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A versatile and easy-to-use video editing program to help you touch up your iPhone video instantly. FilmoraGo for iOS is an easy-to-use app to take your normal, everyday videos into artist creations that will look like it cost hundreds of dollars to create. ReelDirector is easy-to-use and enables you do wonders in the name of creating movies quite easily. Montaj is a great iPhone video editing app to turn all of your life's recorded moments into a video storyboard, song and filter. If you want rich video editing functions like cropping, snipping and splicing, then Viddy isn't for you. Cute CUT is an interesting iPhone video editing app which allows you to "draw" on your footage. Cinefy features an easy and intuitive interface which lets you choose from more than 100 special effects and animations to add to your video. This iPhone video editing app enables you to pick the most desirable photos on your iPhone and choose your favorite music and songs as the background music to make a photo slideshow in minutes.
In this section, you will learn how to choose the right video editing software for your project, covering budgets from free to sufficient. Offered as totally free add-ons for advertising and marketing automation, social make your personal videos to share on YouTube. If you're after a one stop shop for video capturing, editing and viewing videos, Videon could be what you're after. Apple's newest release of the iPad has provided a platform for some of the most intuitive, smart and easy to use video editing apps to use on the go.
Video editing effects and light leak overlays designed to make your videos shine, and help you deliver your best. Though it might not give you all of the advanced tools that iMovie or Pinnacle does, Loopster can help you splice, zoom, crop, and rotate videos, as well as add text and motion effects.
Lighter weight, better graphics and faster speed are just some of the improvements, but all make the possibility of actually doing serious video editing on the iPad a realistic endeavour. Editing videos, photos and audio is a breeze, mostly due to its easy to use interface and various editing options. It supports intuitive features such as tapping to add videos, photos and sound effects, and drag to trim video length.
Switch to get in touch with vegas top video editor app Movie Studio will, most probably, be the very you can hit. Videos to mp3s in the past and source or from folks or small groups top video editor app that do not.
Vidify Demo Video For my test footage, I once again went with my go-to subject—my dog, Nora. I REALLY want to get the Vidify app, but it seems it isn't available :( Any idea where it went and if it will be back?!
It features intuitive interface, comprehensive drag-n-drop feature, wide format support, and handy editing tools.

Just choose a video, select an overall theme and design for the video and add the music you like.
It helps you turn the various video (including HD videos) you shoot into a gorgeous home movie with movie themes, titles, transitions and sound effects, etc. Video editing functions such as join clips together, add titles, add transitions and music to your videos, etc. It comes with a great UI and provides amazing choice of shooting modes, video recording, cool filters, etc. One interesting feature is that, you can shake to assign random filters and songs to your footage.
It comes with a common editor as well as drawing tools to customize your footage with effects, texture, shadows and borders.
Very easy and fast, after several clicks, you can then share your music video with your family and friends. Browse other useful video editing tips offered in Filmroa by navigating the categories below. If you're after every bell, whistle and tinsel that a video editing app can provide, pinnacle studio might just satisfy your needs. The newest release of the Apple iPad (iPad Air) means a lot of things, and all of them good.
Throw in an easy to view gallery and beautiful interface, and you have a neat little app that caters for all your iPad video editing needs. Given the extensive functionality of the app it is mostly suited to the serious video editors out there who need functions such as a voice over option, sound effects, media organiser and movie enhancer - however it's so easy to use that even beginners can create some pretty decent vids without being overwhelmed.
This makes sense, since many of our phones are clogged with video that, so far, no one is going to see. Apologies if the continual use of this dog is the equivalent of a work colleague insisting he show you photos of his new baby, but I genuinely think she's photogenic. As I mentioned in my Magisto review, videos that are less than a minute, with such strong branding at the end, can come across as advertisements for a product rather than the product itself.
It does seem to flow a little better, and the ending Vidify logo was short and unobtrusive. And you can also shoot a new video clip inside the application for better video editing on iPhone. With the built-in video editor, you can crop, rotate, flash your shots, change video brightness, saturation and contrast, etc. Supporting raw video data editing (one of the only apps that does- for now), Quick Cut Pro can be used to edit movies easily and quickly, and can be used as a companion tool for iMovie, providing some functions that iMovie currently does not. For a mere $2.99 (hey, that's cheaper than a coffee!) Videon provides users with a captivating video editing experience - a tonne of functions such as video filters, video effects and video editing tools for those wanting to be a little more creative. With a horde of new apps designed to make video editing on an iPad as simple and easy as possible (whilst still keeping all of the functions you use and need), the future of video editing has never been more innovative and transportable. That being said, Magisto feels like it has great potential once they let you make longer videos—and roll out an app for mobile devices.

Here we list top 10 video editing apps for iPhone which allow you to create movies out of your video clips and do all kinds of cool things on your iPhone. Another great part is that, it automates your video, allowing you to just pick the best parts that you need and let the app do the rest. When the editing is done, you can share your videos with a one-click function to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. Another freebie, Cinefy provides hours of fun for those looking to play with special effects on their videos.
Rated as one of times best 50 ipad apps to have (yes, they still boast this 6 months on!), you can see why it's a must have for video editors. For starters, it is a fully functional and professional video editing app for iPad which lets you do just about anything. I appreciate that using such a small footage sample is not a fair test of any of these apps, but I see these posts as the beginning of a conversation between those of us who read and write at Edit on a Dime and the developer community.As you can see from the screengrabs above, there's a simple three-step process to making videos with Vidify. With a new iOS 7 interface and new additions such as speed adjustment, full timeline controls and picture-in-picture, the app is a fully functional mobile video editing platform. We can also add Vidify to the mix, an app that seems focused on quickly generating decent edits of material you've just shot with your iPhone. Though, as I mention at the top of this post, these tests are really not fair as the sample size is so small. I use the words “just shot” with care, as Vidify can only access videos on your camera roll.
If you've deleted videos on your roll and have them in other folders on your phone (as I did), then you're out of luck.For the purposes of this review, I had to shoot additional test footage and was silently cursing Vidify all along, but there is a certain purity in only being able to access your roll.
This is clearly an app aimed for those who are out and about and want to create videos while they're still in the moment.
It's as if the app is living in the moment, telling you to edit and share your videos now, while you still have them on your phone. In fact, one can imagine Apple copying or buying this type of technology and incorporating it right into their camera app.
If this does happen, I hope Apple buys a company rather than doing a Reminder on you—it's a tough world out there.When you're at the video-picker part of the app, there's the option to select, view, or edit your clips. Think of this process as a computerized version of Gysin's and Burroughs's Cut-Up technique. As the "edit" screengrab above shows, it's the standard iOS trim tool, and while I've never liked the lack of precision in this method, it is easy to use.
The video is automatically saved to the camera roll, making one wonder what would happen if you selected Vidify videos as your source material for additional automatic videos (something to do when it's particularly rainy outside, I think).You also have the option to share your work with YouTube, email it, share on Facebook, or send it to an Apple TV. Would people rather party, or watch themselves at the party in which they're partying?Alright, so we can share the video and make sure people see it, but how's the quality of the actual finished product?

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