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What do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, strangers kissing, twerking Russian girls, Tony Hawk’s hoverboard, and 229 other things have in common? Bergeron even compiled a full list of all 233 clips and included links to each one if you want to watch them all individually. Police K-9 Saluted as he Makes his Final Journey to Animal HospitalSaying goodbye to a dog is never easy, especially when they are young.
Dogs Take Over Humans’ BedsThere is nothing wrongs with letting your dog sleep on your bed, the problem is when your dog claims your bed as his own. Cute kids, impressive dance routines, and spot-on celebrity impressions more or less took over the Internet this year.
For some, trolling conjures up images of a maladjusted 14 year old hurling curse words anonymously through the internet.
It has been theorized for basically as long as the Internet has been publicly available that being online can make you seriously, clinically depressed.
When communicating in person, the entire interaction is punctuated with non-verbal cues that can totally supercede the meaning of the words within it.

It’s amazing that Runt of the Web has been around for 3+ years and yet somehow we have never had a post about 4Chan. Confession Bear is a bear with a lot of pent-up emotions: he can be sad, funny, weird, morbid, and outright crazy. They all appear in this mind-blowing mashup of the best viral videos of 2014 put together by a man with way more time and talent than most, Luc Bergeron, aka Zapatou on YouTube.
As 2014 comes to a close, we're looking back at the most popular viral videos that were featured on POPSUGAR over the past year, including hilarious late-night moments with Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, an adorable dog's reunion with its owner, and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video that was totally unlike the rest. The tooth was found last week during excavations at Tautavel, one of Europe's most important prehistoric sites, where about 40 volunteers are working under the supervision of scientists. But trolling can be much more than petty grievances launched through interspace and Ken M proves how trolling can truly be a art. It’s not an assertion made without evidence, as numerous surveys of infrequent-to-addicted internet users show a positive correlation between their number of web surfing hours logged and their subsequent feelings of sadness, isolation, and alienation. Absent the conversation partner right in front of you to indicate his or her sarcasm or sincerity, you have only your own filters through which to interpret the language.

For those uninitiated, 4Chan is a collection of different web boards where every user is anonymous.
When possible I just switch over to Youtube They really should address their video streaming issues.
With a mix of funny, sweet, and totally random, watch the viral videos POPSUGAR readers loved most this year, then check out more best of 2014 content! Commenting on the news of the day with his own brand of eager stupidity and misplaced confidence, Ken M brings a new joy to the world of otherwise mundane internet commenting.
Some critics postulate that heavy use of the internet more than doubles a person’s chance of being depressed;others say that the internet might not be depression’s trigger so much as it is its refuge. Over the years, 4Chan has become the internet’s incubator of creative content, which is then filtered through Reddit and 9Gag until it is finally watered down into a forgettable Buzzfeed post.

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