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The most commonly used name in the world of editing picture is adobe Photoshop  It is free of cost.
I would also like to share an other amazing iPhone photography which solve the problem of group photo.
Your film is done the moment you finish shooting.Shots, music and titles automatically line up to create your perfect home movie or cinematic masterpiece. Looping playback of transitions.The easiest and fastest way to preview your edits and select the perfect moment. Chose from 27 Powerful PresetsPresets save time and hassle by automatically creating each new film with a beautiful combination of settings. Titles and CreditsAdd animated title clips and text over video for lower thirds quickly and easily. All Aspects CoveredPut the finishing touch on your film with smart cropping for 70mm, Anamorphic, Instagram & Vine. Film LookReal film grain, vingettes and lightleaks instill bold or subtle qualities that you can only get from film. Real-time sync as you shootSelect individual films or set all of them for automatic back-up.
Everything in the CloudEach of your clips is sent to Dropbox for safe keeping or use from a PC. Simple media managementClear up tons of space with a single tap: deleting your film removes multiple clips all at once. Custom PresetsPresets save time and hassle by auto-creating each new film with your own beautiful combination of project settings.Now save custom presets you create yourself by mixing your signature filtered film look with motion effects as well as title styles or music.
80 FiltersUnleash your inner cinematographer with color, black & white or even shoot flat with the Log filter.Import LUTs to create the custom filter of your dreams (LUTs are easy-to-make yourself using Photoshop or other applications).
Add Custom BugGet the credit you deserve: Add a graphic logo or text over your entire film. Motion Effects Automatically applied to both front and back cameras for poetry in motion: slow, hyperlapse, or our one and only strobe-mo.
Adobe has announced a major development to its Creative Cloud Photography plan, unveiling its new Photoshop Lightroom CC photo editing software and standalone Lightroom 6. The Lightroom CC platform introduces a number of new editing and organisational tools; however, it’s chief selling point is that it allows a range of new mobile capabilities.
Adobe says the move was driven by customer feedback that said people wanted a more efficient workflow. However, for those just wanting the standalone product, Lightroom 6 will be available as a perpetual product, only without the mobile or storage enhancements.

HDR Merge –- inherited from Photoshop CC, this new feature allows photographers to create images from high-contrast scenes by combining multiple shots taken with different exposure settings into a single raw high dynamic range image.
Panorama Merge — this tool allows photographers to capture ultra wide fields of view and amazing detail by stitching together multiple images to create panoramas that you can edit like a raw file.
Facial Recognition — this new tool helps you find and categorise images of family and friends.
Filter Brush — now added to Lightroom, to remove the effect of filters, such as the Gradient filter, just paint on to remove impact. Advanced Video Slideshows — this new tool allows you to create slideshows using still images, video and music along with professional effects like pan and zoom. Another key feature of Lightroom CC is that Android users will now be able to use Lightroom Mobile on their tablets. Added to the desktop edition are CMYK Softproofing, Pet eye correction, a new metadata filtering and support for touch enabled computers.
Even the best photographers have trouble keeping all their photos straight, especially when shooting without the benefit of a tripod.
Under the Home tab in PhotoScape, you'll see a whole host of options like bright, re-size, sharp, filter, bloom, and backlight.
For many purposes, you might want to add shapes, lines, arrows, or even text boxes to your pictures.
When you have lots of images saved on your computer, it's really easy to forget which have been edited in PhotoScape, which are the originals, etc., especially if you create and save multiple versions of the same photo in PhotoScape. Using this system, you can stay organized and find your edited photos fast without having to open file after file to find the right one. A range of color grades inspired by internationally renowned directors and cinematographers. See it preview live as you shoot.Great for branding, watermarks, URLs, and handles for Twitter, Instagram or Vine. Lightroom CC users will be able to automatically sync photos with Lightroom CC on the desktop, while Lightroom on mobile devices lets users access and edit their entire catalog of photos on iPad, iPhone as well as Android smartphones and tablets. The Lightroom CC price tag will be the usual ?8.57 per month cost of the Creative Cloud Photography plan, which also gives you access to Photoshop CC and Photoshop Mix (for iPhone and iPad).
With 32 bit processing, to activate this feature simply right click on 3 images and select Photo Merge.
What’s more, the company says it covers a wide range of computers, and even older machines will see an improvement thanks to the graphics processor used. Lightroom Mobile users will also be able to segment images any way they like, such as by day.

Using these tools, you can clean up pictures that didn't come out so good or spruce up photos to take them from good to excellent.
This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. But you can take pictures of every moment so that whenever you want to see your past you can see these photos.
In this editor there are various stylish frames, text editors, stickers, borders, different effects and you can also crop your favorite part of the photo and remove unwanted areas. You can give your pictures new different effects for example if you want to make your photo blur you can blur it. This is similar to Photoshop except it doesn’t create a 32-bit TIFF, it creates a 32-bit raw file.
Click it to open it, and then you will be able to slide back and forth until you get the photo nice and straight. For instance, re-save a photo with a different name when you bring it into PhotoScape so that you can keep a copy of it as an original before any editing. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Similarly if you want to sharpen or put some oil painting effects you can make it as you want it. It is a desktop based software you can download it from any website and take advantage of this wonderful app.
A grid will open up with this feature so that you can use the lines and don't have to trust your eye to get your pics straight. Then save using different names along the way, such as "Red Bird Bright" or "Red Bird Cropped".
You can hone your naming system to suit your needs, as long as you have one that you can easily follow along with. You can also type text directly into the boxes and even select what font you want to use for the text.
There are hundreds of photo editing apps for iPhone through which you can freely edit as many pictures as you want. If you are photographer or passionate about photography, then you must try these 5 Best Cinemagraphs apps for iPhone.

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