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Fortunately, there are several free media players that stand out, whether you need to play a variety of formats, tag and sort your libraries, or simply listen to your favorite MP3s without submitting yourself to the Apple-industrial-complex. Here are our top picks for the best free media players for PC and Mac so you can spend less time hunting down the right program and more time, well, playing media.
VLC has held the media player crown for years, even before graduating from its beta phase in 2009. The navigation and organization options aren’t the most intuitive aspect of the program either, but they are relatively straightforward and require little effort once you familiarize yourself with the software. VLC Media Player is the way to go when looking for a program offering robust file compatibility, versatile playback, and frequent stability updates. Originating as XBMC (Xbox Media Center) — a homebrewed media player for Xbox consoles — Kodi is designed to be an all-in-one platform that allows you to view pictures, watch videos, and play music. Adding media to Kodi’s library is straightforward; simply add a folder to the appropriate section and the software will automatically detect all media of that type in the folder, as well as monitor said folder for future additions. Kodi is much more than a simple media player, though, especially given the sheer amount of options it contains for customizing the user experience. Moreover, there are optional add-ons that allow users to stream media from sources such as YouTube and Netflix, as well as Live TV.
Plex aims to streamline consumption, bringing together all of your services and devices under a single, unified platform. While Windows 8 computer comes with a default media player for general purposes, more and more people still choose to make use of some third-party media players on their Windows 8 PC instead of using the preloaded Windows Media Player.
If you want an all-in-one media player to replace Windows Media Player on Windows 8, be sure to give Leawo Blu-ray Player a look. VLC Media Player is the best alternative media player for Windows 8 without any doubt, just besides Leawo Blu-ray player.
UMPlayer has a lot of competitive and promising features, which could force you to drop Windows Media Player right away.
GOM Player is the fourth best alternative to Windows Media Player, which could play most of the audio and video files without installing any additional codecs.
Kontakt 5 Player is the no-frills version of one of the world’s best software instruments. Thanks so much for these articles, I’ve used a handful from Part 1 and they are becoming extremely valuable already. This means much of the free content that can be found on the Internet created by users in .nki Kontakt format is not useable unless you actually buy the full Kontakt 5. The free, open-source software is capable of playing just about any media format you can imagine, including Internet radio and other various streaming protocols. VLC Media Player will also let you bookmark and save playlist files, storing all your local media, podcast subscriptions, and assorted Internet radio stations for later consumption. The robust community of active users and programmers, known collectively as the VideoLAN Organization, is an added plus, along with the diverse network for extensions and available skins for Windows. Kodi’s interface is pleasing to look at and easy to navigate, too, and videos generally open quickly and look good. Users can customize the appearance of the menus and visualizers, and support for add-ons is built into the player, allowing users to download custom-made skins, fonts, and sounds. Kodi’s active community produces a constant stream of add-ons, and the depth of available customization means you can tailor the software to any user’s needs and wants.

Users can add folders and files they want to their Plex library, after which they can stream them to any device capable of running Plex. Streaming services have become one of the dominant ways of consuming media, and Plex recognizes this, incorporating apps for services like Netflix and Spotify into its framework. Derived from the same XBMC software as Kodi, Plex can play all of the common formats that the aforementioned programs can. The reason behind it is that Windows Media player lack of certain features out of the box like no native DVD and Blu-ray support, and as compared to WMP, many media players are available on the web that support a wide range of video and audio file formats, provide numerous customization options and thereby offer better user experience.
As the Swiss Army Knife of media player world, it includes an enormous list of built-in audio and video codes that will let you play almost any media format you can imagine like the copy protected Blu-ray and DVD movies from different regions and countries, up to 1080p HD video, common video and audio files in a wide range of formats.
Built with open-source code and fueled by free decoding and encoding libraries, VLC could play back a wide range of multimedia formats not commonly supported by media players like DVD ISO file, AVCHD. As a free multimedia player, it has over 270 video and audio codes inbuilt, so you have no need to worry about play back of DVD, CD, VCD discs and even damaged or broken video files.
Although it is a bit unstable to playback DVD disc, there is still a shining plus to play damaged and incomplete AVI video files. This media player alternative has almost no need for external codes to play a huge amount of media formats including DVD. There are a lot of freeware soft synths out there but very few can match what Tyrell N6 V3 has to offer in sound quality.
You’re right the player is very different and I should have mentioned that editing capabilities are time limited. They ask me for e-mail address to send a download link, but the link never comes to my inbox. I'm here to help you learn about music production and overcome pains we all face in creative work.
Although the default interface is plain and sleek, stuffed with various playback icons wrapped in a gun-gray design, the software also features an assortment of customization options for quickly swapping viewing modes and tweaking the toolbar with additional controls.
Aside from just streaming and playing content, the media player even gives users options for broadcasting their own streams, providing full IP6 support that can channel both local media files and live inputs from connected devices such as webcams.
Netflix, iTunes, Hulu Plus — but many consumers have more than one device within their arsenal.
For example, a movie saved on a hard drive can be watched through Plex’s browser app, or streamed to the Plex app on a tablet. With the browser app, videos generally take a couple seconds to load, however, buffering allows them to play uninterrupted and the video quality is excellent. A sparse, easily navigated interface makes Plex perfect for those who want all their media in one convenient place. So if you are one of those Windows 8 PC users that now look for the best Windows Media player alternatives, right here I will bring you 5 best alternatives to Windows Media Player which can be downloaded for free. Latest DTS 5.1 audio tech is fully supported to provide you cinema-like watching experience. Another worthy to mention point is that UMPlayer could play online TV and radio stations and offers a built-in search feature that lets you find videos in YouTube and stream music via Shoutcast. Personally I quite appreciate a number of advanced features to adjust video viewing effects, such as customizing video image contrast, brightness and saturation.

It boasts a minimalist interface, allowing you to do all media player settings just at your fingertips. In my experience IVGI works best as a tool to add sublime character, used subtly across the mix. There aren’t a ton of presets, but almost all of the presets sound great and are highly usable. Editing capabilities are time-limited, but it’s worth the download for the sound libraries alone. Not exactly sure when I will find the time to try everything out but it’s all bookmarked and shared!
Somehow I have missed that one before, although I now remember someone mentioning it in the past. Jumping back and forth between tablets, TVs, laptops, and every other piece of hardware can be a pain.
In addition, audio filters and support for subtitles come included in Leawo Blu-ray Player.
It also has unique features such as subtitles search, skinable interface, customizable hotkeys and a lot more.
It contains a bundle of options for media enthusiasts to enhance the experience of playing media files, like changing playback speed, screen ratio, video bookmarking, filters, capturing screenshots, favoring a selection in video and more.
It’s a high quality plugin designed to tackle a precision job, and does it very well. Reaktor is a modern classic and you should definitely take advantage of this free offering.
Even with limited editing, I think it’s definitely worth to download for the sound banks alone which are of great quality and very usable. You will appreciate the simplicity of Leawo Blu-ray player’s interface, which provides you an instant access to all extensive functions on main interface.
Its capabilities to stream over network and to convert media files into different formats are awesome.
Besides, a wide range of skins are available to give a more personalized look to KM player. It also supports to play incomplete or corrupt AVI files with option to skip damaged parts. It contains all the features that, by default, are not included inside of Windows 8 media player. I’ve chosen the chorus to represent them, but the rest are good too (especially the flanger and phaser!). The ease of installation, geniality with resources and support for playback of large media formats make it the best media player for Windows 8.

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