurturing techniques to help convert them into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), before handing them off to your sales department. If you can track revenue back to the content that attracted the lead – then you’re doing your job.
He specializes in taking early and growth stage B2B SaaS startups to profitability, and building the foundation for scaling revenue growth.How does David think? Yes most of us just wondered that what are the best methods to implement for better revenue?
I find one good way to focus on your audience is to create highly descriptive Personas, and then think about how those personas go through the Buyers Journey on the way to making a purchase from you. After this series, you should be able to build an excellent content marketing strategy, inbound strategy, framework, and plan – and have a pocket full of tips on how to execute them successfully.

I plan to save you months of article-reading, and take you right to the nourishing oasis in the barren desert (after all, who can survive on fluff?). I have a revenue target, which, if I hit it for 3 consecutive months, gets me a nice bonus package, and gives me credibility with the founders and investors. For an organic sales model, (one which doesn’t use a sales team), you would extend lead nurturing right through the buying process – providing the right content (often using email marketing) to guide your lead to make a purchase on their own. For insight, Marketo’s Maria Pergolino gives four tips in What the CEO needs from Marketing.
As your program and your company grows, the sheer number of metrics you can track will grow – but focus on those in the next section, and you’ll do fine.
If your % of new visitors is really high, then it’s a sign that you are launching for the first time, or people purchase on their first visit.
Jason Lemkin (who sold EchoSign to Adobe) describes this as a better metric than sales for predicting future growth. We should keep our audience in our mind that what is their requirement and why they should click on our link, because it is very essential for us. I’ll even share links to all the valuable templates that I can find, including some of my own, so that you can get a jump-start on your work.
Additionally it proves that our tool, the freshly released JRebel 2.0, is able to get traction in the marketplace.
Inbound marketing is an important subset of Content Marketing, but if you’re interested in minimizing churn and increasing the virality of your product through word of mouth, then you want to retain your customers and turn them into vocal evangelists.
At the end of the day, you should track your effectiveness by the amount of revenue your program originated.
If you use a SaaS pricing model, then it makes sense to do this with Monthly Recurring Revenue as well. Dengan system teknology baru dan server kecepatan tinggi akan membuat permainan poker anda lebih seru dan menarik bersama teman2x anda maupun saingan anda.

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